Want To Know How To Make A Double Wide Look Like A Stick-Built House?

May 14, 2018Blog, DIY, Remodeling

When many people think of mobile homes, they most likely think rectangle, small, low-income. In general, at least. However, mobile homes can actually become a canvas for those who like to get their hands at work.


Want to know how to make a double wide look like a house? You should, and you most definitely can.

We all like to impress people, especially our neighbors

As a mobile home owner, creativity can grow beyond the usual rectangular shape of your cozy home. It may take some time but it’s time that will result in a home that stands out in your mobile home park. Your neighbors might get inspired and catch the “creative disease” from you, too!

Of course, this could be a great summer project. It all depends on how much you’d like to do to change the look of your double-wide mobile home.

Get some outdoor vinyl exterior shutters

Windows typically make the impression of the outside of a home. Depending on the style of the windows, your house can be seen as traditional or modern.

One of the keys to making a double-wide mobile home look like a house is the exterior shutters of windows. Not only do they add to the value of your home, but they create a lovely appeal. Moreover, exterior shutters can be customized to your personal specifications.

The variety of exterior shutters is endless

That is a true statement. The wide selection of styles for exterior shutters is great. Any house, no matter what style the homeowner chooses, would have at least a few exterior shutter options.

On the whole, the wide selection of styles is a result of the variety of materials used to make shutters. Ranging from vinyl, wood, composite wood, and fiberglass, it would be impossible for a homeowner to not have a preference in choosing the best style for his or her home.

One of the favorites among homeowners, especially for those who like the vintage-like style, is board and batten. Used throughout history, these are simple and classic shutters with vertical and horizontal “boards”, known as “batten”.

Board and batten shutters, or “BNB”, include both the closed board and open board style. They are available in wood, vinyl, and composite material. BNBs are great if you’re the kind of person who appreciates not only simplicity but history.

Focus on the big and basic fixtures

If you purchased your mobile home as a second-hand, there are plenty of things you can fix and replace to give it a more “house” appeal. Generally speaking, second-hand homes come with basic or less decorative fixtures. Especially if the previous owner didn’t invest in the appeal of the home overall.

Hinges and handles

Bathroom door handle and cabinet handles

A couple easy fixtures you can do that will leave a big impression or change are replacing hinges and handles. Hinges are obviously not the most exciting gadgets to buy, but they are essential and can be matched with handles.

For instance, cabinet doors could be your first project. Replace both the hinges and handles with nickel fixtures. Nickel gives the impression that it belongs in a house. It’s smooth, clean and classy. Due to its characteristics, your kitchen will suddenly stand out with it’s added touch of style.

Add a sunroom

A sunroom can make all the difference in making your double mobile home look like a house. Yes, it may be a costly change, but you will appreciate having another room to relax in and enjoy with an outdoor feel.

No one ever expects a double-wide mobile home to have a sunroom. This is a great tip for how to make a double wide look like a house. Not only will it surprise your guests, but it adds a sweet touch to what will feel like a house!

Benefits of a sunroom

Usually, a sunroom lets in abundant light and adds rejuvenation to the air. It’s an added space where you can also add some plants and furniture and relax in. Obviously, this renovation will have to be done by professionals.

One of the best sunrooms would be the screen room system. This allows a flow of fresh air while also allowing the addition of glass for extended season use. You can add sliding doors, a single slope roof, or even a ceiling fan. The options are endless. However, be sure to do some solid research and remember not to rush through it.

Replace carpet with hardwood floors

Carpets may seem like they add coziness to a home. No doubt, they keep a home warm during the colder seasons. However, carpets are known to collect dirt and stains. That’s not considering the dust that can cause one your house guests who have allergies to feel miserable. Moreover, carpets get worn out.

Do a beautiful transformation

Replacing your carpet with hardwood floors may be a little costly. At the same time, it adds value to your mobile home and it does make it look more like a house. There’s something about wooden floors that provides an inherent warmth. Additionally, what’s not to enjoy with a combination of depth and texture for your indoors?

Living room with leather couch, hardwood floor, and a pool table

You can choose from a variety of hardwood species, colors, stains, and styles. Depending on the general style of your indoors, you’d be able to choose according to what suits your indoor space best.

Comparatively, finished hardwood floors are easier to clean than carpeted floors. Less dust, pollen, and animal dander are retained on the hardwood. An added bonus is the strength and durability that these wooden planks naturally have, which is quite ideal for areas of your mobile home that has constant foot traffic.

Consider these options and plan how to make a double wide look like a house

Now that you’ve been exposed to a few options available for you to transform your double-wide mobile home, why not try them out? Of course, there are other options as well that you can definitely look into. Do what suits you best!

If you have a furry friend around and you’re still itching for nice mobile home design, we can provide some helpful tips for you that are pet-friendly as well!

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