Some Visual Inspiration To Decorate Your Mobile Home For Fall

Aug 13, 2018Blog, Decorating, DIY

It’s getting ever closer to that time of year again. Autumn with its cool breezes, crunching leaves, and glorious displays of color. Before you know it, it’ll be time to pull out the scarves and all the autumn-colored clothes.

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If you’re looking to bring a little of that fall glory to your home, here we are with some visual inspiration to decorate your mobile home for fall. So, grab your pumpkin spice latte and pull up a chair!

Go for gourds (and pumpkins too!)

First up to get your wheels spinning to decorate your home is gourds. Since they come in a myriad of shapes, colors, and sizes, have a blast picking out the ones that stick out to you. Or choose the crazy-looking ones that make you laugh. Grab a basket and heap it high for a kitchen table centerpiece.

Colorful gourds and pumpkins

Correspondingly, a basket of gourds would make a fun decor piece on your front porch. Scrawl “Welcome” in chalk on a weathered piece of wood and lean it against the basket to create a cute greeting.

The color of pumpkins

But don’t stop at gourds. Add pumpkins into your decor mix. Perch them on the steps of your front porch. Or even drag one into the house as a doorstop.

Orange and yellow mixed flowers in a wicker basket on a porch

In addition to pumpkins themselves, don’t forget that pumpkin-colored decor is a great choice to up the warm, autumn look of your home. Flowers in an “orange-ish” color, like the ones pictured above, are a great start. Next, choose a vase or container for your flowers that matches with the decor feel you’re going for. Perhaps you want a country look or something very classy.

Make it a family fun night

Since everybody shares the house, let everybody help with the decorating process. Mull some spiced cider and gather everybody around the table to talk about their likes and dislikes. Pull out last year’s decor and decide what you want to reuse. Next, pull out the crafting supplies and some autumn-friendly crafting “ingredients” like leaves (real or fake), pinecones, and acorns.

Wooden table with autumn decorations, a candle, and a mug of hot drink

Additionally, you could even have a bit of fun competing. For this, challenge everyone to create the very best autumn craft possible. Set a timer and see who comes up with the cutest creation before the timer runs out.


If you don’t like the idea of having your home overrun with straw figures, that’s okay! Scarecrows are tacky to some, so go with other options if you don’t like them.

Hot chocolate with marshmallows with fall decor

Here, your decor purposes are best served by bringing the outdoors in or by sticking with the idea that less is more.

To keep the classy look, don’t stuff your nooks with autumn-themed figurines. Just choose a few key areas.

Boats by the lake with orange lamps hanging from tree branches

Then, work on keeping things upscale. Avoid plastic. And steer clear of cheesy colors and cheap items. Keep the colors fall-ish, yet not screamingly loud.

Country & cute

Not everybody’s going for the classy look. If it isn’t your style, don’t force it. Maybe you like to pile the place up with cute scarecrow figures, country primitives, and DIY glories.

wooden hedgehog and other fall decor

If you’re in the mood to create, check out these craft ideas from Country Living. Make it a family affair and rope the kids into it. Then set the family designs as kitchen table decorations. Or feature them on the living room end tables.

Visit your local antique store to snag a few cute wooden items–a small, worn table that could just fit a pumpkin. Or a little barrel or crate that could hold a scarecrow family. Stick the figures in there and feature it prominently on your mobile home porch.  

Cute, but not country

Maybe you don’t live in the country so you’re not interested in the look. Pop over to your local dollar store and fill up on bargains. Then, come home and spangle the house with pumpkins, leaf garlands, stickers and posters to spread the autumn feeling.

Don’t be shy – put it everywhere

Who says you can’t put decor in the kitchen? A vase of autumn flowers. Or even a vase of sticks with dry fall leaves still hanging on. The living room is also a candidate for flowers or a basket of acorns (just be sure not to keep them a long time – they can be a culprit for mildew in the house).

Even your newly-remodeled bathroom can feature autumn feeling. A pumpkin-scented candle surrounded by fake leaves (beware of creating a fire hazard) is an option to spread the autumn joy around. Now that you’re inspired, head out to celebrate the season by reinventing your mobile home trimmings.

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