Used mobile homes for sale by owner

Search thousands of used mobile homes and manufactured homes for sale, from all across the United States.  With our user friendly system, we have created an easy way for you to search for mobile homes, get information on those homes, and contact the sellers immediately, without any type of membership or cost.  You can easily navigate through listings to see pictures, get home info (including repairs need),  home’s availability, sellers contact info, and more.

Many times, mobile home owners aren’t sure how to sell their homes.  Realtors don’t really touch them since mortgage companies rarely finance them.  The seller might put a sign in the window for the rare chance that a buyer may drive by.  Other than that, they typically try to spread the news by word-of-mouth.  This makes things much harder on potential buyers, as they often become frustrated with searching.  Our buyers come to us for wholesale homes, not because there aren’t enough mobile homes for sale… but because there aren’t enough known mobile homes for sale.  They don’t know how to find them, while sellers don’t know how to give their homes awareness.  Websites, that are not designed specifically for the sale of mobile homes, often end up disappointing sellers, as they often go unnoticed, or worse yet, attract spammers searching to farm emails.  For way too long, selling a mobile home has been a difficult task, to say the least.  This site streamlines the process for both, buyer and seller.  Giving awareness to both sides.

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