Latest Exterior Trends In Mobile Home Skirting, Siding & More

We’re going to discuss the latest and greatest in mobile home skirting and siding. Really, there’s a lot to cover regarding the exterior of your mobile home’s design. From paint to tech, we’ve got it.

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In providing a glance at the latest trends, you’ll gain a better perspective of what you want – whether you already own a mobile home or intend to buy one.

How does that give you a better perspective, you ask? Simply put, you’ll know where to make some updates on your current mobile home. With some changes, it’ll look current with the times.

For those who are shopping around for a mobile home, you’ll know what’s sizzling and what’s not.

Latest trends in mobile home skirting and siding

And for clarity’s sake, we’re not saying you have to keep up with the times or with the Jones’. Please don’t let that be your takeaway from this article. Relax. Enjoy your mobile home.

But keep this in mind: we do understand that some trends exist for a reason — people like them. And that’s perfectly OK. As you survey options for your next mobile home remodel, we trust these trends will provide some inspiration.

Take what you like, leave what you don’t like. This article is meant to inspire and inform. Most assuredly, it’s not meant to stifle.

Trending colors — it’s all about the neutrals and pops of color

So here’s what 2022’s rolling out for homeowners. Colors such as Desert Beige, Moss Green, Soft Lemon, Stormy Gray, Smoky Red, Opal, Bright Yellow, Sky Blue and earth tone combinations are a hit.

Well, these colors don’t make a splash across the board. Some colors are more subtle such as Soft Lemon. Bright Yellow, on the other hand, hits the runway with passion.

This year’s trending colors are across the spectrum, serving various tastes and styles. Take your pick. You can’t go wrong with either color.

As you design or spruce up your mobile home exterior, don’t get so caught up in color names. Ask the paint supplier or mobile home manufacturer to provide similar options if they don’t carry an exact color. They’ll find something close enough.

Trending siding materials

Now let’s talk about trending siding. What’s popular with mobile home siding?

Well, let’s talk about what’s not trending first: asbestos, fiberglass and hardboard composite siding aren’t the popular options they once were.

Today these options have taken to the shadows while others stand in the spotlight. We’ll break it down to four siding options and showcase why they’re popular.

Vinyl siding

For that low cost and low maintenance factor, you’re looking at a winner. This siding comes in strips — the edges interlock together.

Vinyl siding can come in horizontal or vertical panels. This material ranges in various colors and textures — including wood or shingle style textures.

Vinyl siding for mobile homes

Vinyl Siding for Mobile Home by Best of House

If not installed properly, vinyl will warp out of shape. The cost of this siding is on the low end.

Fiber cement siding

For residential siding, cement fiber is the new kid on the block. It’s new. It’s durable. And wow is it low maintenance!

One thing we love about cement fiber siding is the fact that it’s made from recycled materials, making it an eco-friendlier option.

For something that’s not wood, it can closely give the appearance of a wood siding lookalike.

The other perks to fiber cement include durability, almost zero maintenance, immune to rot, immune to insect damage and long life span of approximately 50 years.

Wood siding

In looks, wood siding does not lack in attractiveness. That’s for sure. There are various wood siding materials on the market: wood clapboard, wood planks, wood board, wood panels, and wood shingles.

Unfortunately, wood is costly and high in maintenance. For some, that’s a turn-off, making the option unattractive.

If cost is not an object of concern, then note that wood siding does come in various styles and textures. And let’s not forget about the finishes! There’s variety in that too!

For types of installation styles, there’s clapboard or beveled lap siding — it’s horizontal with overlapping joints.

You should know that while wood siding can be an easy repair, it’s the installation that can be a bear if going over siding that already exists.

If you’re dealing with wood siding, you’ll need an exterior finish for it. Paint or a stain will do the trick.

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Aluminum and steel siding

For a low-maintenance option, aluminum or steel siding are an adequate solution. In either category of material, you’re looking at horizontal or vertical strips of metal that are much like wood lap siding. Alternatively, they come in panels or shingles. For a hardier material, a corrosion-resistant finish is applied to the metal.

While durable, metal is prone to fading, chalking or “bleeding” onto the skirting. This is less of a problem with newer installations of siding. Unfortunately, metal siding is also noisy. And it’s prone to getting dinged up.

Each of these four siding options carries its own benefits and hang-ups. We suggest seeing about seeing them in person before settling. See how you like it.

Trending mobile home skirting options

Now let’s talk about mobile home skirting options. Your mobile home skirting is an important part of the building’s exterior. It does not only serve an aesthetic purpose in hiding the wheels and trailer frame from view. Mobile home skirting is also practical.

The practical aspect of mobile home skirting is important. Skirting is installed around all four exterior sides of the mobile home. This aids in deterring pests and animals from making their home underneath the mobile home. Critters living underneath could cause costly damages in plumbing or electricity.

It’s all helpful in warding off weather-related damages. For example, skirting can help with moisture and temperature control. This will help your mobile home remain free from damages such as freezing pipes or condensation issues that could damage your home’s construction materials.

But enough of that. Let’s see what mobile home skirting options are trending these days.

