Mobile Home Ductwork Repair: Keep Your Home Warm This Winter

Your mobile home’s ductwork system is made up of a compressed air heating or cooling system, which can play a huge role in your home’s comfort level. More often than not, when you notice the rooms getting either too hot or too cold, it’s an indication that mobile home ductwork repair is required. Fixing the ductwork ensures your home’s heating and cooling system functions properly.

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Signs of ductwork problems

When you notice a rising energy bill as a mobile home owner, this could be an indication your ductwork has a problem and needs urgent repair. You may have a leak in your system or a problem with the insulation in the ductwork. If you hear whistling, wheezing, popping or even banging sounds these could be signs that your ductwork needs attention.

Types of ductwork problems:

– Mobile home ductwork leakages

Leaks in your ductwork can significantly affect the mobile home’s heating and cooling efficiency. A system with leaks usually ends up taking longer to get the rooms to a comfortable temperature. Leaking pipes can occur when there is a disconnection in the duct system. Similarly, when ducts are not adequately sealed where they meet the grills or the registers, they fail to work appropriately causing leakage. Leaking pipes at the filter slot connections and also at the furnace may require significant repair. Animals or insects can cause duct leaks by chewing into the ductwork system.

– Unbalanced airflow in the mobile home ductwork system

If something is restricting the airflow in the duct system, then the flexible pipes can collapse. In this case, when the air in the ductwork system flows through the system, some rooms in the mobile home can either get too much or too little hot or cool air. If you’re sweating in one room and freezing in another, it’s most likely a sign your ductwork needs repair.


– Under-insulated mobile home ducts

Because most ductwork is located in the crawl space under your house, it’s usually not insulated. When mobile home ductwork is inadequately insulated, it works contrary to the HVAC system during the cooling and heating season. This scenario forces the system to perform inefficiently. Proper insulation ensures the internal retention of heat and the heating system functions properly.

– Other problems with mobile home ducts

Some major issues in older mobile homes are caused by metallic materials in the ductwork. These old metal pipes are a perfect breeding grounds for mildew, viruses, and mold. Not only can this expose you to harmful bacteria, it can also cause ducts to rust. Eventually, the rust will perforate pipes and cause them to function inefficiently.

Looking for the problem spots

When detecting ductwork problems, look for any holes, cracks or gaps in your system. Pay careful attention to the connections at the seams where they meet the ceilings and the floors. Sometimes the mobile home’s ductwork requires cleaning and dust removal to promote the entire ductwork system’s efficiency and functionality. It’s also important to unplug from any power sources, before carrying out any mobile home ductwork repairs.


Mobile home ductwork repair

Materials needed

Before you attempt to do any mobile home ductwork repair, make sure you have materials like gloves, dry and damp cloths, aluminum foil tape, HVAC mastic sealant and a putty knife. The wet and dry cloths can be used to wipe the areas clean. Use the mastic sealant for minor repairs where there are any loose links in the mobile home ductwork. Gloves are essential for protecting you from dirt and other materials while also preventing any injuries during the repairs. The aluminum foil is used to seal the leaking ductwork in your mobile home.

Helpful resources with instructions

Rather than walking you through the processes to repair your ductwork, we’re providing these links to help you complete the necessary repairs. They come complete with all the steps you must perform, in-depth explanations and helpful pictures.

This presentation provides a helpful guide with pictures that will walk you through inspecting your ductwork and making necessary repairs.

To repair leaks in your mobile home ductwork, make sure you watch this video.

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The benefits of mobile home ductwork repair

First and foremost, malfunctioning ductwork hurts your mobile home’s energy usage. You may notice surging costs for heating and cooling in your home if your ductwork system isn’t properly functioning. Your ductwork system is crucial for managing your home’s humidity, temperature, and the external building pressures. Nobody wants to be drenched in sweat in their own home!

Maintaining the ductwork in your mobile home is a valuable investment. A working, efficient system saves you money on energy costs so your home can be a more enjoyable place to live.

What comes next?

Completing mobile home ductwork repair is only one way of getting your home ready for winter. Read our article, Mobile Home Fall Fixes, for other areas of your home that need attention now. Don’t let this mild weather slip away without making the necessary repairs to keep your home warm and dry this winter.

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