Pet-friendly Mobile Home Designs | Don’t Forget Your Furry Friends

As you consider different designs for that new mobile home you’re hoping to buy, we have a few ideas that will better accommodate that furry friend of yours.

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Let’s be honest. Our pets hold a special place in our heart and in our homes. They’re a big part of our home life. Depending on the pet, they’re able to provide a sense of added security, hours of joy and laughter, and faithful companionship.

An added happiness to your mobile home

So why would you not want to consider their needs in your design?

Today we’ll be highlighting different ways to make your mobile home design pet-friendly. Your furry friends deserve it and you’ll be happier for it too, that’s for sure.

Pet-friendly mobile home designs

We have a few mobile home design ideas in our lineup today. Most mobile home design companies are equipped to help you plan out your own custom design. This is a great feature to leverage if you have any particular design ideas as you keep your furry friends in mind.

Doggie doors

First, we’d like to bring up the ever-practical doggie door. Doggie doors are a helpful asset to any mobile home design. Your dog or cat will have the freedom to come in and out of your home at will.

There’s no need to be on call to let them out.

Dog face looking out from fence

If you find yourself working long hours, a dog door is a practical solution to your dog’s care. It’s very convenient as there’s no need to find a house sitter.

Your dog will have the freedom to run around outside. They won’t be as bored.

In an emergency, your dog or cat will be free to rescue himself. They’ll have a way out and that’s a way to give you peace of mind.

Pet-friendly flooring

You can look at pet-friendly flooring a variety of ways.

If you want a floor that’s easy to clean up, hard laminate flooring is the way to go. It’ll be resistant to the wear and tear your floor will face as your furry friends run to and fro.

On the flip side, we have carpet. Carpet provides a soft and warm floor for your pet to rest on. There are different types of carpet out there and some are sturdier than others. Choose a carpet that will hold up against the use that will come with having pets.

Also, you’ll want to choose a carpet that does well with stain cleanup. Some carpet is easily damaged.

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Slip-resistant rugs

Additionally, if you choose hard surface flooring, you’ll want to buy some slip-resistant rugs. You don’t want your pet to get hurt from running and sliding on slippery rugs.

Slippery rugs can be an annoyance and a hazard for you and your pets. If they’re running around and it slides from under them, they could sprain themselves. If it bunches up, you or your pet could trip on it.

As far as an annoyance goes, your rug could constantly move out of place from the running around of your pet.

Should you find yourself with a rug that’s slipping constantly, but don’t want to part with it, try making it slip resistant.

Avoid white

When it comes to kids or pets, you can’t expect a pristine home. Why complicate the upkeep of your home if you don’t have to? Avoid white colors for your floor and walls. White only makes dirt and grime easily visible.

Instead of white, consider gravitating towards patterns and dark colors.

Choose a paint that’s easy to wash

A semi-gloss paint is great for those locations that will see lots of pet contact. Mudrooms, entrances, kitchens, and living rooms may fall into this list.

Roll on black paint against white wall

What you don’t want is to see dirt on the wall and realize it’s difficult to clean off. As a pet owner, you have enough work on your hands. Make maintenance simple by painting your walls and trim with a paint that’s easy to wipe down.

Integrate a mudroom into your design

Whatever you do, please consider adding a mudroom to your mobile home design. A mudroom is a great place for you to brush off, dry, or remove dirt from your pooch.

Give them a nice view

In addition to the above ideas, we have this last one. You can provide your dogs or cats with a good little nook to perch on and watch the outside world. They’ll love it and you’ll love watching them observe the world around them.

Pet-friendly designs make a nice mobile home, too!

In closing, it comes as no surprise that pet-friendly mobile home designs are picking up interest. As more and more people realize the great benefit of choosing a mobile home, you’ll see more interest in mobile home designs that are pet-friendly. And that’s because, in the U.S., about 85 million families own a pet. That’s 68% of U.S. households.

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