Water Features & Rain Catchers For Your Mobile Home

Water can be nourishing, cooling, soothing. Even the word itself can be tantalizing. 

We are always drawn to trickling streams or splashing fountains. It’s no wonder then that some of the most beloved additions to any garden are those that help you harvest and harness this element.

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If you need some refreshment in your life, check out our picks for the best water features and rain catchers for your mobile home.


Best water features and rain catchers for your mobile home

There are a variety of types of water features that you can introduce to your garden. Some of them are mainly decorative, like water walls. Others are mostly practical such as rain barrels. But all of them can add value to your experience.

Koi pond

Do you need a place to sit and think and relax?

Well, you might be in luck. For hundreds of years, people all over the world have found that koi ponds can help them bring some peace to their environment.

Plus, it allows you to welcome a few of these beautiful and colorful fish into your life. And don’t worry, they are pretty low maintenance compared to other pets.

Real estate agents also say that installing one of these can raise the value of your lot.

You can build and install the pond from scratch. Although some people might leave this out, we recommend that you install a filter and an aerator to help keep your koi healthy.

Rain gauge

One fixture that has potential practical value is a rain gauge. You can use these low tech gadgets to measure how much it has rained in your area in a specific period.

The numbers can be interesting in themselves, especially if you track it over several years. But gauges aren’t only for weather geeks. Instead, they are actually a critical tool for caring for your garden. It will help you keep your garden healthy without overwatering.

Any serious gardener needs to invest in a rain gauge to help them plan what they will plant when.

There are plenty of options – from cheap and straightforward meters to expensive, fully digital contraptions.

Tiered pot fountain

There is a reason why any good spa has a fountain of its own or plays a soundtrack with water sounds. The bubbling and trickling are like music that can help you feel instantly relaxed. That’s why any fountain can make a great addition to your mobile home.

Unfortunately, these water features can often be expensive and difficult to maintain and set up. However, if it doesn’t have to be like, for example, this type of tiered pot fountain.

The best part of this feature is that you can easily make it a DIY project. But if you don’t want to go through the hassle, you can buy a similar fountain ready-made.

Rain catcher

Did you know that just a half-inch of rain falling on a 1,000-square-foot roof will yield 300 gallons of water?

It should be no surprise then that so many people are interested in harvesting this natural resource. You can use the water you collect for water your garden and other household uses. Some people even use it for drinking if they keep it fresh and after they have tested it for safety.

One of the most effective ways to collect rain is with a barrel. You can connect the tank to your gutters with a diverter. Preferably, you should install a debris screen and a lid to keep the water clean.

You also need some way to distribute the water from the barrel. For a basic setup, you can install a standard spigot or short length of hose near the bottom with an on/off valve.

Rainwater harvesters can be a brilliant addition to any home. However, you need to be aware of possible legal restrictions

The Federal Government does not have any restrictions on rainwater harvesting. However, a few states have minor regulations in terms of the means of collection and the amount. On the other hand, it is encouraged in some locales.

So always check with your local authorities before you get one.

Breath of fresh air

Most of these water additions can help you bring some fresh air to your lot and mobile home. You can change the whole atmosphere of your property. And if you install a rain catcher, you can get even farther-reaching benefits.

If you are looking for more ways to liven up your lot, take a look at trees to plant around your mobile home that will survive a MI winter.

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