What Makes Modern Mobile Home Interior Design Unique

Jun 11, 2019Blog, Decorating, Remodeling

What’s so special about modern mobile home interior design? The hallmarks of a modern home style might not seem like a big deal, but if you want to create the ultimate modern look in your mobile home, they definitely are. Finding out what makes modern design unique and individual is a great way to get started. Besides, the long, hot summer season is a good time to stay inside and bring your interior remodel to life!

A few words about modern mobile home interior design

Modern interior styles revolve around key points, some of which we’d like to introduce here:

  • A color palette that’s based on neutral and/or earth tones. These color tones emphasize a “natural” feel that’s a main element of modern design.
  • Along the same lines, natural materials like leather and wood are widely used in modern interior design.
  • Decor in modern homes is practical rather than overly cozy or cluttered.
  • Straight lines (as opposed to curves) are a focus in the home.
  • Good lighting (usually, this involves good natural lighting as well.)

These points are the inspiration for the most basic foundations of modern design: if you want to get the modern look in your mobile home, think about incorporating some of these things. We’ve got a few ideas and examples on how to make a modern mobile home interior design happen this summer!

Use color schemes to give your modern home individuality

Modern color palettes are usually neutral and earthy, but that doesn’t mean they have to look bland or boring. Instead, they can make a mobile home so classy that it’ll stand out from the crowd. Say goodbye to the dull, drab image associated with a mobile home interior – modern design is bringing something new to the table!

A few color schemes to try

There are plenty of different ways to create the modern style in your home. For example, the contrasting black and white tones in this home really showcase the modern look.

What about a simpler color scheme that mainly focuses on one neutral, like white, beige, or black? This idea falls within the modern category too, which is great because we’re loving homes like this one. It’s color scheme is incredibly simple, and that’s what gives it a modern flair with no drastic contrasts needed:

A third color scheme for modern mobile home interior design bases itself around a neutral color but incorporates many other color tones, like this living room. It’s centered around white themes, but includes plenty of other colors and even some unique textures:

Of course, earthy neutrals like brown, beige, and gray are also a great way to display modern design in your mobile home. Wood and stone are two ideal ways to bring these colors into your design:

Modern decor is more than just decor. Typically, it also has a function. This is a little different from many homes, where decorations are just for fun. With a surrounding neutral color scheme, furniture, throw pillows and blankets, mirrors, and unique lighting options become all the color and decor that a modern home needs. With that in mind, choose your furnishings to supply color and personality to your home, like this homeowner did:

Additionally, remember to stick with straight lines throughout your design. Both horizontal and vertical lines help draw the eye to the right elements of your design, and also make it appear clean-cut and professional.

Natural choices

Meanwhile, don’t overlook natural materials while furnishing your home. Wood, leather, and stone are good choices for more than one reason:

  1. They’re natural!
  2. They fit in with a modern color scheme very well, too. Unlike the sometimes overused decor trends of today’s world, natural decor is certainly a good way to create individuality in your mobile home.


As a final touch, make sure that your home interior gets plenty of light! While indoor lighting is definitely important, natural lighting is a key element of modern design and one that you shouldn’t overlook. Let plenty of light into your home in any way you can: through the windows, doors, skylight … ideally, use every source of light. Natural light opens up space and lets you see everything in a new way.

Modernize your mobile home

Now that you know what makes modern mobile home interior design unique, try it out in your own home! If you’re ready for a remodel and you need a summer project anyway, modernizing your mobile home is a great way to do both. So, take the modern style and make it your own this summer!

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