5 Mobile Home Exterior Redesigns & How To Get The Look

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Few things feel as good as sprucing up your mobile home. It can change the whole atmosphere of your house. Remodeling is also a fantastic way for you to increase the value of your home if you are looking to sell.

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We often focus on decorating the interior of a home. But don’t forget that impressions start from the outside.

That is why we are looking at five mobile home exterior redesigns and how you can get the look you love.

How to remodel the exterior of your mobile home

Before we look at specific aesthetics for your manufactured house, we are going to give you a general breakdown of how to remodel your mobile home.

Does renovation look like too much work for you?

Well, it doesn’t have to be. If you tackle it task by task, it will be done in no time.

Here are five easy steps to update your home:

1- Daydream

What is the best way to start? By daydreaming!

You should look at different ideas and research some different styles that you like. This step is all about exploring the options out there.

2- Choose a look

After this, you’ll probably be able to decide what look you want to go for. You’ll get the best results if you figure out what you want to do beforehand. Decide on paint colors, lights and any other fixtures that you want to change.

Exterior of a home with a porch

3- Budget

The next step to success is to calculate a budget. Many renovations end unfinished because people run out of money. You should decide how much money you can spend and set some funds aside for it.

Remember that you don’t necessarily have to spend big to get significant results. You can save money by shopping for features at the thrift store and by doing it yourself.

4- Planning

It is essential to work out a strategy of how you are going to go about the process. You should breakdown the remodel into smaller tasks, This will help keep you from being overwhelmed. A great tip is to work out a reasonable deadline to make sure you get it done.

5- Get started

Now you are ready to get going! Try to stick to your plan and your budget to make sure that you finish the projects in good time.

You can follow this process with any renovation. Let’s look at a few ideas for mobile home exterior designs and how you can achieve them.

1) Farmhouse

Farmhouse style is more popular than ever. It is no different with mobile homes. In fact, many manufacturers are now producing beautiful ranch inspired models.

What can be more nostalgic than a traditional farmhouse?

We seem to have a yearning for the warmth and at home feel of this classic look.

What is the farmhouse style?

Traditional ranches were defined as being practical. This was the primary consideration, That is why a lot of the pieces would have been reused or used for longer.

The style typically features a variety of materials. This means that there are multiple textures and colors.

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Make it your own

To recreate this in a modern way, you should combine old and new in your redesign. This way you get the best of both worlds. You get olden day charm with modern elegance.

One way to do this is to use beautiful salvaged materials. For example, you can use reclaimed wood to make shutters or sills for your windows. These are beautiful DIY projects and can also be a smart way to save some money.

If you have a porch or terrace, invest in some vintage furniture or pieces made from reworked wood or metal. These can be the ideal finishing touches for your redesign.

The quintessential colors for this theme are white or other neutral colors. This is usually accented with more colorful shades, wood, and metal.

To achieve this, you should paint most of your siding a light color. Then you can add darker shades by painting the roof and trim. Blue and greys are typical in this style. Just don’t go too bright. Rather, stick with pastels.

2) Creative colors

We all love colors. Think of bright blues, vibrant greens, and bold red. These shades remind us to be playful and have fun with life.

However, we are often too afraid to take the plunge of painting the exterior of our own home in vivid colors. People are often worried that it will be too much. Or just look wrong.

But there is a right way of redesigning your mobile home to look more colorful. You can play with different shades while still keeping your home modern and sleek.

Get the look

Here are some tips to help you to redesign your manufactured house to look bright and exciting:

  • Pick a color: You can play around with all the shades of the rainbow. But try to choose one of your favorite colors to avoid you getting tired of the look. Popular choices are: blue, green, yellow, red and even orange.
  • Contrast: An expert tip for working with color in design is to contrast it with lighter colors. It can make a huge difference to paint the windows, doors and trim other shades. This will help to round of the whole design. Remember that white works well with most bright colors.
  • Trim: The best way to create this contrast is to use trim to your advantage. Part of your redesign should be to install some skirting at any place you want to highlight.
  • Keep it simple: The color will clearly be the focal point of your home exterior. It will be the feature that makes it stand out. Because this is already bold, it can work better to keep the rest of the exterior simple. Don’t worry about putting up too many decorations or ornamentations.

Take a look at these colorful homes for some inspiration.

