The 2019 Year-Round Mobile Home Maintenance Guide

by Jan 9, 2019Blog, DIY, Repair

Mobile home maintenance comes with the territory when you own your manufactured home. Whether you’re encountering issues that call for a little TLC or performing upkeep as a preventative measure before issues arise, your mobile home’s care is on you.

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We’re here to help

So today we bring you our Year-Round Maintenance Guide. Count it as a gentle reminder to check areas of your home that may need assistance. And use it as a helpful how-to directive for other areas that you’re looking to fix up or re-do, from your kitchen to your roof.

Splitting up your mobile home maintenance through the year

We’re going to organize this mobile home maintenance plan by dividing up the work according to the four seasons. So, once we give you maintenance jobs, tips, etc. for spring, we’ll progress to summer, fall, and winter, respectively.

Of course, these are no rules! By all means, if you want to tackle a job at a different time of year from our list, do so. We salute you for getting on the task either way. Let’s dive into our spring section.


Winter has finally passed, leaving spring in its wake. It’s time for the grass to get green again, for the trees to begin to bud, and for flowers to begin peeking out from the (perhaps muddy) ground. It’s also a time for spring cleaning – a time when you might be feeling the urge to freshen things up after the winter’s cold.

When it comes to cleaning, dive into our Mobile Home Spring Cleaning & Post-Winter Checklist. Then, to get the outside of your home looking fresher, move on to How To Pressure Wash A Mobile Home The Right Way.

In addition to the urge to spring clean your mobile home, you might be ready to make some even bigger changes. When it comes to remodeling, redoing, or repairing, here’s some information to help you on your way.


Oh, the glorious, long days of summer! Perfect for barbecues and outdoor evening activities (thanks to daylight that lasts). Of course, summer isn’t all fun and games. There’s work to be done, too. Plus, depending on where you live, you may be dealing with hurricane season.

Hurricane storm coming towards the coast

Start by checking out a few Tricks To Stay Cool This Summer. Then move on to How To Hurricane-Proof Mobile Homes & Stay Safe During A Storm. And if you’re going to move this summer (before the new school year starts), here’s an article to help you tackle your gross carpet before you go. Take a look at Moving Or Selling? Here’s How To Remove Old Pet Stains From Carpet.

Also, if you have extra time off this summer, and you’d like to use it for some makeover projects, check out these articles:

We even have tips for remodeling specific rooms in your mobile home:


Brisk, cool air. Tumbling leaves. Warm, spiced cider. What’s not to like about autumn? Once you start noticing these changes around you, it’s time to consider mobile home maintenance and repairs to prepare for winter.

When it starts to get dark earlier (in places that observe daylight savings time), keep your home’s lighting in good shape. Head for our DIY: How To Change A Light Switch In A Mobile Home.

On the other hand, give attention to your home’s outside environment, too. For that, read our 1st Blog Of Christmas: Get Your Mobile Home Yard Ready For Winter. And here are some other things you could opt to do this time of year:


Finally, there’s the last season of the year. And “cold” is a word that just might be coming to mind. Maybe you’re trying to fix your furnace before the cold weather hits. Or perhaps you want to repair your mobile home roof before snow blankets it. Either way, check out our articles below:

Winter weather in a neighborhood

Mobile home maintenance today for a better tomorrow

We say invest time in mobile home maintenance today, and your future self will thank you. Choosing to keep your mobile home in good working order may be a strike in your favor later. If you decide to sell your mobile home, you may find you have less to do to get it ready. So, don’t be afraid to get your hands dirty to keep your mobile home in tip-top shape for you and your family.

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