Low Maintenance Mobile Home Yard Ideas You Can Implement Now

Mar 13, 2018Blog, DIY, Landscaping

So you know your yard could use a little sprucing up, but you don’t want to get in over your head with maintenance. Some changes to your mobile home’s yard could be beautiful but outright high maintenance.

Don’t worry. You don’t have to spruce up your place at the expense of over-complicating your life.

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Here at US Mobile Home Pro, we’ve got you covered with some great mobile home yard ideas. They’re low maintenance and best of all, they’re so simple! That means you can get started on implementing them today!

Sounds like a win, right?

Mobile home yard ideas


Basically, mulch is a biodegradable material such as tree bark or grass clippings which is spread around plants. You can buy it from your local nursery or home improvement store. Or you can make your own.

The beauty of mulch is its ability to suppress the growth of weeds in your flower beds and garden while providing a lovely aesthetic. It also retains moisture, keeping your plant life well-watered and happy. This makes it a great asset to any yard that’s looking for a bit of a sprucing up.

Black-eyed Susans

The Black-eyed Susan is a hardy flower, tolerant of droughts and thrives best in full sun. They may grow 12 to 36 inches high.

Providing your mobile home yard with a lovely pop of color, the Black-eyed Susan is able to adapt to many types of soil conditions. This makes it an easy, low-maintenance way to spruce up your yard.

And it’s not just about the low maintenance. The Black-eyed Susan is a low-cost plant and it blooms from June up to September. Hummingbirds and butterflies are largely attracted to these lovely yard accents.

Potted plants

Potted plants

Choosing to use potted plants for your landscaping is low maintenance and a great plan for a myriad of reasons.

If you’re on a rented lot and you do not wish to or cannot make changes to your major landscaping, using potted plants is a great alternative.

With proper placement and different plants, you can create a pleasing arrangement of potted plants. Look for containers with drainage holes and a beautiful exterior to fit your style.

However, not all plants do well in containers. So check out this list of low maintenance plants that take well to life in a pot.

Rake the leaves

If you have leaves strewn across your yard from the fall foliage, simply raking your leaves up will give your yard a needed facelift.

It’s the little things in life that make a big difference. Afterward, you may consider using the leaves for compost to keep your plants well-nourished.

Crushed rocks for pathway

And here’s an idea – the less grass you have, the less maintenance you have on your hands. If you’re able to cover up portions of your yard with a material like crushed rock, it’ll suppress the grass and weeds from growing. You’ll have a nice walk area to cover up the soil, mitigating the development of mud.

But buying several truckloads of crushed rock may prove to be beyond you right now. How about ordering just enough to create a walking path from your house to the mailbox? Or from the front door to the driveway? You could also make walking paths in the backyard.

Additionally, you can use crushed rock in your flower beds. First, you’ll want to lay down some landscape fabric and then put the crushed rock on top.

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Pops of color and stress relief with lavender

When it comes to stress relief and a little extra color in your landscaping, lavender can deliver. Lavender doesn’t just ease stress through its soothing aroma, but it is also low maintenance.

For a vibrant pop of color, the Royal Velvet variety is recommended. If a strong aroma is your goal, then go for Grosso.

Make sure you plant your lavender where it can get plenty of sunshine. Consider where its placement would be the perfect accent for your mobile home’s yard.


Pressure wash

Next on the list of ideas is a good pressure washing. With care to not damage your yard, a good high-pressure washing of your driveway, sidewalk, fence, and mobile home exterior can drastically change the overall look of your yard.

Outdoor furniture

Finally, the addition of outdoor furniture is the last of our low maintenance mobile home yard ideas.

A weatherproof patio set or rocking chairs provide a welcoming atmosphere and are a great low maintenance addition to your yard. Shop around for good deals at your local home improvement stores, online auction or resale sites, and your local newspaper.

Feeling motivated by these mobile home yard ideas?

Thankfully, you don’t have to look far to find mobile home yard ideas. Sometimes you just have to take a hard look at what’s in front of you. A simple leaf raking or picking up of trash and debris provides a great start to sprucing up that yard.

Now that the weather is warming up, we know you’ll be eager to get started on some of these ideas. Hey, and with summer just around the corner, how about some mobile home decorating ideas?

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