Mobile Home Makeovers to Inspire Your Remodel

Jun 29, 2022Blog, Decorating, Remodeling

Summer is prime time for an extreme mobile home makeover. The sun is shining and that “honey-do-list” is begging to be tackled.

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But before you get the ball rolling on some big changes, let’s look at some ideas that may inspire your final makeover decisions. Sprucing up your mobile home is exciting business and we’re thrilled to showcase some nifty and classy ideas.

Extreme mobile home makeover for the summer

For that extreme mobile home makeover, we’re going to tackle it all room by room. But first, let’s start with the exterior of your mobile home and see what we can do to make it shine.

A deck for hosting and chilling

There’s nothing like a back deck for relaxation after a long day at work. It’s also handy for entertaining guests and grilling up a storm. Call up your friends and family for a fun evening on the back deck. You can have fun while mitigating indoor clean up if everyone’s hanging outside.

And the best thing of all is that decks can come in different shapes, colors, and sizes to suit your design preferences. Some designs have a built-in bench for sitting. Others are built with a combination of wood planks for the floor and iron for the railing, giving it a modern vibe. The options are endless. You can even go for a multi-level deck which adds a unique look to any home.

Porch swing

To go for an extra splash of whimsy, go for a porch swing. A porch swing can take your porch from average to magical in a day. It makes for a lovely little reading corner in the mornings. Or simply a place to entertain guests who are just dropping by for a minute.

A white porch swing

Paint your front door

A painted door can give any home a fresh look with a pop of color. Choose a color that works with your siding. Painting the door red or green can look nice depending on the colors you have on the exterior of your home.

That alone will make a big difference as you shoot for an extreme mobile home makeover.

Kitchen update

Do your kitchen counters seem like they’ve been a little overdue for an update? No worries. Granite gives off a classy and new look to any kitchen. There are other options too if that’s above your budget. Counter replacement will require removing the old and installing the new – this can be a great do it yourself project for the handyman homeowner.

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Living room

Now here’s a fun room to revamp for that extreme mobile home makeover. Your living room can really be brought up a notch in its stateliness through the means of decorative crown molding for the ceiling. But before you get that installed, get a fresh coat of paint on those walls.

Smaller changes you can make to the room is the integration of throw pillows. You can give your living room stylish accents by bringing pillows in with decorative patterns or solid colors, depending on the upholstery of your couch. If your couch is a solid color, then pillows with patterned fabric would work nicely. If your couch carries patterns in its fabric design, then go for pillows made with solid colors.

Additionally, bringing in live plants such as succulents can add much to any room.

Add a nice rug to the center of the room and your mobile home is looking better than ever.


To get a hallway makeover, you can provide accents through the means of a runner rug. You can get these rugs with a variety of patterns to suit your style preferences.

Pink peonies on a book, on a wooden table

Along with hanging pictures on the wall, a large mirror is a great idea. It’ll make the space look bigger. If your hallway is wide enough, furniture can be added along the side of the hallway. A bench can add a nice touch –  or you can bring in a small console table with a drawer for storage. The table can serve decorative purposes to display plants and family photos on top.


Next on our extreme home makeover adventure is the bathroom. Is your bathroom small in size? To give it the appearance of being bigger than it really is, go for white on white. That’s right. White walls, white tiles, white tub, white curtains. It’ll all give your bathroom an airy look. Beige and soft greys can be mixed in if you find white on white is just too plain for your taste.

Install a floating vanity, and that too will add to the illusion of spaciousness.

Get going with your mobile home makeover!

Now that you’ve looked at great extreme mobile home makeover ideas, it’s time to roll up those sleeves and get to work.

Intrigued by the idea of a deck? We have a whole slew of deck ideas for you.

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