Best Florida Mobile Home Communities in 2024


Florida Mobile Home Communities

Florida is known for its vibrant city life, unspoiled beaches, and breezy weather, making it the perfect place to live whether you’re a growing family, living on your own, or coming into retirement.

Top 5 Best Florida Mobile Home Communities

Florida is home to numerous mobile home communities, making it more accessible for those looking to invest in a manufactured home. Below are our top 5 picks for 2024:

River Palms Waterfront Community

River Palms Waterfront Community

One of the many reasons why the River Palms Waterfront Community made it to our top 5 list is the fact that they offer an affordable way to attain modern mobile homes. Not only is this felt through the facilities they offer but also in the home designs you can choose from.

The community houses more than 150 lots and is generally marketed towards the upper class. Those who also own boats and yachts will be happy to know that the park has a marina for all your docking needs.

Orangebrook Harbor

Orangebrook Harbor

The Orangebrook Harbor is located just outside of Miami, giving homeowners the flexibility to experience city life without necessarily being in the thick of it all. Those who opt to spend their days within the park can take advantage of the numerous upscale amenities such as golf courses, heated pools, and even a pétanque court.

The nearby metro area is where homeowners can enjoy various restaurants, shopping centers, and entertainment hubs. On top of being a stone’s throw away from Miami, it is also very near Hollywood Beach Boardwalk and Fort Lauderdale.


Those looking to find the calm of nature right in their backyard will appreciate the countryside feel of Clover Leaf Farms. Residents can enjoy camping, kayaking, fishing, and hiking in nearby forests as well as some areas within the community.

There is also a nearby 36-hole golf course for those who want to take on an active yet slow-paced lifestyle.


Crystal Lakes is the perfect park for homeowners who love adventure and enjoy outdoor activities as much as they value relaxation and downtime. The community offers a modern fitness center, a fishing lake, nature reserves, and even kayaking.

Moreover, it is not too far from the Clearwater-Tampa area where homeowners can access premium healthcare facilities, shopping centers, dining outlets, and entertainment hubs.

Crystal Lakes Manufactured Homes


While most mobile park communities are age-restricted, The Oaks At Countrywood has no age policy, making it ideal for families of all sizes.

It also has many facilities such as a golf course, playground, fishing pond, and much more. Moreover, the park is pet-friendly, allowing families with furry companions to bring in the whole gang.

Top 3 Best Mobile Home Retirement Communities in Florida

A popular demographic of mobile homeowners are retirees and older adults. This is mainly due to the fact that mobile home living is relatively affordable, low-maintenance, and highly attainable.

Due to the steady increase in demand, there is a variety of retirement communities for manufactured homes in Florida.


You can find authentic Florida living right in the heart of Zephyrhills through Forest Lake Estates. The area is not only known for its natural springs, but it is also dotted with a variety of shopping centers, medical facilities, and the famous Gulf Beaches less than an hour away.

Forest Lake Estates offers its amenities to older homeowners looking for a peaceful and convenient place to retire. Here, homeowners can enjoy many sports amenities along with a dedicated fishing lake to spend their afternoons.


Lake Highlander Mobile Home Park is situated in a prime location, right in Dunedin, West Florida. This is within the Tampa Bay area, making it a stone’s throw away from the beautiful beach.

It’s resident-owned and has almost 300 homes within the property. It is perfect for homeowners aged 55 and above due to its many senior-friendly benefits. Moreover, they offer golf and bowling, and they also have exercise programs and community events to keep everyone engaged.


Located in the middle of Orlando, Gulf Stream Harbor has excellent access to Disney World, Universal Studios, and the Orlando Downtown.

It is a gated community packed with lakeside paths, three pools, a fitness center, a playground, and even a dog park. It is exclusive to residents that are at least 55 years old and they can choose between either pre-owned or brand-new manufactured homes.

Lastly, Gulf Stream Harbor is well known for its friendly management, beautiful interiors, and quality neighbors!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How many mobile home communities are in Florida?

Florida is one of the best states to invest in a mobile home community in. It is also a great place to retire. It is home to many metro areas, beaches, lakes, and forests, and houses a number of activities. With that, there are currently over 1,600 mobile home parks to choose from across Florida.

2. Is buying a mobile home in Florida a good investment?

Mobile homes in Florida are often more affordable, yet still offer a great quality of life. The state also has many retirement-centered communities, which makes it great for seniors who are looking to spend their golden years around like-minded individuals that enjoy similar activities.

3. What is the life expectancy of a mobile home in Florida?

On average, a mobile home in Florida is expected to last between 30 years to 55 years. Especially with impressive management that holds a passion for maintaining the parks, mobile homes can even outlast that range by a substantial number.

4. What is the average cost of a manufactured home in Florida?

Manufactured homes are much more affordable compared to traditional houses, all the more in the state of Florida. You can find a quality, spacious mobile home in a safe and peaceful park for an average of $81,700.

Moreover, the maintenance to keep these homes efficient and functional are also cheaper because they are much smaller in size and bring with them unique features.

You’re All Set!

Mobile home parks in Florida are not only a great way to enjoy your golden years, but they can also open opportunities that were not present in the past. This includes easy access to many activities, like-minded neighbors, trustworthy management, lush greens within your property (that you do not have to maintain yourself), and so much more.

If you are looking into buying a mobile home, assessing the value of your current mobile home, or selling your mobile home, check our website at!

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