Mobile Home Design & Decorating Trends Of 2019

Jan 21, 2019Blog, Decorating

For many people, a new year means a fresh, updated interior mobile home design. Each year, popular design patterns fascinate homeowners and define home interiors. Are you joining in the design and decor trends this year? If so, we have some tips for you to check out!

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2019: Color trends

If you want your mobile home to look trendy this year, you can’t ignore the contemporary color palette of 2019. There are a few colors in particular that you should look into.

Nightwatch green

While most of us might refer to this color as “hunter green,” one of 2019’s most popular shades is “nightwatch green.” Its popularity has grown because of its ability to bring the sought-after outdoorsy feel into a home interior. However, if you’re planning on painting a room this color, you should know that it has a tendency to make the room seem darker and more closed-in. Therefore, it’s typically a good idea to use nightwash green in bigger rooms or rooms that have a lot of lighting.


In 2019, choosing a pastel color might be the best thing you’ve ever done for your home’s interior. Pastel colors tend to give a room “a peaceful and relaxed vibe,” and make the room appear larger than it is. This provides a cozy atmosphere that will make everyone feel welcome in your home. Another benefit of pastels is that they tend to match with most colors, which is very convenient when you want to replace your furniture!

Wall Decor

Wall signs are all the rage for 2019 and the foreseeable future! A white sign on a pastel colored wall provides a classy look and is sure to be a conversation starter. Take down that old, worn-out vinyl wall art and get a very inexpensive sign to throw up. Oftentimes, less is more, and white signs bring out the background of those pastel walls.

Furniture trends you should try out

Speaking of furniture, have you thought about replacing some of your furnishings in 2019?

The multipurpose furniture trend

Homeowners have been finding multipurpose furniture more and more attractive in recent years, and this year it’s become an interior design trend. Among other clever designs, furnishings such as the sleeper ottoman and wall desk will be both practical and trendy – especially in a mobile home, where space-saving furniture is often essential.

Modern and multipurpose furniture

Even if you’re not always overly concerned with yearly trends, you can easily attain a stylish look in your mobile home if you love saving space. Give it a try this year and see how it works for you!

Every piece of your furniture doesn’t have to look exactly the same

Instead of trying to make every piece of your furniture match like a dollhouse set, get creative this year and include a few different types and colors of furniture in your living room. This is a pretty easy way to get trendy, since it doesn’t require too much labor (like painting your walls) or too much specific style-hunting (like buying artwork.)


Have you thought about replacing some of your art this year? As with everything else, there are new art trends in 2019. Before you purchase any new art to brighten up your mobile home, take a look at some of the popular styles that others are enjoying.

Try out some brass decor

Instead of sticking to typical gold or silver-tinted decorations, many people are choosing brass decor in 2019. Brass is trendy and classy at the same time, and it’s a good addition to any part of your home. So, why not give it a try this year? Perhaps you’ll like it so much that it’ll become a central part of your decorating scheme!  

Jewel-tone art

No, bright colors don’t match with every other color, but they’re stunningly beautiful given the right setting. This year, people are choosing art pieces painted in trendy jewel tones to add a splash of bold color (or sometimes, dark color) to their homes. Don’t write off bright colors just yet – jewel tone art is trending right now, and you’ll love the cheerful energy it can bring to your mobile home!

Post impression art work

Maximalist decor

As minimalism is on its way out, the maximalist style is swiftly replacing it, becoming one of 2019’s biggest design trends. What is maximalism? Basically, it’s the idea that there are no boundaries when it comes to decorating – the more decor, the better. Maximalist art tends to be bold and unique. Therefore, some use it as a way of expressing their personalities. This trend is very easy to achieve: simply choose whatever art pieces or other decor you like and fill your mobile home with your new art!

Make your home a place that you love

Ultimately, the most important part of choosing your design and decor this year is to make your house feel like home for you and your family and friends. If that means a new shade of paint for your walls, then choose whatever color makes you happy! If you think your mobile home needs a modernized interior look, go for it! No matter what trends you choose to follow in 2019, your home will be just right for you.

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