Steel skirting

In this category of skirting, you’re looking at steel or tin materials. We love that metal skirting is affordable and simple to install. Rust free nails or screws attach the panels onto a frame. For an added extra, you can buy this type of skirting with various brick or block patterns stamped on the surface. Another perk to metal skirting is the fact that you can paint it.

Vinyl skirting

As far as skirting goes, you’ll find that vinyl is the most common. It wins in affordability, ease of installation, and in aesthetics. It’s attractive. We also love that it’s eco-friendly. That’s always a big win.

Vinyl skirting for mobile homes

Vinyl siding isn’t the best quality if you’re looking at the cheap end of things. Thin vinyl siding will do you no good. Get yourself a quality vinyl skirting product and you’ll be good.

Faux rock and brick panels

In most cases, faux skirting is made out of polyurethane. While these panels are light, they are pretty sturdy. They come in various textures or patterns. You can get the faux stone at a bargain in contrast to real stone. And the installation process is a breeze when you compare it to stone.

Mobile home faux stone skirting

Faux Stone Skirting by Can Crusade

Wood skirting

Here’s the thing about wood materials for skirting. It needs to be treated well and it’s best not use it on land that has a propensity to holding lots of moisture. Moisture is wood’s biggest enemy. And insects are nothing laugh at either. They’ll wreak havoc on your wood skirting in a flash.

Give your wood skirting proper treatment against moisture and insects. But don’t forget to check on it regularly to ensure all is on the up and up.

Hard, natural materials such as brick

So what’s a section on mobile home skirting without mention of natural materials? There are stone, brick, and cinderblock skirting options. They all make a beautiful, natural mobile home skirting option. But there’s a bit of work involved. Are you up to the task?

Trending outdoor lighting trends

Without a doubt, lighting is an important part of home life. Not just indoors, but outdoors too. Let’s look at some of the lightning trends out there that could serve your mobile home well.

Timed lights

If you could get one less thing off your to-do list, why wouldn’t you? Timed lights are knocking at your door. Give them a go. With timed lights, you can set your light sources to turn on and off at particular times during the day.

This is not only one less thing for you to do (switch on or off, unplug or plug in a light), it’s also practical. No more fumbling in the dark when you arrive home late at night. The light’s on and you can see.

Solar lights

Here’s an eco-friendly idea. Install lights along your pathway or driveway that thrive off of solar energy. This will give you more light without more cost.

Sensor lights

Sensor lights are great because they’ll turn on when something moves within its view. (If you have many outdoor cats, this could be annoying.) Sensor lights are great for security, giving the impression that someone’s home and turned the light on.

Bluetooth controlled

Now how about bringing technology into the mix? Get yourself a controlled light setup. There’s no need to fumble for that light switch. Just whip out your phone and tell it to turn on the light.

Trending exterior tech

For the average mobile home owner, the integration of technology is foreign. Don’t worry. It’s never too late to leverage technology.

Smart screen house pad

Smart doorbells

How about that — smart doorbells allow you to interact with and see who just knocked on your door. You can see and know from the comfort of your living room chair or even your chair at the office half an hour away. It’s pretty nifty.

Smart lights

We touched on this in the previous section on lighting. Smart lights can be controlled via your phone.

Smart sprinkler system

Again, if you could make your life easier, why wouldn’t you? Get yourself a smart sprinkler system and schedule when you want your yard tended to with fresh water. See, it’ll make your life easier.

Smart thermometer

To some homeowners, an outdoor thermometer is helpful. But what if you could get better readings without having to hustle outside to check on the thermometer? That’s where a smart thermometer comes into play. You can see temperature readings from a screen inside your home. Fancy stuff if you ask us.

Trending mobile home landscaping options

As far as landscaping goes, we don’t believe in neglect. Your landscaping is one of the first impressions people will have about your home when they pull up. What do they see? What will they see?

Take a look at these trending ideas for mobile home landscaping. Landscaping is an important part of your home’s exterior aesthetic. Don’t neglect it.


No, really. In all seriousness, simplicity is trending when it comes landscaping. People want to enjoy their yard after a long day’s work rather than tend to it. This should please you. We’re all about simplicity. You can get the look you want without having to go overboard. Find plants work best with your locality. And figure out why type of flower bed covering works best to make weeding almost a thing of the past. Think smart without sacrificing beauty.

Gardening with soil

Make the backyard structures beautiful

You can’t help it that the eye will be drawn to your backyard storage shed. Rather than bemoan the fact that it’s there and that you don’t know how to work around it, leverage it. Make it shine, let it be a beautiful focal point. Spruce up that shack and integrate it into your landscape design.

Turn your yard into a staycation friendly experience

There’s a reason many are turning to staycations in place of vacations. If you could turn your yard into a place of rest, why wouldn’t you? Here are some things you can do to set the tone for that: install a weatherproof speaker system, set up a fire pit with chairs around, comfy chairs in various areas, add lighting to make the dark evenings enticing, and don’t forget to install an outdoor kitchen if that’s your style.

Trending doesn’t have to mean impractical

For your dream mobile home, you don’t have to go for impractical trends. By and large, we introduced you to some hands-on practical changes that can update your mobile home. And if you have children, consider ways to make a home more family-friendly.

Your mobile home is your haven – your break from the world and your base of operations. Make it a safe place and a beautiful place. Don’t be afraid to try new things.

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