Some Of The Best Mobile Home Bathroom Ideas

Even though we use it on a daily basis, the bathroom is a part of your home that doesn’t get a lot of decorating attention. Perhaps you’ve tried to update your mobile home bathroom before, only to find that it still leaves a lacking impression. Here are some ideas to give your bathroom a new look, from the floor to the ceiling with the best mobile home bathroom ideas. 

It’s good to bring the spa home.

For most people paddling upstream in the great river called life, when they close their eyes to try to just escape, tend to think about somewhere they melt away the stress. Where they can take the burdens off their shoulders and accomplish some of that good old R&R. Often, this haven from stress is a nice spa. But, with how often life throws difficulties your way (essentially everyday), and the typically high price for a trip to the spa, it just is not a practical solution.

What if you can bring the spa home? A retreat without the travel. R&R without the R&R price tag and time limit! “Right, bring the spa home. Really helpful! But, where can I put one? How do I make it?” To answer your first question; your bathroom. And the second; we will help. We hope to give some helpful ideas and instructions for taking your restroom to a restful-room!

Mobile home bathroom showers keep getting better. 

Did you see our last post on NEW images of mobile home garden tubs and showers? It is amazing what these thing look like today. A key point to focus on for a resort-like room is your shower itself. If you have a standing shower, then these projects are right up your alley. This blog shows how a homeowner tiled their shower room, while also using store bought smooth stones, to make a visually appealing shower: Mobile home show floor If you decide do a remodel like this in your mobile home, make sure that your floors are reinforced for the extra weight. Because of this, the tiled shower might be project for those with a little drive. A quick and painless way to change a shower space is to line the floor with teak:

Wood bathroom

Image Credit:

If you don’t have a shower room, or standing shower, then this list of the best mobile home bathroom ideas should inspire you to get one. If it’s still not an option, that’s ok, here is a quick remodel idea that will change completely the look of your bathtub:

air stone shower

Image Credit:

This little DIY takes a box of AirStone, exterior adhesive, and a tiny bit of sweat. You can find a complete walk through here. A new tub without the new tub price!

The best mobile home bathroom ideas include incredible shower-heads. 

A good showerhead is crucial to get that “melt the worries of the world away” feel! One thing that spa styled hotels have in every shower is a rainfall shower head.

Rain Shower

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These shower heads allow you to have gentler showering experience, unlike smaller ones that are pointed right at you. The larger shower heads create less water pressure. Those with gentle skin will have a shower that doesn’t feel like a beating. Rainfall shower heads have a cover a larger area. This means less adjusting to rinse off everywhere, since the water will hit most, if not all, of you! If you do like your showers to have little more ummff, most models have the feature of adjusting water pressure.

Amazon rain shower head

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Rainfall showerheads even have the option of coming with a second, more traditional-styled, head.

It’s usually the little things like bathtub accessories that give you that taste of paradise.

What about for those who are bathers? Kickback, stretch out, and let your bones soak in some hot water. In order to bring the spa, you do not need to replace the your tub. It only takes one or two accessories to make your bathtime a time of indulgence. This sweet bamboo tray will help with the much needed unwind.

Table Tray

Image Credit:

While you are taking a bath, have place for your wine or tea, maybe a book or tablet to watch. You could even do a puzzle while taking a soak…if that seems relaxing to you. While you are enjoying your snazzy new tray, why not kick the comfort level up a notch spa bath pillow:

Tub Pillow

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Mobile Home Bathroom Remodel

Remodeling a mobile home bathroom can be a great way to update its look and functionality. Here are some steps and considerations to keep in mind when planning a mobile home bathroom remodel:

  1. Set a budget: Determine how much you are willing to spend on the remodel. This will help guide your decisions throughout the process.
  2. Plan the layout: Assess the current layout of your bathroom and consider if you want to make any changes. Determine if you need to move plumbing fixtures or make any structural modifications.
  3. Choose fixtures and materials: Select the fixtures, such as a new toilet, sink, bathtub or shower, that suit your style and budget. Consider using water-efficient fixtures to save on water usage. Also, choose durable materials that can withstand the mobile home’s movement and humidity, such as moisture-resistant flooring and shower materials.
  4. Hire professionals or DIY: Decide whether you want to hire professionals for the entire remodel or if you plan to do some or all of the work yourself. Some tasks, like plumbing or electrical work, may require professional assistance.
  5. Update the plumbing and electrical systems: If your mobile home has outdated plumbing or electrical systems, consider upgrading them during the remodel. This will ensure safety and functionality.
  6. Replace or refinish surfaces: Depending on your budget, you may choose to replace or refinish surfaces like the walls, flooring, and countertops. Options like tile, laminate, or vinyl are popular choices for mobile home bathrooms.
  7. Consider storage solutions: Mobile home bathrooms often have limited space, so think about incorporating smart storage solutions to maximize the available area. Install shelves, cabinets, or organizers that fit your needs.
  8. Enhance lighting and ventilation: Good lighting and proper ventilation are essential for a functional bathroom. Consider adding additional lighting fixtures, such as wall sconces or vanity lights, and ensure proper ventilation to prevent mold and mildew growth.
  9. Finishing touches: Add the finishing touches to your remodel, such as painting the walls, installing mirrors, and accessorizing the space with towels, rugs, and decorative elements that reflect your style.

