How to Remodel A Mobile Home to Look Like a House

Mobile Home Looks Like a House

Remodeling a mobile home can be both an exciting and overwhelming experience. Even if you are limited to the structure and space that a manufactured home comes with, there are still a variety of ways you can upgrade the look.

Below, we discuss the different projects you can undertake for both the exterior and interior areas of your home. With these small improvements, you can get the look you desire without having to spend too much time or hard-earned money.

How To Remodel a Mobile Home To Look Like a House Exterior

Exterior Paint

Mobile Home To Look Like a House

Putting more thought into your exterior paint is the easiest and fastest way to make your mobile home look more like a house.

Many mobile homes can look generic because they are, after all, produced ahead of time and often in batches. With a touch of paint and details of your choice, you can turn a common-looking mobile home into a cozy house in no time. Moreover, you do not need to stop at the walls and doors – explore further beyond the structure by painting over outbuildings, fences, and masonry.

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Mobile Home Paneling and Skirting

Mobile home paneling and skirting

Both paneling and skirting are major factors in having your mobile home look more like a permanently structured house. Especially when you opt to add in concrete skirting, the property itself will look built on-site and sturdy enough to withstand any weather.

When it comes to panels, mobile homes are usually made of Vinyl On Gypsum (VOG). By switching these out for panels that are more your taste and style, you quickly add a subtle yet crucial personalized element.

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Mobile Home Porch

Mobile Home Porch

A porch can, without a doubt, add a touch of grace and class to your mobile home. Not only is it a great way to increase living space, but it can also provide that look of permanence you want for your manufactured house.

You can choose from either an open porch or a screened porch. For those living in areas that are known to be hot, humid, and have many flying insects, we highly recommend considering screened porches. These can protect your home and loved ones from unwanted pests, but still provide that cool breeze on a sunny day.

For more ideas on how you can add a porch to your mobile home, check out our article on Porch Blueprints.

Entrance Steps for Mobile Homes

Entrance Step

Should you opt to add a porch or deck up front, having sturdy steps is a must. There are many materials that can offer durability and the look of permanence at the same time, such as natural stone, concrete, wood, or polycarbonate. Moreover, adding handrails can improve the overall look and safety of your entrance steps.

Mobile Home Eaves


Eaves may be a minor detail, but they are an obvious element as to whether or not your structure is either a manufactured home or a permanent residence that was constructed on-site.

Most mobile homes come with a flat roof, which you can easily replace in order to support the addition of eaves for a more house-like look. While mobile homes typically get to install smaller eaves and gutters (about 6 inches and 5 inches, respectively), we recommend exploring wider eaves in order to add to its permanent look and efficiently keep water away from the siding and windows.

Learn more about the anatomy of a basic mobile home through our article Views Of A Mobile Home Inside and Out.

Mobile Home Roof Over

Home Roof Over

As mentioned above, mobile homes often come with flat roofs. While this design trend is slowly fading out, it is also easy to replace these flat roofs should you want a more attractive, functional, and house-like roof that is steeply pitched. Moreover, having a higher roof pitch helps in getting rain and snow off your house much more easily.

Read more about your roof-over options in our article Mobile Home Roof Over Ideas.

Larger Exterior Doors

exterior doors

With larger exterior doors installed, your mobile home can definitely start to look more like a traditionally built home. It also increases your ROI in terms of improved comfort, added convenience, as well as a boost in your home’s value.

In fact, a survey from Zillow regarding common remodeling projects shows that installing larger doors is the top ROI-generating undertaking, producing anywhere between 85% to 100% ROI.

Discover ways to make your mobile home doors your own through our article 4 Ways To Customize Your Mobile Home Doors.

Crown Molding and Trim

crown molding and trim

Much like what a front porch can do, adding crown moldings and trims can also provide elegance and make your mobile home appear more like a site-built property. The two main things to take into consideration with this are the weight of the materials used and the durability. Polyurethane is a commonly recommended choice due to its ability to withstand rooms with high moisture content.

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Basement Foundation


Not only does a basement make your mobile home look more like a house, but it can also substantially add to your living and storage space – something that mobile homes are heavily lacking.

Moreover, having a basement foundation provides better structural support, which in turn increases your home’s overall value. This is especially true if you live in areas where natural disasters such as tornadoes and storms are often experienced.

Thinking about adding a basement? We’ve got two articles that explain all there is to know!

Garage Addition

Garage extension

Did you know that adding a garage increases your mobile home’s value by an average of 13% when compared to similar structures built without a garage?

This is because it increases your curb appeal by a considerable amount by making your home bigger, adding storage space, and boosting its permanence.

It is fairly easy to set one up, whether you want it attached or not. Many prefer an attached variant, which you can learn all about through our article Attached Mobile Home Garage.

