What’s In And What’s Out For Mobile Home Decor 2019

by Jun 17, 2019

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What’s in and what’s out for mobile home decor this year? Out of the many home decor styles you’ve heard about, these are the ones on trend right now and the ones that are going out of style.

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What’s in for 2019?

To start with, let’s look at some top home decor picks for 2019. Colors, shapes, and textures all play a part in these contemporary design trends.

Black-and-white look

A mobile home decor style built around black and white is always trendy, not to mention that it never fails to look upscale. Centralizing your design around a black and white theme is easily accomplished by selecting the right paint colors and furniture, but if you want to take it further, additional black and white decor in a black and white home really takes this look above and beyond in a good way. This two-tone home interior is a great example:

Natural themes

2019’s design trends favor natural materials rather than the industrial decor. Natural decor includes concrete, stone, and leather. A room with a natural theme might also feature a few potted plants or fresh flowers, like this one:

Striking wallpapers

Wallpaper has more or less been out of fashion for a while, but it’s coming back with a bang now. Bold, creative wallpaper designs are popular this year, and they’re more creative than ever with this year’s new, artsy take on what wallpaper should look like. This bedroom wallpaper is a good example. Its whimsical designs and dark color make it especially unique for a one-of-a-kind look.

Touches of millennial pink

Millennial pink is an essential part of 2019 decor. This light, unassuming pink shade goes with pretty much any color scheme and brings a modern touch to any mobile home. Consider the furniture pieces in these homes. Perhaps one of these would bring that contemporary effect to your mobile home this summer:

Blush pink interior house decor

Millennial Pink by Hadley Keller via House Beautiful

Maximalist decor

The opposite of minimalist decor, the maximalist decor is all about individuality and doing your home design the way you want it. “Loud, vibrant, and colorful” is a great way to describe this style in a few words. Choose bright colors and/or unique shapes and textures for maximalist interior design, and decorate as excessively as you like to accomplish this style:

Maximalist art-friendly home interior design

All About Art by Douglas Friedman via Elle Decor

What’s going out this year?

Now that we’ve looked at what’s in for 2019, let’s take a look at some home decor trends that are going out this year.


With maximalism on the rise, it stands to reason that minimalism has become less popular in 2019. A minimalist home calls for a neutral, reserved color palette and no more than the bare essentials as decor items. For many homeowners, minimalism creates an atmosphere of rigid severity, while maximalism represents creativity and enjoyment.

Gray tones

Grey and neutral house decor

Like minimalism, gray tones create an atmosphere that’s too harsh for some. Sure, gray is a great color in moderation, but there is such a thing as too much gray. Try to use other neutrals (like white or beige) that bring a little more warmth – and style – into your mobile home.

Accent wall

Accent walls had their time to shine, and now it’s over. Rather than letting one wall stand out, keep a matching color palette for your walls and use decorations and furniture to get the look you want in your mobile home. This doesn’t mean that you can’t use bold colors or wallpapers for your walls. It just means that you shouldn’t limit the bold designs to a single wall.

Word art

Yes, it was popular for quite some time, but hanging words on your walls are more than a little outdated now. If you need something to hang on your walls, canvas wall art is a stylish choice for 2019. Replace your word art with canvas pieces for a more modern look.

Canvas abstract painting

Get some style this year with 2019 decor trends

Bold wallpapers, maximalism, black-and-white color schemes – which one will you choose to update your mobile home? Or are you planning to combine more than one to give your home an ultra-modern flair? One way or another, now is a good time to throw out the old decor looks that aren’t making it in 2019 and replace them with something new. Wall art is a good place to start. All you need is a basic idea of what you want, and your design will take off from there!

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