Inspirational Ideas For Mobile Home Decks With Pictures!

There is nothing quite like the comfort of a deck. Mobile home decks add a sense of coziness and refuge to any home. A back deck is a quiet getaway from the daily grind after a long day at work.

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A deck is also a place to congregate and celebrate with friends. You can fire up the grill and get those burgers and dogs going. That’s right. A back deck can bring hospitality and warmth up a whole notch.

So today we are going to look at some inspirational ideas for that dream deck of yours.

Inspiration ideas for mobile home decks

Whether you prefer the homely or eclectic, we have a slew of ideas to get the creative juices going. If anything, we hope this collection will give you a greater sense in direction for the look you’re vying for in your dream deck.

Deck swing

From, we have this lovely idea for your mobile home deck. Talk about whimsy and serene. Imagine yourself moving to and fro on this deck swing with a book in hand. This will swing can increase the relaxation factor.

If your deck comes with an overhanging roof that you can anchor the swing, this could be a great addition to your mobile home.

Back deck with bar

A mobile home deck with a bar and outdoor furniture

Image credit: Apartment Therapy

For those of you who like to exercise the fine art of hospitality, this may be the deck to inspire you. It holds a lovely bar area for you to entertain your guests while they sit at stools.

The wicker couch for lounging and rug add a cozy feel to this outdoorsy scene.

Romantic hanging lights

A deck with strung lights hung above outdoor seating            Image credit:

For the romantic at heart, hanging lights are a great way to set the mood. You can hang them across and above your deck for some pizzazz. Imagine yourself with your special other, sipping on wine and gazing at the moon.

Deck with built-in planters

A mobile home deck with planters     Photo credit: The Family Handyman

Now here’s an idea. For that extra closeness to nature, turn that back deck into a garden oasis with built-in planters. You can line the sides of your deck with planters that hold a feast of beauty for the senses. Toss in a set of chairs and a table and – voila! – you’ve got yourself a nice dinner spot.

Jacuzzi on a deck

A mobile home deck with a jacuzzi      Photo credit: Grip Elements

Modernity and relaxation meet in the back deck.

Have you considered a jacuzzi for your mobile home deck? If that’s not your thing, what about this modern vibe we have going with the sleek wood and steel railing? Purchase a set of modern chairs with table and you’re all set for an evening of bliss.

Built-in benches

A deck with a jacuzzi Photo credit: Idee Patio

How about this back deck with steps and an extended platform with a bench? The built-in bench is a fun gathering place for friends and family who gather around. This deck is just missing a grill.

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Deck with wide open steps

A mobile home deck with wide stairsPhoto credit: Grip Elements

Here’s a lovely deck with white railings and a wood stained floor. These steps open with a wide entrance to the deck from the yard. The steps at the corner of the deck make for a great touch of uniqueness.

Deck with fire pit

a mobile home porch with wooden benches and a firepitPhoto credit: Grip Elements

For those cool evenings, here’s an idea for mobile home decks. Fire pits are handy by providing warmth and a place to roast those tasty hot dogs and marshmallows. Picture friends and family huddled around in the fall weather – not a bad thought, huh?

Pool deck

A raised deck with stairs, built around a swimming poolPhoto credit: Grip Elements

So maybe the thought of having a deck directly behind your mobile home is unappealing. Not to worry, we have more ideas for mobile home decks. Like this one – a pool deck. If you have or wish to install an above ground pool, you might like the idea of installing a spacious deck around it. This is great for several reasons – namely, it’s a place to hang and grill while the little fish of the family have a ball in the water.

Multi-level deck

A mobile home deck with multiple levelsPhoto credit: Zillow

Now talk about creative! This deck is unusual in that it’s a multi-level deck, complete with railing and even some built-in shade. It would provide plenty of space for hospitality and relaxation.

Get inspired and creative!

In closing, we hope these inspirational ideas for mobile home decks have fueled your creative juices. Sprucing up your mobile home can be lots of fun. Adding a deck to your home is a great idea due to its comfort and practicality for any couple, individual, or family.

For a guide to attaching a deck to your mobile home, we’ve got you covered.

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