3 Design Features Of A Modern Mobile Home Interior

Nov 20, 2018Blog, Buying a mobile home, Decorating

Mobile homes have come a long way since they were first invented. In recent years, upgrades have emphasized the beauty and quality of a mobile home’s interior. As a result, a modern mobile home interior often contains just as much beauty as the interior of a stick-built home. Even a mobile home that seems drab at first glance is easy to transform with a little effort. Where do modern mobile homes get their charm? Well, there are a few design features that play a part in that.

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1) Walls: their beauty and benefits in a modern mobile home interior

Gone are the frumpy wallpapers and artificial wood paneling used in older mobile homes. Most modern mobile homes offer more attractive, higher-quality alternatives.


Drywall is a common material used in modern mobile homes. Why drywall? There are some obvious benefits:

  • Drywall is attractive and increases the value of a mobile home.
  • It’s easy to paint – which is a big plus, because it will conform to anyone’s style with ease.
  • Repairs are easy to perform. There’s no need to remove a whole section of the wall if drywall gets damaged.
  • It’s low-cost.
  • It’s the most energy efficient material to use when building walls, insulating better than paneling.


Also known as VOG, vinyl-over-gypsum is another common material used to create walls in modern mobile homes. Like drywall, it is low-cost and easy to paint. There are other advantages to using VOG, too – it’s fire resistant, very easy to install, and easy to clean. These attributes make it an obvious choice for a modern mobile home interior.

2) Flooring: quality and beauty

Mosaic tiles and wood planks for flooring

Modern mobile home floors feature a wide variety of design options. Back in the day, subfloors were made of particle board and were usually covered with linoleum or carpet. Today, subflooring usually consists of OSB or plywood, and a mobile home owner can choose between tile, carpet, hardwood, and linoleum to cover the subfloor.


Despite the common belief that tile can’t be used for mobile home floors, it’s actually a very viable option. Tile is useable in any room of a mobile home, if desired. It has irreplaceable advantages: it’s water-resistant, durable, and easy to take care of. Of course, there are also drawbacks to using tile for a mobile home’s floor. For example, even though tile is usually an affordable flooring option, it can eventually become expensive to purchase and install.

Carpet vs. Hardwood

The debate over carpet vs. hardwood will never cease to exist. Hardwood is quickly becoming the new trend for home design. However, many mobile home owners still prefer to use carpet in certain parts of their homes. Ultimately, there’s no way to conclude which one is better – each has its own advantages and disadvantages. A few things to know about carpet and hardwood include:

  • Carpet is quicker and easier to install than wood flooring. It’s also cheaper than hardwood. However, carpet doesn’t last as long as wood flooring does.  
  • Even though carpet is easier to clean (it doesn’t show dust and dirt as much as wood floors do) it’s also much more likely than hardwood to become permanently stained.
  • Carpet is warmer than hardwood flooring (specifically during winter.)
  • Carpet is available in more colors and patterns than wood flooring is.


A mobile home owner in need of a cheap, easy selection might choose linoleum. It’s probably the cheapest flooring option and is generally extremely easy to install. However, linoleum isn’t necessarily the most elegant material that a mobile home owner can use.

3) Open floor plans and how they affect modern mobile homes

Open space living room

Older mobile homes have a tendency to feel small, crowded, and boxed in. Newer models have attempted to remedy this by utilizing open floor plans. What is an open floor plan? An open floor plan eliminates some of the partition walls that typically divide rooms in order to create larger, more spacious rooms.

For example, a living room and dining room might combine into one room, with no dividing wall between them. The separation of the two areas is often indicated in some other way – a differing color scheme, or a small set of stairs. In this way, rather than creating multiple smaller spaces, an open floor plan creates one large space.

Discover the beauty of mobile homes!

Admittedly, mobile homes tend to get a lot of hate. Often seen as “substandard” housing, they’re ignored by many people, who may never even consider them an option when it comes to housing alternatives. They’re missing out on a lot – a modern mobile home interior possesses beauty and class! Even if the charm doesn’t stand out at first, it will usually shine through with a little bit of renovation and remodeling. So, don’t write off mobile homes yet! Instead, allow yourself the excitement of discovering their beauty over and over again!

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