Stress-Relieving Tips For Decorating A Mobile Home On A Budget

by Oct 2, 2018

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Let’s say you just moved into your wonderful new (or new to you) manufactured home. And you’re already dreaming about getting stuff up on the walls and optimizing the looks according to your preferences. However, there’s just one problem. Purchasing a home and moving into it is expensive. Since you’re probably not “rolling in dough” at this stage of the game, you’ll be more than ready to hear our tips for decorating a mobile home on a budget.

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You’re excited and you can’t wait to make the place feel like home. Time to break out your decor from the old place and decide what you can’t live without. Then maybe you’ll want to shop around for some new things to make the place pop. If you think you can’t do this without spending a fortune, think again.

A word about the “perfect” home

First off, creating the perfect home isn’t about comparing your house to everybody else’s or trying to impress people. Instead, take a minute to think about what decorating style appeals to you and your family. After all, you’re the ones who’ll be living in it.

In addition, putting up the “perfect” decor doesn’t mean you’ll never touch it again. Think of it as something fluid, something that expresses your style at the moment and meets the functional needs of your family in this season of life. As your style changes or as your family grows, your decor can too.

It helps to look at your house as an ongoing improvement project. Just as there will always be light bulbs that need changing and windows that need cleaning, there will always be some decor that could be changed out or touched up. This could be because something wore out or simply because you feel like a fresh look.

Your home doesn’t have to be the next magazine cover

If you’ve accepted without question the idea that everything in your house must be perfectly matched, take a minute to ask yourself if you actually believe that. You could always decide that to embrace an eclectic style. While this could be blended especially well with a cute, country look, you may be able to blend eclecticism with other styles, too.

In short, don’t force yourself to shoot for whatever colors and decor items made the front page of the top home decorating magazines. If you’ve accumulated a lot of items that are significant to you, but they don’t all look magazine-worthy, that’s okay. Instead of ditching them, try to come up with a tasteful way to display them.

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Importantly, this may include displaying only some of them at any one time. Take care not to overdo it on knickknacks, which leads us to our next concept.

Sometimes less is more

Yes, you might enjoy the feeling of loading up a shopping basket with beautiful things for your mobile home, but be cautious about going overboard. Not only can overbuying strain your budget, but it can also clutter the looks of your home. A few key items on a shelf, wall, or end table could actually be more striking than a dozen pieces in the same place.

Choose a focal item in each room

One thing you could try is to choose one item in each room that will guide your decorating for that room. This could be a beautiful painting or even a couch that has a character of its own. Then, draw out the colors in it or add colors that go well with it. For instance, choose throw pillows, art, or small lamps that highlight a color from your focal piece.

Still more thoughts for decorating a mobile home on a budget

Shop second-hand

When decorating a mobile home on a budget, remember that thrift stores, consignment stores, garage sales, and online auction sites are your friends. Why? Because they offer the opportunity to find gently used items at great prices. Of course, we’re not advocating filling your house with old junk. But, if you’re selective, you can probably find some great stuff for a lot less than you’d pay brand-new.

Allocate your funds wisely

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You want to end up with a lovely place while decorating a mobile home on a budget. So take some time on the front end to calculate how much you can spend. Then, plan how you’ll divide the funds among the different areas of the house (i.e. master bedroom, kitchen, living room). In short, prevent yourself from blowing your entire budget in your enthusiasm for spiffing up a particular room.

Be patient

You don’t have to do it all at once. In fact, waiting for the right item at the right price could be a great decision in the long run.

Invest time instead of money

Another thing to consider is taking some time to update older items to make them look better. Whether it’s a new coat of paint (even chalk paint) or another kind of update, invest time into your own old stuff or into old stuff you pick up at a second-hand store. Once you give a used item some TLC, you may find it’s just perfect for your new look.

Once you’ve finished freshening up the home, take a minute to relax and soak in your surroundings. As you rest and ruminate, you might decide to move a few things around. And that’s absolutely fine! No reason you have to leave things the way you first set them up. Keep working on the look as inspiration strikes.

Get inspired!

Before you plan out how you’ll go about decorating a mobile home on a budget, take a look at a few of our other decorating articles. Whether you want to decorate for the season or you’re shooting for a particular look, gather inspiration, then make it happen.

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