Mobile Home Furnace Repair Tips: Don’t Let It Get You Overheated

For a homeowner, repairing your furnace is one of the most troublesome home maintenance issues. Like any home, mobile homes have a furnace that will require repairs once in a while. Without a properly working heating and cooling system, the entire heating system in a mobile home cannot function properly. The following are simple mobile home furnace repair tips and resources that can get you started on your mobile home furnace repair.

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Getting to know your mobile home furnace

The first thing to do is to evaluate the type of repairs needed. When the home heating system has problems and fails to function properly, you should know how it works. Knowing how the home furnace functions can help you troubleshoot the difference between a minor hiccup from a major repair issue. To understand how a home furnace operates, consult the user manual. Or take a look at this article, which includes a handy diagram. In short, your furnace burns gas or fuel oil to heat the air. It then blows the heated air through ducts that carry the air to registers or vents located throughout your home.

Repair or replace?

If you’re having furnace problems, keep in mind that older models tend to be more inefficient. They are also not designed with a safety mechanism to give the heat exchanger time to cool. Instead, older furnaces will keep running until the temperature gets below a set point. Lastly, older parts can be more expensive to replace. With these things in mind, it may save you more time and money in the long-run to simply replace your furnace now.

Troubleshooting problems

Most newer furnace models have a diagnostic code. The diagnostic system can aid you in determining the source of the malfunction that is preventing the furnace from adequately generating heat for your home. This handy gadget, which is installed directly in the furnace, flashes a light to alert you of any items that may be in need of repair.

In this article, you may find your particular problem listed. The repair could be as simple as replacing a malfunctioning part.

This website walks you through step-by-step to diagnose your furnace problems.

Completing your mobile home furnace repair

Furnace repairs can be quite extensive. Depending on the issue, you may be able to complete the repair yourself. We recommend this guide to walk you through your repair. The author will walk you through common problems and the steps you need to take to take care of it safely. Just remember that before any repairs are carried out, it is essential that you switch off the power to avoid any injury to yourself or damage to the equipment.

power switch

If the repair seems too complex, hire a furnace repair technician. It’s better to let an expert handle it. We recommend you only do the repairs yourself if you are knowledgeable about the functionality of the furnace.

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After your mobile home furnace repair

Once you’ve repaired or replaced your furnace, make sure to perform regular maintenance check-ups! When you regularly perform maintenance the shelf life of the furnace is extended on the individual parts and the entire unit. Good maintenance on the mobile home furnace will greatly reduce risks as well as expensive replacements or even repairs. A good and efficient mobile home furnace is the result of regular maintenance, so don’t put it off or it could wind up costing you more in the long run!

In our article, Mobile Home Fall Fixes, we provide a checklist of maintenance tasks that should be completed regularly.


Mobile home furnace inspections

Beyond basic maintenance, it’s not a bad idea to get furnace inspections either bi-annually or annually. Inspections ensure early detection of significant potential problems. The technician will conduct specific testing of the equipment using a standardized procedure. This inspection will help you take steps to alleviate the problem before it worsens and causes a major repair or replacement.

During the mobile home furnace inspection, the technician changes and cleans the furnace filters replacing any disposable filters. They’ll also clean permanent filter fixtures in your furnace and add oil to the engine. They will check the exhaust vent to clear any obstructions from the vent pipe and examine V-belts for wear. Additionally, dirt accumulation is removed from the blower motor. Finally, checking the air intake on the mobile home furnace ensures that the air moves freely.

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure

Furnaces can be costly to repair, and even more expensive to replace. Don’t gloss over the details of mobile home ownership. Being proactive about the upkeep of your home can not only improve your quality of life but maintain the potential resale value of your mobile home. Utilizing these mobile home furnace repair tips and resources can be the difference between hundreds and thousands of dollars.

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