Mobile Home Exterior Remodel | Part 1: Get To Know Your Options

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Let’s face it. A mobile home fresh out of the factory isn’t the prettiest thing to look at. While beauty may be in the eye of the beholder, we can all agree we’d rather not have to look at a mobile home’s exposed underside or tan vinyl siding. Fortunately for you, there are a variety of remodeling projects that can increase your mobile home’s exterior appeal and potentially, its value. Many of these projects can even be accomplished without the help of a professional. Interested? Take a look below at just some of the many options you have for a mobile home exterior remodel.

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Skirting your mobile home is one of the most affordable and valuable mobile home exterior remodel projects you can take on. While skirting serves little purpose other than to regulate the temperature underneath the mobile home, it is still considered valuable as it adds exterior appeal. This appeal will increase depending on what material you use. Vinyl, cinder block, rock, and concrete are just a few of the popular materials used in mobile home skirting.

Porch/back deck

There’s one thing that every mobile home owner wants: more room. Installing a freestanding porch or deck onto your mobile home does just that, and will add a huge selling point for potential buyers if you choose to sell. This is a great space to kick back and enjoy the summer breeze or make conversation with passing neighbors.


A fresh coat of paint can drastically change your home’s exterior appearance, especially if you choose the right color. Keep in mind that you will need to use a different type of paint and painting method depending on the material your mobile home wall is made of. Aluminum, vinyl, and wood paneling siding are some of the most popular materials mobile home walls are made of.

New door

Painted door

The original mobile home door isn’t very pretty to look at. Replacing this with a brand new one has a surprisingly positive effect on the overall look and feel of your home, especially if coupled with other exterior remodels. According to this DIY guide, you may have some trouble finding a door that meets the dimension of your mobile home door’s opening. The more expensive alternative is to purchase a specially-made door. To avoid draining your wallet, you can also cut a standard door yourself to make it fit with your mobile home or increase/decrease the size of your entryway.

Lawn renovations

You can add value to your mobile home’s exterior by taking care of the lawn, too. For example, you could plant bushes around your skirting or install a cement pathway leading up to your door. It might also be worth planting some trees to provide shade and help cut down on energy bills if plotted in the right place. And don’t forget to regularly take care of your lawn by raking, weeding, mowing, and aerating it.


In addition to upping the exterior appearance of your mobile home, new windows also provide great benefits for the interior – if they’re energy efficient, that is. While energy efficient windows may have a higher upfront cost, they may end up saving you money by trapping heat inside the home and keeping the cold out (or vice versa). Shop around to get an idea of what this will cost including installation, and don’t forget to talk to an expert who can estimate how much energy-efficient windows can save you.

Consider adding shutters to your new windows as well. These look nice on the outside and provide extra protection for your home during powerful storms.


black and white awning

Installing an awning on your mobile home creates the illusion of a much bigger space, with the potential to use the area beneath it for parking your car, hosting gatherings, or simply lounging while avoiding the summer heat. The extra shade can also help you cut down on your energy bills. Awnings typically come in two different types: canvas and metal. Home Advisor estimates it’ll cost between $1,300 and $3,628 to install an awning, with expenses reaching around $5,600 in a worst-case scenario.

Pitched roof

A pitched roof differs from your typical mobile home roof as it angled, not flat. This will make your mobile home look more traditional and make it stand out from the other mobile homes in your park. Pitched roofs are also beneficial as they direct water and other debris down a slope, unlike a flat roof where these sit still and accumulate.

What will your mobile home exterior remodel include?

Stay tuned for our next installment in this series where we’ll discuss how you should tackle these remodeling projects. In the meantime, take a look at our guide to painting both your mobile home’s exterior and interior.

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