Driveway and Landscape

landscape mobile home

Both driveways and yard landscaping can make your mobile home look more like a permanent structure, while greatly adding to the property’s value.

There is an abundance of landscaping ideas you can explore whether it is on hardscape or softscape, which is why your home’s location should not pose a hindrance to this project.

If you do not have much interest or time for yard maintenance, hardscapes are the perfect choice. They are also great for dry climates and small yards and can be built with various materials such as brick, metal, stone, or more.

How To Remodel a Mobile Home To Look Like a House Interior

Remodeling mobile homes yourself is simpler than one might think. When we talk of renovations, it is normal to imagine contractors and hired individuals working daily to get the job done. However, because a mobile home is not too big, and the projects you can apply to it are not as complex, you can very well make a mobile home look like a house inside all on your own.

From remodeling mobile home walls to cabinets, floors, and beyond, we discuss the many different ways you can turn your manufactured house to look more like a structured property.

Mobile Home Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen Cabinet

Cabinets can do wonders to update the look, feel, and function of your home. All the more when you upgrade cabinets located in the kitchen where they are often used, you can substantially boost your home’s value and convenience.

When choosing kitchen cabinets, the two main factors to consider are the space you have to work with and the weight of the materials. The latter needs to work with your home’s structural support.

For more ideas, check our article on Remodeling Your Mobile Home Kitchen and Cabinets.

Mobile Home Bathroom Ideas

mobile home bathroom ideas

The bathroom is one of the spaces where you spend most of your collective time. It is utilized day in and day out and can be a very personal space for each resident. Because of the value it holds in your daily life, it only makes sense to upgrade your bathrooms and make them look more like a cozy home.

Depending on how much space you have, homeowners often consider adding tubs, tiled showers, mini spas, and more.

Discover more options through our article Mobile Home Bathroom Ideas.

Mobile Home Living Room

Mobile Home Living Room

While the limited space and unique structure of mobile homes may limit the options, remodeling the living room is still possible. When doing so, think of the shape and size of the space you have to work with while leaving room for doors, windows, and other entryways that may need opening and closing.

The function of your living room should be personalized to what you and your loved ones spend most of your time doing. Make it conducive to your preferences be it playing video games, reading quietly in one area, dancing it out, painting, and more.

Some ideas to explore can be found in our article Mobile Home Living Room Ideas.

Mobile Home Flooring

Mobile home flooring

One of the most contrasting things between mobile homes and site built homes are their floor plans. By remodeling your mobile home’s flooring to better match that of a permanent structure, you can greatly enhance its appearance and function.

Picking the right flooring can even help in regulating the temperature, and therefore lowering your utility bills. The main options you have are:

  • Hardwood
  • Laminate
  • Linoleum
  • Tile
  • Carpet

To get better guidance on your flooring, check our articles below:

Mobile Home Drywall


Replacing your mobile home drywall is similar to giving yourself a new, more durable canvas to work with. You get much more painting and decorating options that can slowly build on the look you are trying to achieve.

Get to know your walls through our article Know your Mobile Home Walls Before You Tackle That Next Project.

Mobile Home Decorating Ideas

Mobile Home Decorating Ideas

Decorating your space is an art. With the right elements, you can turn every corner into a more functional and vibrant area. Something as simple as painting the walls a lighter color can greatly help in making your interiors look much wider and open up the space.

Moreover, the furniture you choose is crucial. Getting fixtures that serve a dual purpose, such as a pullout couch or a table with storage space, can help you maximize the limited room.

Other affordable ways you can decorate include:

  • Utilizing large drapes
  • Adding wall trim and wainscoting
  • Making your own wall art and customized decor
  • Display your collectibles
  • Separate rooms with dividers instead of actual walls

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can you make a mobile home look like a house?

Yes, you most definitely can! There are many ways to make both the outside and inside of your mobile home look and feel more like a site-built home. These can be either small tweaks or sizable renovations – either way, it is possible and you can even DIY the project.

2. What are trailers that look like houses called?

Trailers that look like houses are often referred to as mobile homes, modular homes, or manufactured homes.

3. How can I make the outside of my mobile home look nice?

This would entirely depend on the space you have to work with, your budget, your preferences, and the external factors of your location. Some ideas include adding greenery and structures, or if you do not have extra space, you can simply repaint the exterior of your walls.

4. How do you change the exterior of a mobile home?

There are many ways to upgrade the exterior of your mobile home. This includes installing a patio, adding vinyl railings, planting greenery, upgrading the roof, repainting, and more.

5. Can you renovate a mobile home?

While mobile homes may be smaller in size and have a unique structure, they can very easily be renovated to your liking.

You’re All Set!

Knowing the ins and outs of remodeling your mobile house to make it look more like a stick-built home can bring you closer to your dream home. For further information on all things mobile home, check our website at!

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