Last-Minute Thanksgiving Centerpieces To Match Every Style

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Even if your Thanksgiving preparations are last-minute, it doesn’t mean they can’t look amazing. A common part of Thanksgiving decor is the traditional table centerpiece. If you want to make a fantastic centerpiece for your own dining room table, take a look at some of these DIY centerpieces in all kinds of different styles. They’re easy to design, and your dining room will look better than ever!

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A unique spin on Fall decor: the coastal centerpiece

If you want a unique take on your fall decor, you’ll enjoy creating a coastal centerpiece like this one. It’s a fairly easy look to create. Combine typical fall decor items with whimsical coastal colors like sea blue, gold, and white. As you can see, painted pumpkins in different shades and a few candles are an easy way to accomplish this. 

An edible centerpiece

This centerpiece, referred to as a 5-minute project, is quick and easy – and even better, you can eat it! With some simple ingredients – a tray, different fruits of your choice, and some eucalyptus sprigs – you’ll have an inspiring fall centerpiece in no time. 

Centerpiece featuring white pumpkins

Featuring adorable white pumpkins, this centerpiece is extremely easy. All you have to do is throw down a festive table runner, light a few candles, and use your artistic talents to arrange some faux berries around your pumpkins. For being such a quick solution, this one still looks absolutely amazing!

Farmhouse style centerpiece

This centerpiece has a true farmhouse look, and it certainly won’t take long to put together. A simple white cloth as a table runner provides a foundation for the look. And the mini white pumpkins, flower bouquets, and plant sprigs are the perfect way to create a modern farmhouse look! 

Minimalist centerpiece

Minimalism may not be your first choice when it comes to Thanksgiving. But you should definitely give the style some thought this holiday season! If you aren’t sure minimalism and Thanksgiving can blend, look no further than this graceful centerpiece. Rather than utilizing traditional festive colors, it sticks to a more neutral color palette. Even better, it’s a quick and easy centerpiece to create – all you’ll need is a black table runner and some tasteful candlesticks, and your centerpiece is ready to go! 

Emphasize the gold

Gold is a popular Thanksgiving color this year, and what better way to showcase it in your design than by emphasizing it in your all centerpiece? Better yet, you’ll be able to assemble this glitzy centerpiece in about 20 minutes. Pumpkins are a necessary part of this design, with gold candles, golden glasses, and plenty of colorful flowers filling out the display. 

Extremely simple candle holders

If you want to make something very quick and easy that still looks extremely festive, try out these cute little candle holders made from gourds. A table runner and a few of these adorable gourds will create an ideal centerpiece in no time! 

Another easy style involving gourds

Gourds are such a great way to help you create that beautiful but efficient centerpiece you’ve been looking for. This centerpiece involves gourds in a slightly different way – you’ll hollow out the gourds to create vases. Once you’ve created as many vases as you need, you can arrange flowers inside them for festive Thanksgiving bouquets. 

Last-minute doesn’t have to mean less than gorgeous

As you can see, last-minute doesn’t have to mean less than gorgeous when it comes to Thanksgiving decor. Several of the ideas we’ve featured are quick and easy styles that you can put together in a few minutes if need be. In addition, many of these ideas work with all different types of home styles. That means you can achieve a great look at the last-minute no matter what style your home features. So, whether you’ve got a little more prep time or you’re just getting started the day before Thanksgiving, keep these centerpieces in mind to help you create a beautiful fall table for your home!

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