A Helpful, Easy-To-Use Mobile Home Repair Guide – From A To Z

Even if you are the mobile home owner who loves your home and takes good care of it, your place is subject to the inevitable effects of time and wear. Unfortunately, it can’t stay in pristine shape forever, however much you wish it did. With this in mind, we’re offering you our mobile home repair guide!

Featured image for "A Helpful, Easy-To-Use Mobile Home Repair Guide - From A To Z" blog post Broken faucets, worn tubs, frozen pipes, and more don’t have to be a reason for panic. In fact, they don’t even always necessitate calling in “the experts.” There are some fixes you may be able to do yourself, provided that you’re ready for some DIY.

Welcome to our mobile home repair guide

Here in our guide, you’ll find plenty of helpful articles for the times when you need to fix up your place. To make things even easier, we’ve categorized them alphabetically. Keep scrolling until you find what you’re looking for. In addition to repair articles, you’ll also find some posts to help you tackle other problems, including a few you might not quite call “repairs.”


Provided that most mobile home attics don’t have any easy access point, you may need some 2x4s, screws, and nails to get in there. Read more in these articles:


Is that old tub of yours presently causing a case of sore eyes? Be that as it may, get ready to sand, tape, and more in addition to paint.


Here we discuss not just where to caulk but also different kinds of caulk. For example, acrylic latex, vinyl latex, siliconized acrylic sealant, and butyl rubber, to name just a few.


In case ductwork repair is foreign to you, check out this article:


Given that electrical work can be quite tricky, DIY is still a possibility. However, be careful!

Electrical cords and wiring


Looking to fix up the outside of your mobile home? Be sure to check out these articles to get started. If you’re looking to paint, be sure to gather up cleaning supplies, tape, angled sash painter’s brush, paint and even extras like a pouring spout and screen. For further details, read the whole article below.


In this list, you’ll find easy steps to repair or replace mobile home floors and how to add mobile home floor insulation. Select the topic you’re looking for below:


Hot water

In the event that your shower water turns cold, especially during the cooler months, we’ve got some tips!


Of course, this wouldn’t be a complete guide if we didn’t cover everything … including the kitchen sink! So here it is. You’ll find this article handy if you need to replace a leaky pipe or remove a clog.

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Next is a major topic in our mobile home repair guide. In case you’re “comparison shopping” to level your mobile home, check out this sneak peek:

In general, you should expect to pay this much for each type of mobile home…

Single wide: $450-$550

Double wide: $750 – $850

Triple wide: $900 – $1,000

Read more in the article below:



Roof repair can range from minor repairs to complete roof overs. Below, you’ll find articles covering them all.

Sewer smell

Horrible smell around? Then, you may need to learn about your P-trap. Getting it removed by a plumber may be $160-$430. However, doing it yourself may also be an option.


Skirting of a mobile home

Photo credit: Faux Panels

Under your mobile home



Noise turning out to be beyond a problem for you? Definitely check out this helpful information, outlined in our article below:

Soundproof windows: $400-$900

Drapes: $20-$40 per

Walls: “Expect any solution to cover your whole room to cost more than a $1000, and even $5000 to $6000 if you want professional quality.

For more info, check out these articles below!



If you want to stay on the right side of the law, be sure to check out your local zoning laws. You’d hate to have to abandon any projects or find yourself unable to sell, should you ever want to.

All the resources you need

With this helpful mobile home repair guide, you have the resources you need at your fingertips. You’re ready to get out there and get cracking! But before you start, here’s one more resource you should definitely take a look at. Common Mobile Home Repairs: What Every Mobile Home Owner Needs To Know

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