3) Keep it natural

We seem to have a need to reconnect with nature – the desire to feel closer to the environment.

One way to do this is to decorate your home with natural elements. This can allow your home to complement instead of clashing with its surroundings. If you love the outdoors, this might be the ideal style for you.

Natural elements in a sitting area

You can go in a variety of directions with this redesign but let’s look at some ways that you can create this look.


If you own a mobile home, paneling is your best friend when it comes to renovation.

Companies make magnificent faux siding that resembles stones. There is a range of appearance options to choose from like slate, cobblestone, or pebble.

You don’t have to cover all the walls completely. One option to use it is to place it as an accent on certain parts like around doors. You can also cover the walls halfway – like skirting – or just on some walls.


This is a trendy way of creating a more natural aesthetic for your mobile home.

There are many types of cladding are made by designers to resemble wood. You have the opportunity to choose siding that will suit your budget and vision. Not all of them are faux, you can even use timber boarding made with real wood.

Many people prefer it if the siding appears a bit weathered instead of shiny and varnished. This can make it look authentic.


If you don’t want to replace the cladding of your home you can also update the exterior with some paint.

Try to go for earthy shades like different types of brown. You can choose between lighter or darker colors depending on your area or preference. Gray also works surprisingly well.

4) Neat in neutral

If your style leans towards understated and minimalism, neutral colors might be the way to go.

This type of style has a very calming effect. It can play a part in making your mobile home the place where you feel comfortable and able to relax.

Incidentally, if you are planning to sell your home soon, you should consider this style. You will often find neutrals on lists of buyer-friendly colors. It creates the impression of a blank canvas that the future owner can work with.

How to achieve the look:

Complementing colors

To pull off this look, you need to choose the right paint colors. You might be surprised at just how many neutral shades there are.

White is a popular choice, but it can look too stark and be challenging to maintain. Beige and creams are fantastic alternatives.

The palette usually works best if you mix it up a bit. For example, if the primary color is putty, paint some of the trim white or another neutral color for some variation.


Because the paint will be relatively understated, you can often go a bit bolder with extra features. These touches can help to keep your home looking interesting.

With some designs, plain trim works better, But here you can make the skirting and trim more ornamental. You can also choose more elaborate features like iron-wrought light fixtures.


Another tip to ramp up this design is to add some textures to the mix. You can use materials like stone and wood to add more dimensions to the look.

Mobile home manufacturers make fantastic faux siding that you can install on the exterior walls of your house.

Potted plants also make an excellent addition to round off this style.

5) Quaint cottage

While some people love sleek and modern designs, other people prefer the romance of the past. If you enjoy old world charm, why not transform your mobile home into a cozy cottage?

We often associate this aesthetic with a typical rural British village. But this style is often ideal for the smaller size of manufactured houses.

Exterior of a house


One way to recreate this look is to use archways in your design. You can place these over your doorway, windows or porch. Combine them with pillars to give it even more nostalgic appeal.

You can use arched or rounded windows to make the exterior seem even more quirky.


Classic eaves are another characteristic of the cottage style. If your home doesn’t have any already, you can install beautiful ornamental trims under the roof.

When you think of a cottage, you might recall an image of a little white house with dark wood paneling. This feature can be a great way of creating the look and feel. The strips do not necessarily have to be darker, but it should contrast with the primary colors of the walls.


Porches are an iconic feature of this architectural style. They can make an excellent addition to any mobile home. It isn’t only about appearance. A porch can give you and your family a place to sit and unwind and watch the world go by.

You can have wooden pillars and a fence along the terrace and decorate it with some vintage furniture.


Another key feature of this style is the plants and landscaping around it. Some people dream about owning a cottage covered in ivy.

You don’t necessarily have to go that far. But planting a few green shrubs around the house can go a long way.

Finishing touches

Your house should reflect you and your family’s taste and lifestyle. It should complement your life not detract from it. If it doesn’t, it might be time for an update. Customizing the exterior of your home to suit you is the crucial part of making any of these designs a success.

Hopefully, our guide on mobile home exterior redesigns gave you the inspiration you need to make the change.

You can make your mobile home even better by decorating the inside to match the outside. For more ideas on changing the interior read our mobile home design & decorating trends of 2019.  If all of this sounds expensive, don’t worry – it doesn’t have to be. Here are some tips on how to decorate a small home with no money.

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