How To Replace Your Mobile Home Hardware For A More Modern Look

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Do you ever get the feeling that your mobile home looks out of date? Many people do, and even more, would like to fix that problem, but just don’t know how to start. Maybe take down all the wallpaper and repaint everything? Lay new hardwood flooring down? Well, there’s a simpler and even easier solution!

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Generally, instead of starting with something difficult like new floors, you should begin with the simple task of replacing your hardware with more modern looking hardware. Regularly, this includes door handles, cabinet pulls and hinges, light fixtures and more. Let’s start with taking a look at how to remove the old hardware, and then we’ll move onto what modern finishes you’ll want to replace them with.


As a rule, removing old hardware is simple if you know what you’re doing. And there’s basically no learning curve, so anyone with a screwdriver or cordless drill and a little time can do it. Let’s take a look at the best way to accomplish it.

Cabinet pulls and hinges

Generally, the majority of screws on hinges or pulls are Phillips head, which means your ordinary screwdriver will be just right. Find the screw, stick your screwdriver into it, and start turning it counterclockwise. Usually, when you’re working on the hinges, you may find it helpful to have an extra person that can hold the cabinet door while you unscrew. That way, the door won’t end up on your head or broken on the floor.

Once you have completed taking off the pulls and hinges, Today’s Homeowner suggests taking a handle and hinge with you to the home improvement store, so you can be sure to get the right size. In just a little bit, we’ll take a look at what kind of hardware to replace your current hardware with so you can get that perfect modern look.

Door handles

Ordinarily, most of us would probably find it very surprising to know how many times a day we touch a door handle. And how we do it without even thinking. Until we start noticing how ugly the door handles are. And then we notice every time. Subsequently, when you start noticing, it means it’s time for new door handles.

Modern door handle

Generally, a lot of door handles have the screws right on the circle plate that holds the handle in place. Which means all you have to do is find the right screwdriver, and repeat what you did with your cabinet hinges. Unscrewing them counterclockwise, and catching them before they fall to the floor.

Light fixtures

Generally, one of the easiest ways to take care of old looking light fixtures is to replace the globe. Instead of the entire light fixture, wiring and all, changing out your globe is, by far, much simpler. Again, you’ll probably only need a screwdriver. If you have a bulb globe, they are normally secured by one screw somewhere around the top. Working above your head can be very difficult, so getting an extra person to help will be a smart idea.

If you aren’t content with just changing the globe, you can change the entire light fixture, but it will involve more work. Namely, you will have to redo the wiring, which isn’t always the easiest job. It will be rewarding in the end, but it is not as easy as switching the globe. If you decide to change the light fixture, watch this how-to video, so you can understand what you’ll need to do.


Obviously, you want the most modern look you can get. But what’s modern these days? Let’s find out!

Cabinet hardware

When it comes to cabinets, stainless steel is very popular right now, and will totally spice up your kitchen with it’s clean, sleek look. These stainless steel cabinet pulls are going to be just the right thing for your kitchen. Find stainless steel hinges, and your job is almost complete! Attach to your cabinets for a fresh, new, modern look.

Door handles

Following along with the metal look your going for with your kitchen hardware, we’re going to follow up with some nickel door handles for your inside doors. With a quick search on the internet for modern door handles, you’ll find plenty of options, and probably something that exactly suits your fancy. All door handles will come with instructions on how to attach them to your door.

Light fixtures

If you’re noticing a trend of metal type hardware, you’re not alone. These smooth styles will add a pop of modern to any home, and make your house very welcoming.

Metal ceiling lamp with round lightbulbs

Going along with modern structures, many popular lighting styles include shapes such as diamond and squares and are very often made out of pieces of wrought iron, instead of being one solid piece. Many home improvement stores have these modern pieces, and it will be simple to find something that coordinates with your other new fixtures.

The sky’s the limit

Generally, when it comes to replacing hardware, there is no stopping point. Think of any hardware in your home, and it can be replaced. Therefore, don’t let your imagination stop at the end of this. Take a walk around your house and scout for things that could be replaced to help your house get that perfect modern vibe.

Done with the inside? Then why not see what can be done outside too with these lighting solutions?

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