The Trendiest Mobile Home Decorating Styles & How To Achieve The Look

May 22, 2018Blog, Decorating

We live in a modern society that continues to grow day by day. Coupled with that fact, mobile homes are beginning to rise in popularity as well. No longer is it “for the lower class society”, as many generalize it to be.

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Whether single-, double-, or triple-wide, you can definitely make your mobile home stand out to your neighbors or visitors. Let us show you the trendiest mobile home decorating styles and how to achieve the look. Personalize it as you need.

From before to today

Mobile homes have come a long way. As a matter of fact, their standards and quality have improved significantly as well. Many newlyweds invest in single- or double-wide mobile homes not only for the reason of being a more affordable option. Customizing and adding on to a mobile home is easier than a stick-built home.

Besides, who doesn’t like the option of personalizing accommodation at a more affordable rate?

The trendiest mobile home decorating styles out there

Have you thought about what’s your home style? It may be one specific style or a combination of two or three. Maybe you’re venturing out on a new taste. Explore the following styles and hopefully, you’ll get caught by at least one or two!

“French Country”

This is the new “rustic” style. Completely opposite of modern design with monochromatic colors, French country is all about warmth with a welcoming atmosphere.

An easy way to achieve this style is through the colors. For your main colors, stick to warm and subtle: tans, creams, and soft yellows. Accent colors can be shades of rust and antique white. This will help infuse your interior with a historical feel.

A little chic but very cozy feel

So if you need to do some painting to achieve this style, start by painting your kitchen cabinets. Have a look at the Soft Cream and Honey Beige.

French Rustic chic theme white chairs with wicker decor

Focus on incorporating plenty of “natural” materials. Think wooden and distressed. Keep in mind that your furniture should have flowing lines that will add to a visual interest apart from function. Since rustic decor is embraced by distressed finishes, antiques will be a perfect fit for this French style. If you’d rather save money, shop at thrift stores or DIY!

Plush cushions and upholstery provide the coziness of French country. Despite being a mobile home with limited space, you can fill up your couch with a throw blanket or pillows. Accessorize with some shapely mirrors or a large clock. Voila!


In general, transition means “moving from one place, thing, or phase to another”. However, in interior designing, it is combining both modern and traditional. The end product then becomes a trend of cohesive designs and elements.

Obviously, it may sound intimidating but the transitional home decorating style basically means taking an old, or young design and giving it a “punchy” look. This allows for plenty of personal flavors.

Begin “transitioning” with textures

A room doesn’t have to be specifically feminine or masculine, nor eclectic. Rather, a transitional room can be lightly adorned with accessories, some textures, and a neutral color palette.

If the interior of your mobile home is already a painted with a neutral color, leave it. Add textures instead through your furniture. Why not upholster your dining chairs with traditional fabric? Complement that with more modern lighting in your dining area, such as steel pendants with exposed light bulbs.

For your bathroom, add a wicker basket as your trashcan or a towel storage. Change your showerhead and faucet to something black and modern. Sleek and yet, classic.

“Coastal” otherwise known as, “Hamptons”

Most of us love beaches. Living on an island is the typical dream of beach lovers. Although the coast may be quite a distance, you can certainly decorate your mobile home with a coastal, beach-feel style.

Some of the common features that make up this Hampton home decorating style are light, airy color palettes paired with shades of blue and green. White or beige furnishings are complementary as well as elements of wood and accessories inspired by the sea.

House decor seashell wreath with a ribbon

Sea glass is one of the perfect coastal colors. Additionally, its complementary colors and shades are refreshing and can look as alluring indoors as it does out on the beach.

How do you enjoy the coast indoors?

Begin to dress your mobile home with these colors for that shimmering and calming effect. Perhaps change your living room curtains to a sheer, flowing lace fabric for a serene setting. Or add some wooden blinds and complement it with the sheer fabric curtains.

Change the knobs of your drawers to coastal cabinet themed ones. You’d be amazed by the wide selection available. Change your bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen hooks as well!

Adding rugs that are handwoven with neutral fibers, such as hemp, to your floors can make a big difference. There are also rugs made out of rattan or bamboo. Complement the living room with a mixture of cream and coastal blue colored cushions.

Last but not least

As a general tip that applies to all three of the styles listed above, add plants. Plants bring out mobile home decorating styles beautifully and naturally. Whether they are big indoor plants in a ceramic pot or mini plants in glass vases, plants are magical. Plus they keep the air in your mobile home filtered and fresh.

Get excited about the new look

We hope that these three trendy mobile home decorating styles and the extra tip sparked some new ideas for you. Let it be an adventure in which your creativity and personality becomes alive! Despite these individual styles that we’ve covered, keep in mind that your style may be a combination of different decorating styles. And that is completely ok.

If you have a double-wide mobile home and want to make it look like a stick-built house instead, we have some great ideas to share with you!

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