Trees To Plant Around Your Mobile Home That Will Survive A MI Winter

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We don’t have to tell you how chilly Michigan winters can be. The average temperature is around 27 degrees Fahrenheit. And it gets even more frosty. The lowest ever recorded was 51 degrees below zero. 

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You find that this comes with a whole host of challenges. But the one we are going to focus on is planting trees in your mobile home yard that can survive the winter.

Eastern white pine

Do you love your state? 

If so, you could show some Michigan pride by planting an Eastern white pine. These imposing giants were declared the official state tree in 1955. They are a symbol of the areas outstanding lumber industry. 

But this isn’t the only reason you should get one. As you might guess, they are particularly well-suited to the local climate. 

The eastern white pine is an evergreen. So it will sport it’s soft blue-green needles all year round.

Paper birch tree

The paper birch tree is a beautiful native of northern climates. It is one of those tree species that actually prefer long winters and hot summers. But it can grow well in no matter the season including winter as long as you plant it in a sunny spot. 

Their foliage is a bright, energetic green during the spring and summer. Following this, they turn golden yellow in the fall before they shed them for winter. 

 Its white, and peeling bark looks delicate and decorative. You can plant it to add a bit of contrast to your garden.

Red maple 

There are so many varieties around so it can be challenging to choose just one. However, one that we recommend is the red maple. First off, it is native, so it is more resistant to local weather conditions, pests, and diseases. 

Red maple tree

One of its advantages is that it is so fast-growing. It can grow up to 36 inches in a single year. 

Like the other members of its family, it will provide fantastic shade in the summer once it is fully matured. What makes it unique is the brilliant red foliage that it flaunts during the fall. You will instantly fall in love.

White oak

Are you looking for a tree that will tower over your yard one day? 

In this case, you can’t go wrong with an oak. These trees grow to massive dimensions. In the end, they will be a majestic addition to your garden. 

The white oak might grow slowly compared to its fellows. But it is less susceptible to all kinds of insects and diseases and can flourish in the Michigan weather. 

On top of this, the tree has light grey and more rarely white bark. And it is topped by dark green leaves in the spring and summer which turns a vibrant red in the fall.

Common pawpaw 

If you are looking for something more unique, you might want to consider planting a pawpaw tree. The species also called the custard apple is another native of North America.  

Overall, it should cope with the Michigan winters. But you should know that it is deciduous. So you have to be prepared that it will shed its leaves sometime between the end of fall and winter. 

Best of all, it bears fruit all through the summer. You can harvest them between mid-August and October. The pawpaw is a soft fruit that tastes like a banana. Plus it’s packed with a variety of vitamins.

Black cherry

Another amazing fruit tree that you can plant in Michigan is the black cherry. You can also find it under the name wild cherry, or black mountain cherry. 

The tree is widespread throughout America. It is clearly well-suited to the environment. 

The black cherry is a joy to have in your mobile home garden all year round. In the spring it will pop with its pretty and dainty blossoms. When summer comes around, you get to harvest the delicious cherries. 

Planting this tree can be a great way to bring joy to many generations to come. It can live up to 258 years!

Apple tree 

Thanks to legends like Johnny Appleseed we can scarcely imagine American without this iconic fruit. They are a vital crop in Michigan, and you can have one in your very own garden. 

Apple tree

Apple trees are hardy and can grow in different types of soil. Just ask your nursery for a clone from a cultivar that is ideally suited to this environment. 

You will undoubtedly thank your past self when you get to pick and enjoy the first apples from your tree.

Eastern red cedar

Another native evergreen that you should consider is the eastern red cedar. It’s one of the most widespread conifers in the United States.  

Despite its name, it is not a true cedar. It is actually a juniper. So like other members of its family, it sports dark blue berries that peak during the fall. Birds love these fruits. That’s why it’s a great addition if you are a nature lover. 

Aside from this, the eastern red cedar can work well as a hedge and windbreak in any mobile home garden.

Surviving the winter 

All of these trees can thrive if you plant them around your mobile home in Michigan. They will be better able to cope with the cold and frost. But it won’t hurt to protect them while they’re still young and growing by protecting them with tree wraps and mulch.

If you live in Michigan and thinking about winter, take a look at how to winterize a mobile home: tips for every budget.

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