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With the setup, so far, we have a place for your book and beverage, and a place to lay your head. What next? A critical point of spas are the jet pools! Now, you might be saying, “Jet pool! I can’t fit that in my mobile home, or afford it!” Guess what…you can! Check it out:

Image Credit:

These bath jets take your old bathtub and convert it into a spa. Installation is straightforward. In fact, it’s almost required to be considered in our list of mobile home bathroom ideas that you have some sort of bathroom jet in view. 

  • Plug the power cable into an electrical socket
  • Attach the device to the inside wall of your tub with suction cup
  • Turn it on.

The model shown in the picture has two settings: low and high pressure. Also, the jet swivels 180 degrees, allowing you to choose where you want the stream to go. Here is a bath jet model that comes with a spa pillow. This one, however, has two jets, a spa pillow, and a tub mat for extra comfort. With just these few suggested bathtub accessories, you can make washing up an oasis-like experience. Decompress and let the stress fade away!

What about the rest of the restroom?

Hmm. Let’s see, shower…check. Bathtub…check. Starting to feel more relaxed? Then let’s turn our attention to the other areas of the bathroom that can take your room that much closer to becoming a retreat.

Mirror mirror on the wall…

One of the first features that catch the eye when someone walks into your bathroom is the mirror. Rather than go out and buy a new mirror, why not remodel the one you have? Take a look at this cool DIY for making your current mirror fit into your new fortress of solitude.


  • Marble tile sheets
  • Silicon Adhesive
  • Painter’s tape

All-in-all, this update will only cost $20, and will help bring the full transformation to the room! Here is another easy and stylish idea to update your mirror.

mobile home bathroom ideas

Image Credit:

Don’t forget faucets and hardware!

It’s funny how the littlest details can really catch our attention. Washing our hands doesn’t occupy a lot of our time or thoughts, but the right faucet can make the ordinary … extraordinary!

Facet and Hardware

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With a modern waterfall faucet, you can enjoy the sensation of a tropical paradise without leaving your home. If the clear glass doesn’t suit your taste, then there are plenty of other options in chrome, brushed nickel, and rubbed bronze. Once you’ve found the faucet that makes you think “spa,” you can either install it yourself (some kits make it very easy to do this) or find a professional to help you take your mobile home bathroom ideas one step closer to relaxation.

Decor is the finishing touch. 

Even if you don’t have the time or money to makeover your shower/bath or sink, you can still bring the spa to your mobile home. Here are a few indulgent, but less costly changes you might consider.

Color makes the mood

Did you know that color affects our mood? If you want to kick up your mobile home bathroom ideas and really make things feel like a spa, then choosing the right color is a must!

Bathroom Blue


Calm & Tranquil Soft blues make us feel serene and peaceful. Some hues can come across as being cold and chilly, so it may be better to choose a blue with warm undertones. Blue-gray walls can make your mobile home bathroom feel calm and help you unwind.

Green Bathroom


Relaxing & Restful Green is the easiest color on the eyes and helps them rest. Surround yourself with the peace of nature by adding touches of green in your bathroom. Our list of mobile home bathroom ideas requires a splash of water and a splash of paint to have the most radical transformation. 

Bathroom with Purple


Luxurious & Warm Like blue, purple makes us feel calm. Because of the red undertone, it is less likely to feel cold and distance. Purple is an excellent bathroom-spa color to make you feel both pampered and relaxed.

Gary Bathroom


Quiet & Composed Gray (especially darker hues) can help us feel stable and composed. Many spas have dark or gray accents that provide a feeling of comfort and security. If you choose to have a gray palette in your bathroom, make sure you include a few splashes of color to brighten your mood and rejuvenate your mind. For more thoughts on how color might change the mood of your mobile home, check out this article.

On the Rocks:

sink ideas

Image Credit:

For a really convenient, room-transforming idea, try adding rocks in your sink! It sounds simple, but by bringing nature indoors, your bathroom will feel like a natural retreat. The idea come from this blog, which also mentions that you can use flat black rocks to put your soap and lotion dispensers on. This adds to that overall resort feel of the bathroom.

Lighting done right:

As we all know, lighting can completely change the ambience of a room. Candles are a great way to provide soft, dim lighting that is relaxing and calming. If you are worried about the dangers of having a flame in your bathroom, then why not try battery-operated candles? They are cheap and effective. This set comes with a remote too, so you can easily turn them on or off wherever you decide to place them.

Storage and Accessories:

Spas know how to utilize their space and hide clutter so that it isn’t a disruption to the relaxing atmosphere. Here are a few small mobile home bathroom ideas that include storage spaces so you can bring the look of the spa into your bathroom. If you don’t have a lot of space, this stool doubles as towel storage. Wood Towel Crate Adding shelves is a great way to increase your storage space and add decor at the same time.

Bathroom Shelf

Image Credit:

After you finish your bath, the next step is usually to step out of the tub. What should you step on is the question. I suggest getting a bamboo mat. Bamboo does not retain heat, so when you step on the mat, it will help cool you down!

Bamboo Mat

Image Credit:

You may not have a jacuzzi, but steps leading into your bathtub can also double as hidden storage! These steps are a great way to hide your cleaning supplies or ugly plunger and keep your bathroom feeling like a private retreat. Putting It Together With these suggested mobile home ideas and upgrades, you can have a spa trip every single day. No more travel or extra expenses. Come home and unwind. Who said indulgence had to be few and far between? Mobile home bathroom ideas can transform the look and feel of your whole home. 

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