DIY Mobile Home Spring Inspection Checklist + Repair Tips

Mar 25, 2019Blog

Winter is finally over, and spring is on its way to brighten up our days.

We all know that this means it is time for your annual spring cleaning. But with mobile homes, there is a little more to it than that. The best way to take care of your manufactured house is to do some seasonal checks and repairs.

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This maintenance is the best way to extend its lifetime. So, let’s jump right into our DIY mobile home spring inspection checklist.


If you have ever had to winterize a mobile home, you know that cold can wreak havoc on your plumbing. That’s why it’s a great idea to inspect your pipes after winter to make sure everything is still in tip top shape.

You need to look for running water or mysterious puddles of water. But not all issues are this obvious. Other signs of leaks are water stains, mold, and sagging ceilings or walls.

Replace pipes with holes or cracks in them. Check whether any junctions need to be resealed.

Remember to always turn off the house’s water supply first.

Leaks can have disastrous effects on your mobile home and even your own health. So it is essential to repair them pronto. If the problem is too complicated, contact a professional.


Another crucial aspect to check is the siding of your house. Weather takes its toll on mobile home panels. A little damage can become a significant issue if you don’t solve it early.

Here are some tips for things to repair on the siding:

  • Clean off any dirt with a pressure hose. It can cover possible holes. Over time it can also damage the boards or encourage mold to grow.
  • If there is any peeling paint, you need to sand off the area. After this, you will have to apply primer and repaint it.
  • Look for any spots where wood is showing and also sand and repaint it.
  • You should completely replace any panels with holes or lesions. Also, keep an eye out for ones that are warped.

Siding of a house with faded paint

Roof and gutters

Part of your seasonal inspection should be to look at the condition of your roof and gutters.

First off, you need to make sure that there aren’t any leaks in your roof. There shouldn’t be any leaks are any cracks or damage to the shingles. If there are, you should seal it up as soon as possible or replace them.

Secondly, it is necessary to clean out the gutters. Remove any dead leaves or debris from them. You also need to make sure that they are still fixed securely. After you have done this, test to make sure there aren’t any blockages and that water runs through freely.


An essential item on the checklist is to inspect the exterior drainage of your mobile home and lot. If these aren’t in good condition, rain and storms can easily flood your yard.

Try to remove any visible debris from drain or grate.  Your first step should be to try to remove the problem mechanically by using something like a drain snake. If the block is severe, you may need to use chemical cleaners to clear it. It’s vital for you to wear protective gear like gloves if you need to do this.

Unfortunately, this isn’t an enjoyable task. But it is much better to get it done before it causes problems.


After winter, it is recommended to inspect the underbelly of your mobile home.

Key things to look out for are mold, weathering, and warped or damaged panels. These problems should be addressed before they spread.

You also need to clear out any debris or plant material that could have been washed or blown underneath.

If your furnace is in the underbelly, you can give it a once over just to make sure it is still in working order.


Winter can be harsh on your garden and lawn. So it will probably need some TLC to get it ready for the warmer weather.

Spring flowers and buds

These are aspects of your landscaping that might need some attention:

  • Every now and again, you should pull out the weeds that have taken the opportunity to sprout. This will help your garden to flourish.
  • Pruning: In early spring you need to prune any summer blooming plants to give them time to grow.
  • New buds: After all of this, you will probably have a few empty beddings in your garden. This is the ideal time to plant new seeds and bulbs.

Remember that some flowers flourish in specific seasons. Here is a list of beautiful blooms for spring in the United States.

Kickstart the season

Preparing your mobile home for the season is the perfect way to get in the spring mood. You’d hate to ruin the good weather by having serious problems creep up on you. Going through this checklist step-by-step is a fantastic way to make sure everything is up to date.

Spring is also an ideal time for you and your family to tackle some home projects. So, once you’ve finished your inspection check out our creative DIY projects to get ready for spring.

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