How to Measure Mobile Home Windows

How to Measure a Window for Replacement? (Step-By-Step Tutorial)

When changing the windows of your mobile home, it is important to properly measure them out and get the exact size as replacement. While this may sound like a no-brainer, it’s a bit more challenging with manufactured homes compared to your traditionally built houses.

When you purchase a mobile home, one major factor to keep in mind is that almost nothing will be of “Standard” size. Even the vents for your HVAC system have their unique measurements to be compatible enough with your property. In fact, even your insurance policy would look a lot different. While this may seem like an inconvenience that comes with owning a mobile house, a lot of homeowners consider it all part of the thrill.

Now, back to your windows! This guide can teach you all there is to know about properly measuring your current window frames, choosing your replacements, and signs that your windows need replacing!

What is the standard mobile home window size?

Mobile homes don’t adhere to the standard window sizes you find in most hardware stores. However, customizations and enhancements aside, most of the mobile home windows usually have the following measurements:

  • 30” by 60” 
  • 36” by 60”
  • 36” by 54”

You can of course make these bigger or smaller as you please while having your home manufactured, but if you are replacing an old one, we suggest sticking to the size to avoid more cost and risk of insufficient sealing.

Determine your mobile home’s window size

Since mobile homes do not have standard sized windows, and may or may not adhere to the usual three measurements above, it is best to take out your measuring tape and find out what you’re dealing with.

In order to get the exact numbers, you will need to measure vertically and then horizontally – three times each.

For the vertical dimensions, measure the following:

  • Left of the window
  • Center of the window
  • Right of the window

For the horizontal dimensions, measure the following:

  • Top of the window
  • Center of the window
  • Bottom of the window

Take these measurements three times in order to check for discrepancies and then purchase the smallest result from all of them. Better yet, if the discrepancies are too far apart, this may mean you should outsource professional help.

Choosing Mobile Home Replacement Windows

10 Good Reasons Why You Should Buy A Mobile Home

There are a number of window types that are popular with mobile home owners. Each of them has their set of advantages and disadvantages. When choosing the one best suited for your home, here are some questions to ask yourself first:

  • How often do you plan to relocate your home?
  • Would you be staying more in warm or cold climates?
  • Would you need a window that provides excellent insulation for all weather types?
  • How much glass surface would you be comfortable and feel safe in?
  • What kind of window locks could you install to feel safe?
  • Do you prioritize durability or aesthetics?
  • Do you have enough space for the window of choice to swing open and close?
  • Are the windows easy to clean?
  • How much ventilation do you want?

These and a few others can help you narrow down the many choices and find the right type of replacement window for your mobile home in no time!

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6 most popular window types for mobile home

With your exact measurements and answered questions all good to go, you can start choosing the window type for you. Here are the top 6 most popular kinds used in manufactured homes.

Jalousie Windows

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Jalousie windows were very popular back in the 90’s. They are made up of multiple slabs of rectangular glass, with each one slightly overlapping the other while they are closed. With a simple flip of the lever, all the slabs flatten out to fully open.

Because of the ample space in between the slabs, jalousie windows are perfect for those who want more ventilation and a good amount of airflow in their home. For this very same reason, we recommend installing a screen to keep mosquitos, bugs, and other unwanted visitors from coming in.

However, jalousie windows are not the best choice if you need good, airtight sealing capabilities. They are also not the most energy efficient option since they have little to no ability to keep air in.

Awning Windows

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Awning windows date back to the 80’s when they were also the most popular window type in their time. These have a similar design to jalousie windows, but instead of multiple rectangular slabs of glass, awning windows have two to four main panels instead.

Sliding Windows

Replacing Mobile Home Windows With Step By Step Guide | Mobile Home Living

When it comes to sliding windows, you have a little flexibility to customize. You have the choice to either have them slide out vertically or horizontally. Many mobile homes in the 80’s and 90’s era loved this concept because of its simplicity.

Replacement Casement windows

What are Standard Window Sizes? | Window Size Charts | Modernize

Casement windows are designed with hinges on the side, and they open up outwards either to the left or right. These are also very simple and easy to operate, and can provide excellent ventilation since you can open up the entire window frame.

Depending on the size you get, casement windows can also be used as an emergency exit. Furthermore, you have the option to purchase casement windows with triple glazing and LoE coating. These add-ons make the window about 50% more energy efficient next to regular windows.

Single Hung or Double Hung

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Single hung windows have a total of two panels. The purpose of the bottom panel is to provide the ventilation as you push it up or pull it back down. The upper panel is designed to stay in the same position all throughout.

Double hung windows also have a total of two panels. The main difference is that the upper panel can also be maneuvered open and close. This variant gives you more ventilation.

What’s great about either kind of hung window is that they do not take up too much space, even when opened. They are also relatively easy to clean.


If none of these popular window types are up to your standard, you can always design your own! A lot of mobile owners opt to creating their unique window frame and style in order to add more character and personality to their already special home.

With this option, however, you would either have to be experienced in carpentry or source out a professional since the measurements may get a little complex.

8 signs you should replace your windows

3 Signs It's Time To Replace Your Windows

Sign #1: A strong draft

One sign is if you start to feel a strong draft coming through your windows on windy days. Drafts allow allergens to enter your home, thus increasing the occurrence of allergy-related issues. Drafts also allow insects, pests, and others to enter your home.

Sign #2: An increase in your utility bills

If you notice your utility bills rising, it may mean that your windows are letting airflow in and out of your home. This means it requires more energy to either cool or warm up the interiors.

Sign #3: Moisture

If you notice moisture seeping through, especially during rainy and windy days, then the sealant of your window frame is starting to give way. If this isn’t addressed soon, it could lead to bigger issues in the long run.

Sign #4: Mold and mildew

If you notice mold building up around your window frame, that is a sign of moisture seeping through. This is an early sign that your window seal is not as efficient, which could also lead to damaging the walls around the window.

Sign #5: Difficulty moving the frame

If you find it difficult to open and close the windows, this is a sign that either the hinges, the sealant, or other parts of the window needs to be replaced.

Sign #6: Frequent fogging between panes

If you have a double-pane, triple-pane, or even a quadruple-pane window, this issue may arise after years of use. This is because moisture tends to get trapped in between the panes of the glass if the insulated glass unit has a broken seal.

This is perfectly normal if your windows are quite dated. However, if you find yourself having to purchase replacements only a few years after, you may want to consider a more durable material for your multi-pane window.

Sign #7: If your windows are single-pane

Given the last sign, you may think that a window with multiple panes is not the best option. Well, we’re here to tell you that single-pane windows are actually even more susceptible to damage. Multiple-pane windows give you the following benefits:

  • More insulation
  • More energy efficient
  • More privacy
  • More noise reduction
  • Better security

Sign #8: Visible damage

It goes without saying that if your windows have visible damage, even if it is a minor crack in the glass or a dent in the frame, this would render the window vulnerable. These little punctures can allow moisture to seep through, or corrosion to spread if working with metal.

You’re All Set!

Whether you just bought a new home, are selling your mobile home, or just upgrading your sacred space, high quality windows can really increase your home value!

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