5 DIY Mobile Home Tricks To Stay Cool This Summer

As the season of spring passes by, we are fast approaching the next season of summer. The temperatures are beginning to rise and soon, we’ll be trying to keep ourselves cool from the heat. Especially in our mobile homes.

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At the same time, don’t be quick to assume that it’s going to be hot and miserable at home. We’re here to give you some tips on DIY mobile home projects that will keep you cool this summer.

Why even bother investing time?

Of course, apart from its heat, summer also usually means having some time-off from the craziness of life. However, these DIY mobile home tips are things that you can start working on before the heat sets in full-blast.

Depending on the area in which you live, the summer sunshine is definitely like a pot of gold. Especially if your area experiences a bitterly cold winter season. But the UV sun rays are not good for our bodies.

Additionally, they can cause damage to any wooden outdoor furniture that you have, spike up your utility bill, and cause your mobile home to be sweltering hot.


1- Decorate your windows with fancy but useful curtains

Your mobile home windows can make a big difference in the temperature of your home. If you haven’t thought much about it, we naturally shut our window blinds when the sun shines through. This may keep some heat from entering. However, sun rays are strong enough to come through your window glass and the blinds.

With more sun coming in, your thermostat picks up the heat in temperature. The central air conditioning turns on and your bill continues to rise.

Consider investing in what’s called, blackout curtains. These “magic” fabrics are made with either tightly woven, dense, or layered fabric. In particular, these curtains are made with fabric such as velvet or suede. If you’d like to stick to blinds, you can purchase a blackout liner. It is essentially a component of blackout curtains and can also be used with regular curtains.

White curtains draped beautifully

This would be an easy DIY mobile home fix for warm weather. And it will be effective.

2- Place a fan and a bowl of … ice?

Lots of DIYers find ways to save costs. If you’re a DIYer who likes low-tech stuff, then this is the perfect project for you.

Instead of blasting that air conditioner of yours, you’ll only need three things for this feature: a fan, a large metal bowl, and ice. It may not sound like the most efficient thing to do to beat the heat of summer, but we recommend giving it a try.

First, place the fan and bowl of ice in an area of your living room. Or perhaps an open area that is usually occupied. Second, tilt the bowl facing the fan and allow the breeze from the fan to blow on the bowl. That is basically it.

As the ice in the metal bowl melts, it will become cold water. The breeze from the fan will continue to blow cool air even with the cold water.

3- Switch out the winter sheets

Prior to the sunny weather, cozy and warm sheets that are fluffy and insulated keeps our bodies warm in the cold seasons. As simple as this DIY tip may sound, some of us may forget to switch out our winter sheets. With the air conditioner running, it’s easy to forget as well.

No one wants to overheat during their sleep. And we often don’t realize that our beds and sheets can retain our body heat, causing us to feel miserable when it’s the hot season.

Cotton is probably the best kind of material you can use for summer. Not only for clothing but also for your bedding. Air flows easier through cotton, therefore, keeping one much cooler. Investing in cooler bed sheets will also prevent you from using or overusing your air conditioner.

4- Another DIY trick with the fan

Since most of us are always trying to save money on utility bills, fans come in very handy during the summer. And you can bet your dollars that fans can help reduce the utility amounts.

Have you ever heard of setting your fan to run counter-clockwise during the summer? As bizarre as that may sound, this DIY trick makes a noticeable difference. Some of you may not have even realized that you can switch the setting of your fan to run counter-clockwise.

Brown ceiling fan with light bulbs in bedroom

At a higher speed, this technique will create a “wind-chill breeze” effect. You will feel much cooler and happier, without having to use your air conditioner. On the contrary, setting your fan to run clockwise at a lower speed will distribute heat for the cold season.

It is as simple as looking for a little switch or button that’s typically at the base of the ceiling fan. Switch it to counter-clockwise and there you have it!

5- Get grillin’

This is probably one of the best DIY mobile home tips to stay cool that we can recommend. Of course, the heat outdoors may feel quite miserable. But would you rather cook indoors or turn on your oven and stay in a warm mobile home?

You don’t need to get a big BBQ grill. A small one would suffice and gives you an excuse to enjoy the outdoors before heading into a cooler home. Using your home oven will increase the temperature. And turning down your air conditioner temperature each time you cook will affect your utility bill.

Keep a cold drink on hand with you as you grill outside. Have a get together while you’re at it. Try new summer recipes and have a blast.

Enjoy a cool mobile home this summer!

Although summer brings heat that can seem miserable even in our mobile home, it’s still enjoyable. We hope that you’ll be able to give these DIY mobile home tricks a try to get ready for the hot season. You may also want to read these kid-friendly design tips to help the whole family enjoy summer in your mobile home.

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