Mobile Home Interior: How To Decorate A Small Home With No Money

Feb 19, 2019Blog, Decorating

Whether you’re studying for classes, caring for little ones, or making meals during your days at home, you’ve most likely felt the desire to liven up your surroundings at some point. The decorations you’ve had ever since you moved in are starting to get a little bit old, and you know it’s time to replace some of them. Unfortunately, you don’t have much in your decorating budget at the moment. But who says that you have to shell out a bunch of cash for some new decor? Instead, take a moment to find out how to decorate a small home with no money!

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How to decorate a small home with no money: some basics

Looking for some easy ways to decorate your home at a low cost? A few basic home decor ideas should help you reach your goals.

A fresh coat of paint

You can’t go wrong with this idea. If you’re running out of inspiration, why not go ahead and give your living room or bedroom a fresh coat of paint? You might even be up for something different – maybe it’s time for a new color! The best part of it is, painting one room won’t cost you a fortune. And the new coat of paint will likely last longer than cheap decorations.

Use items you already own

No, not every knick-knack or piece of furniture you own is going to fit the home design you have in mind. However, there are plenty of everyday items lying around your home that will convert into easy decorations. What’s more, many such objects will retain their practical functions as well. For example, you probably own several books that you enjoy looking at every so often. If you think others might enjoy them too, you can try leaving them on an end table next to your sofa. They’ll double as decorations and as reading material for a rainy day.

Of course, you can apply this principle to almost anything you own. Throw pillows, comfy blankets, candles, and photo albums can all fit within a decorating scheme that’s made entirely of things you already own!

Good places to shop

So, what if you don’t already own household items that you can use to create interior decor? In that case, it’s time to find a few places to shop.

Thrift stores

Thrift store with a variety of antiques

Thrift stores are always affordable, and you’ll be able to find cute, original decorations that you can’t buy at a modern-day craft store. There’s typically a large selection of decorative dishes, photo frames, and wall art, and you’ll even find that some of these items are in great condition or close to brand-new. The low prices make these deals too good to pass up.

Purchase some craft supplies from your local store

How do you feel about your DIY skills? If you think you’re up for a little bit of crafting, you can easily purchase some cheap craft supplies at your local store and DIY some interior decorations that will give your home some personal flair. So, for some of the cheapest decorations you’ll find, learn how to decorate a small home with no money by creating some DIY crafts.

DIY picture frames

This project is unbelievably easy. Simply purchase some washi tape and use it to frame the photos you’d like to hang on your wall. It won’t cost much, either – only the price of the tape, the photos, and an X-acto knife.

Re-use old paint swatches

Most likely, you picked up paint swatches for free at some point in your life. In fact, you may have done it more than once. Today’s the day you can finally use those swatches that you found in the back of your closet! Here’s what you’ll need:

  • A blank canvas
  • Glue or other adhesive
  • Paint swatches (preferably the same brand of swatches).

Once you’ve gathered your supplies, you can create a beautiful, unique piece of wall art. Just use the glue or other adhesive to secure the paint swatches to the canvas.

Bring some of the great outdoors into your home

Potted indoor plants

Nature provides plenty of decorating options that cost nothing. For example, you can use flowers, pine cones, and small outdoor plants that you might be able to convert into potted plants for your home. Additionally, some of nature’s best offerings, like flowers, don’t last forever. This means that you’ll be able to refresh your decorations and vary them up every so often with different types of natural beauty.

Interior decorating doesn’t equal expensive

You won’t need to fill your mobile home to the brim with expensive decorations in order for it to look cute, elegant, rustic, or whatever look you’re trying to create. Often, the simplest of decorations have the most graceful impact on their surroundings. So, don’t stress about having a budget for your interior decorating. You can easily learn how to decorate a small home with no money! Soon, you’ll be letting loose with the creativity and designing decor that will have your friends and family asking for your design secrets.

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