Mobile Home Repair Grants: Funding For Your Fall Fixes

For the past week, we’ve been discussing the fall fixes you want to complete before winter comes. As you’ve made your to-do list, you’ve probably been adding up the costs. Your eyes widening as the expenses grow. We understand. Mobile home repairs can be costly. If you’re struggling to finance your home repairs, you can choose from an array of available programs – both federal and local – to help you access the right mobile home repair grants.

These grants assist mobile home owners with carrying out any approved repairs needed for the home. Before you can start your repairs, you’ll need to apply and be approved for a grant. One more thing to add to your to-do list, right? Well, don’t worry! Here’s what you can expect the process to look like. And at the end, we’ll provide links to specific programs available for mobile home repair grants.

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Proof of ownership on the mobile home

The first step in applying for the mobile home repair grants is proving that you are the actual owner of the mobile home. Having identified the most suitable repair grants program, you should demonstrate that you are the legal owner of the mobile home. You must occupy the mobile home so that you can be eligible for the grants program.

Examples of proof of ownership include legal documents like the property title or the transfer of ownership showing evidence of proprietorship on the mobile home. Submitting a defective title during the application process could lead to cancellation or denial of the grant. You need to be residing on the property as the principal residence to qualify for the repair grants.

Eligibility for mobile home repair grants

The second step is to determine your eligibility for the repair grants. There are several criteria for qualifying for grants. You’ll need to provide the number of members of your household living in the mobile home as well as total earned income. To find out if you qualify as a low-income family, you can search for income limits at this site. Grant programs may have their own income parameters, but this should give you a general idea.

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Some grants programs also require that the proprietor meet citizenship or non-citizenship requirements. In addition to this, the mobile home needs to have been built by an approved manufacturer. The mobile home is also required to meet the standards for energy efficiency and should be used solely for housing needs, thus barring income-generating activities.

Know what the grant covers

There are repayable and non-repayable mobile homes repair grants. As a homeowner,  be well-versed with the subsidy type that you qualify for before making any applications. There are some mobile home repair grants where owners do not incur any application costs.

It’s important to note that some grants are very specific. For example, grants for exterior repairs would include windows, eaves, driveway, sewer lines porch, foundation, gutters, and the roof. On the other hand, these grants might not cover interior renovations such as floors, furnace, interior painting, bathroom, electrical appliances, and non-functional structural or deteriorated structural issues.

Generally speaking, the repairs being made should help the owner uphold the safety and the health of the mobile home. This means that some grants would exclude any luxury items such as air conditioners or patios. The scope of work must meet the housing code standards as well as the grant’s program standards.

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The approval and repayment of the grant

The approval process of the grant takes times depending on the availability of the funding program and the application completeness. When the grant is approved, and the funds made available, they must be used only for the scope of work endorsed by the program.

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Grants are a great option to help you get your mobile home repaired. However, you should remember that choosing the right mobile home repair grant is vital. You ought to know the period of repayment for the said grant, the interest accrued and the time of which the interest accrued gets deferred.

Fortunately, most mobile home repair grant programs give no-interest or cheap financing to mobile home owners. They also provide flat revenues, and their terms are relatively generous.

Is it time you apply for a mobile home repair grant?

We all face financial burdens from time to time. If you’re looking for an opportunity to improve the structural integrity of your home but don’t have the money to afford those fall fixes, consider looking into a mobile home repair grant, like one of the ones listed below. Lastly, don’t forget to look into local options with your city or state housing coalition.

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