7 Mobile Home Decorating Ideas That’ll Make You Wish It Was Summer

Feb 28, 2018Blog, Decorating

So we’ve got some mobile home decorating ideas today! They range from the lovely to the fun-loving, and we’re pretty sure they’ll make you pine after summer’s arrival.

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Yes, summer. That time of the year when the beach is calling, outdoor cookouts are happening, and friends and family are gathering together for that all-American holiday.

Picture the water, the burgers, the fireworks, and the warmth of the sun on your skin.

See? We’re missing it too.

In our reminiscing, we’ve pulled together some mobile home decorating ideas you can look forward to implementing.

Mobile home decorating ideas

#1 Spruce up that door with a summery wreath

Summer wreath

Image credit: AnnabelleEveDesigns

This lovely wreath is available on Etsy. But you could also design your own.

Together with some creativity, a quick run to the craft store will set you up with the materials to build this simple but summery wreath. With a wide variety of summery floral options at your craft store, you can change up the look to fit your vision.

Maybe a pop of color is what your porch needs, or maybe white daisies will do just fine. Don’t forget to pick up some burlap or even checkered gingham (another popular summer fabric!)

#2 Independence Day Mason Jars

There is nothing quite like “the red, white, and blue” in our American culture. It conjures up visions of our exciting history, those who’ve stood up bravely to protect the freedoms we enjoy today, and the blessings of being surrounded by family.

Here we have a fun and practical decorating idea from It All Started With Paint that incorporates Old Glory.

First, get your hands on three mason jars. With acrylic paints, you’ll paint one blue and the other two white.

Taking Washi tape to wrap around where you’d like to keep the paint white, you’ll paint the exposed area red. See? Now you have the red and white stripes.

Some foam stars from the craft store can provide the perfect tool for stamping white stars onto the blue jar.

Distress the surface with sandpaper and protect the finish with clear enamel spray paint.

Line them up and voila! You’re done. These jars are perfect for holding bouquets of flowers, or eating utensils for that cookout you’re hosting.

#3 Outdoor fairy lights

Nothing adds a bit of whimsy like strands of white lights in your yard. Perfect for a romantic summer setting. If you don’t have the right trees or walls around to place them just as you’d like, who says you can’t put in your own posts for the lights?

#4 Romantic fireplace in the summer

Although it’s summer, you can incorporate your fireplace in your day to day summer enjoyment. Clean out the fireplace and add some tall candles in place of where the logs would sit. It’s romantic, beautiful, and a smart use of otherwise unused space.

#5 Tic tac toe with a beachside vibe

Now, who doesn’t remember playing tic tac toe? Here’s a fun summery beach flavored edition you can make yourself. It makes for a great coffee table centerpiece. Over at Sand & Sisal, Kim suggests getting a pine board at your home improvement store for an affordable material to work with.

For this project, we suggest visiting her site for more in-depth instructions.

#6 Remodel those flower pots

The Honeycomb Home shares a great idea for giving your flower pots a fresh new look. Collect twigs from your backyard and snip them all to even lengths, just beyond the height of your flower pot.

Next, glue them vertically, side by side, all around the circumference of the flower pot.

Finally, add some twine an inch above the bottom edge of the pot and another strand to wrap around just below the top inch of the pot. A glue gun would be great for pulling this project together.

#7  Ladybug rocks

Ladybug painted rocks

Image Credit: Crafts By Amanda

Can anyone say adorable? These ladybug painted rocks are a fun mobile home decorating idea. They’ll fit swimmingly in your yard and they’ll make for a fun family craft time.

Crafts By Amanda says you can get smooth river walks at your local home improvement stores, garden centers, and craft supply stores. Aside from the rocks, you’ll need patio paint, a paintbrush, a toothpick, and an outdoor sealer to protect your ladybugs from the elements.

These ladybugs are sure to spark some fun discussion and smiles all around from friends and family alike.

Are you thirsting for summer yet?

We hope you enjoyed this list of mobile home decorating ideas as much as we did. And take heart. Winter is almost over, which means you’ll soon have some spring cleaning to do. We’ve got your back with a checklist.

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