Do you purchase the land or just the home?
We purchase mobile homes only. We do not purchase land ourselves and the offer you receive from us will be for the home only. However, we may have buyers looking for a land/home package and we encourage you to continue the process so we can match you up with a potential buyer in your area.
What makes Xsell so great?

By partnering with Xsell, we are now linked to the nation’s number one networking platform for mobile and manufactured homes. We now have connections with industry professionals from nearly every State. This includes brokers, mobile home movers, investors, retail buyers, and many more.

Xsell allows for quick, trackable communication, connecting you with the right industry professionals for your individual situation.

This platform also allows you to compare your home with thousands of similar homes, currently or recently in the market, giving you the assurance that you’ve priced your home correctly.

Do you charge commissions?
No, we do not charge commissions. If we cannot buy your home, we will do everything we can to find you a buyer who will and we can give you several options to choose from.
What is the process of selling my home?
Once you have completed our online form you’ll be connected with an admin, who will evaluate your home and provide you with the best options for your particular situation. We may make you an offer which, if accepted, would provide you with a quick cash payment. All proper documentation will be signed, and copies will be retained by all parties.
How do I know I can trust you?

We are a registered LLC in the state of Michigan (here).

Don’t take our word for it. Read the experiences of others (here).

Michigan State License Number:1102905

Do I need to keep the insurance on the home after we close?

No, once the home changes ownership at closing you can cancel youre insurance.

Who pays lot rent when I sell my home?

Unless otherwise agreed to, lot rents for the seller will discontinue after a successful closing.

How long have you been doing this?

We have been buying and selling used mobile homes since 2011. All of our agents are very experienced, and knowledgeable.

What is my mobile home worth?

The answer to this question depends on which market you’re selling in. The wholesale market allows for very quick sales; however, many expenses are factored in, which reduce the overall profit a seller can expect.

The retail market provides higher profits, but there are many hidden expenses realized by the seller, that they may not even be factoring in. One of our experienced admins would be more than happy to help you understand your homes current market value, by getting to understand your unique situation.

You can also get an idea on both markets by getting a market value report here: (Here).

Will you be keeping the home in the park?

Because we are not the final buyer of the home, we are uncertain of the final outcome of its location. If the home cannot be moved, we certainly have options available where the home can remain at its current location.

I haven’t put the title in my name yet, can I still sell to you?

Absolutely, one of our admins will help you throughout the process, so you’ll be ready once the title work is complete.

The owner of the home is deceased.

We have purchased many homes in this unfortunate situation. We can guide you through the process, allowing you the freedom to deal with the more important issues at hand.

How long do I have to move out once I sell to you?

Typically, we try to close within 3 months of purchase.  In certain situations, we may agree to longer occupancy timeframes, however, the down payment would be reduced for a mutually beneficial agreement.

When do I turn off the utilities?

Utilities can be turned off immediately following the successful closing of the home. If the utilities are prematurely turned off and the home freezes up during the winter months, the seller would incur all fees associated with the damage caused.

When would we do the final walk thru?

The final walk thru will be scheduled at the time of purchase.  This will be a mutually agreed upon date, set by the seller and US Mobile Home Pros, LLC.

Can you give me a ballpark range on my home without seeing it?

We may be able to give you a rough offer range, however, it may likely change once we are able to see pictures.

If I do repairs will my home’s value go up?

It may…. but it also may not. Mobile homes depreciate with age, so this is typically a big factor in the value of a mobile home.

If you get a market value report, we’ll allow you to change the condition rating, giving you the opportunity to see the changes made to the average price ranges for similar homes. 

I have a lien on my home, can I still sell?

Yes, we can take you through the process to have the lien removed. Due to the many different scenarios, we would look at your unique situation and give advice at to which steps would need to be taken.

What if I cannot find my title?

If your title has been lost, you can apply for loss of title at your local Secretary of State or DMV / BMV. The fee for this is generally minimal and the process is between one and five days.

How can I sell my home if I owe more than your offer amount?

There are a couple ways we could explore.

  1. If you have the ability to pay the difference, we could combine funds to cover the balance.
  2. You could call the mortgage company to see if they would be interested in a short sale.
  3. In many cases we may find that we are not your best option when a large amount is owed.  In such instances, we’ll work to connect you with buyers who may have higher budgets.

Do you have any homes for sale?

Yes, we do – You can find our homes at www.usmobilehomepros.com

Will you take a trade in?

Although it would be extremely rare for this to happen, we would consider a trade in if it made sense.

Will leaving the appliances get me more for my home?

Our offers assume that appliances come with the home. If you plan to take any of them with you it may result in a reduction in our offer amount.

How long does this process take?

The actual process does not take long at all. Depending upon your individual time restrictions, we could complete the sale within 48 hours or less. However, the majority of the process will be the time between the signing of the purchase agreement and the closing date you choose.

Will you talk to the park or will I have to do that?

We will call the park following our successful closing on the home to inform them of our purchase. If you opt to have us contact park management on your behalf, we can do that.

Can I get an offer letter from you?

Unfortunately, we do not provide offer letters. The offers we obligate ourselves too will remain oral until a purchase agreement is completed.

Will it be ok if I need to change my closing date?

Under certain situations we will agree to a changed closing date. We understand that not everything is under your control and unforeseen issues may arise.  

Every effort should be made to honor the original purchase agreement, but you may give us a call with your request if your situation is unavoidable.

Do you purchase homes on private property?

We do purchase homes on private property. In such cases, we will need to evaluate the property for access to the road.  

Additional pictures may be required. Please note, that it can take 45 days (or in some cases, longer) to successfully move the home. If you are planning on removing the home so that you can build on the lot, we suggest contacting us now, so we can have a discussion.

How many pictures should I take of my house?

The more the better. We request two types of pictures. The first is a group of pictures should show the overall layout of the home, room by room. The second group will show any problem areas -or- higher end features. A full walk through will be conducted later in the process so it’s best if we know all issues prior to narrowing down our range offer.

Which states do you operate in?

We operate within the continental United States.

Do you work with mortgage companies?

Yes – we have a lot of experience working with mortgage companies. We are familiar with their processes and will work directly with your representative if needed.

Do I have to pay for the home moving expenses?

Unless outlined in our purchase agreement, you would NOT be responsible for any moving expenses.

Will you purchase homes in rough condition?

We purchase homes is all sorts of conditions. Even if you think we wouldn’t be interested, we ask you to please fill out our sales form.

Do you have references?

We have several testimonials. You may also see what people are saying about us on our Facebook page.

Am I allowed to sell my home to you?

If you have been told by anyone that you are not allowed to sell your home to a broker, we encourage you to call us. 

What if I'm behind in lot rent or taxes?

Depending on the amount owed we can help you get caught up on this debt at the same time you sell it.

How long is your offer good for?

The initial range offer may be honored for several months after the form submission. However, if an agent makes an offer during an appointment, and the seller asks for more time to consider, the offer may be adjusted to account for the return trip.

In order to make every effort to reduce the chances of this happening we make sure to have as much information (including pictures) as possible prior to our arrival. Unless an issue was not disclosed earlier in the process it is unlikely that we will make an offer below our agreed upon range.

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