Mobile Home Makeover: A Fresh Start To A New Year

The new year is on its way, and it’s time to start making plans to renew and refresh yourself. Each year holds its own challenges to face, and it’s always good to start it on a fresh note. One way to do this is with a mobile home makeover.

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Your home is your safe space. This is where we do most of our living. It’s where we work, play, rest and spend family time. That’s why you want your home to reflect who you are and what you enjoy in life. If it doesn’t already, a makeover can transform your mobile home to reflect your personality.

Possibilities of a mobile home makeover

There are many different ways to renovate your mobile home. But you have to decide what you want ahead of time. You can choose to renovate the inside or outside of your home, both, or only small parts of these spaces.

The makeover can focus on cosmetic changes, structural changes or a bit of both. Structural changes like removing walls are often easier and cheaper to do with mobile homes than stick-built ones. This can make your post-makeover house feel like a whole new space.

Depending on what you want to do, you can do it all yourself, or you might need some professional help. This is especially true if you are planning on making structural changes. Renovation can be as simple as freshening things up. Or it can be more extensive and include those home repairs that you need to finish.

Sadly, renovation can be an overwhelming and stressful process. So, take your time with it, especially the beginning phases. This article’s going to look at a few things to keep in mind to make your renovation a breeze.

First, let’s look at some ideas and popular styles for the different rooms in your home.


The kitchen is a central part of your house. For many people, it’s the heart of their home. As a place where we spend time daily, you want this room to have a pleasant atmosphere. The latest trends in kitchen decoration focus on this aspect.

Islands have become a popular addition to this space. They often come in the form of counters or narrow tables and can be fixed or mobile. By adding stools, you’ll have a good place for family gatherings. The counter spaces also provide additional work areas.

Lighting has become a more prominent feature of kitchen décor. Lights are no longer only functional but can help to add to the aesthetic of the room. Loft lamps are a favorite for the new year.

loft lamps

Take a look at these kitchen makeovers for some inspiration.

Living Room

Another room that we use frequently is the living room. Color schemes have become an important feature in decorating trends for this space. You can mix and match different colors to find a palette that suits you.

While modern and sleek designs are still popular, recent styles combine this with vintage elements. You can, for example, pair a bold darkly-colored couch with a glass-domed lamp in a 50’s or 60’s style. Natural wood furniture can also update the room. At the same time, a plush rug can make the room more inviting.


New styles for the master bedroom reflect this combination of modern and vintage elements. Textures are important. Try matching a smooth and shiny metal lamp with a restored wooden side table.

In terms of color, the favorites for 2018 are different shades of blue, grey, and yellow with white. Some warm colors like dark orange or wood are complementary. Softer colors like pink add the final touches to the room. A lovely way to do this is by adding dusky pink pillows or throws on your bed.

This bedroom makeover shows how you can reflect many of these trends.

Ultimately your bedroom is the place where you need to recharge. Because of this, you should be able to rest and relax here.


Much like kitchens, bathrooms aren’t only about function anymore. While the main uses of a bathroom are related to hygiene, you want to enjoy the space and relax at the same time. For this reason, understated color palettes are in.

Wood is also trending. As in the other rooms, natural wood and wooden textures are very popular. This can help make your bathroom a bit warmer especially if the rest of the bathroom reflects modern trends. Trying incorporating wood accents in your storage cabinets or as floor coverings or wall decorations.


A unique aspect of mobile homes is their wall paneling. This can be used to your advantage to change and update the appearance of your home. If necessary, use your remodel as a chance to replace damaged parts. Three common types of paneling are wood paneling, vinyl-coated drywall, and standard drywall.

If you have wood panels, you can change their appearance by painting or treating them. Painting mobile home walls is an easy and inexpensive way to freshen up your house. Older, vinyl-coated drywalls cannot be repainted. However, you can replace the panels with a new and possibly different material. With some research and experience, you can do this yourself, or you can consult an expert.

Here is a handy guide on how to update your mobile home walls.

remodeling walls

Avoid disappointments

We all know those renovation disasters stories, where someone’s exciting plans go completely haywire. Maybe it’s happened to you or a friend. Sometimes the whole renovation stops before it even begins. This is something you definitely want to avoid.

A lot of times this disappointment and heartache can be avoided through careful planning. This way you can identify potential difficulties and concerns before they become a problem or a stumbling block.

Concerns to keep in mind when you renovate your mobile home:

  1. Money matters. Whenever you are doing renovations, you’ll probably find you have financial restrictions. Avoid disappointment by making a budget and planning around it. Doing things yourself can be a great way to save some money.
  2. We all have our personal style that we want to reflect in our homes. The perfect rug for you might not be “the one” for someone else. If you share your living space, it’s always a good idea to check with everyone else and involve them in the plans. A mobile home makeover is a great family or group project.
  3. Depending on what type of renovations you are doing, you should consider how long it will take. You don’t want to leave your renovation half-finished.
  4. Just remember that renovations can be disruptive, and some measure of stress is expected. Make sure you and your household are ready for this disruption. For example, Christmas-time is not the best time for a remodel.
  5. If you want to make structural changes to your home, be aware of structural constraints and compliance with the HUD Code. Read more about it here. You’ll need to do a lot of research and probably consult an expert.
  6. Renovations are usually a long-term change. Take your time before making any decisions.

This list might make your renovation look daunting. But don’t worry! Careful planning will help you avoid all sorts of potential problems.

How to give your mobile home a makeover

Planning might sound boring. But with home makeovers, it’s necessary if you want to make your home look amazing. Here are some basic steps to make your renovation easier. Throughout the renovation, involve other members of the household to decide what will work best for everyone.


  • First, do some research on what options are available for renovating mobile homes and the general costs. Knowing what your renovation could add up to will help you avoid nasty surprises along the way.
  • Next, it’s a good idea to sit down and work out the budget. Think about what you can spend and what you want to spend. A well thought out budget means you won’t have to compromise on the aspects most important to you.
  • Early in this process, you should decide what you want to renovate. Do you want to renovate your whole house or just a part of it? Your budget will also affect this decision.
  • The next step is where it gets exciting. Now you get to decide what you want to do with your space. Do you want to make it more fun or colorful? Do you want to update the style? Or are you just looking for something new?
  • Start brainstorming for ideas that will get you to your goal. This can be a lot of fun. Search for examples on the internet and explore different styles. Home décor magazines are another great resource. If you like their home decorating style, feel free to ask advice from friends and family. Always remember to trust your vision.

researching ideas


  • After all of this, you can work out the details to achieve your dream home. What different elements are needed to create your style? Is some construction work necessary for lighting, creating space, etc.? Or are you only bringing in loose standing items?
  • At this point, it is a good idea to investigate costs for different materials, items, or services that you will need. You should narrow down your options and decide where you’ll make your purchases.
  • Next, figure out where you need to start your renovations. Do you want to start with your bedroom or bathroom? Should you install new lighting first or paint first? We recommend finishing the bigger, messier tasks and structural projects first.

Get started

  • At last, it’s time to start. Break the process down into steps and finish them one by one. Don’t be afraid to ask for help and advice. If every single part of the process does not go as plan, don’t let this throw you off balance. Instead, try to keep the bigger picture in mind.
  • Finally, the most important step is to have fun! You want to come out of the process renewed and ready for whatever challenges life has in store for you.

Finishing touches

Planning and dreaming can be one of the best parts of the mobile home makeover process. So don’t let that stress you out! As you plan, embrace the latest trends by combining aesthetic appeal with personal comfort. Enjoy giving your home a whole new look for a new year.

Happy decorating!

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