Renovating Your Mobile Home Dining Table For A Fresh, Fall Look

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The fall season is coming up fast, and you’re probably ready to get your mobile home looking seasonal. For you, maybe that means spooky Halloween decor, or maybe it means using all your favorite fall colors to decorate your home. Either way, the best seasonal designs always include a makeover for your dining room table. Your family and friends will love eating holiday meals at your fall-themed table this year!

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How do you renovate a dining table for fall?

Everyone will do it differently, but a good way to prepare a dining room table for fall is to follow a logical pattern. Start by choosing a seasonal tablecloth, then choose a table runner, and go from there! If that’s not your style, that’s fine too – but if you enjoy doing things in steps, we’ve got some ideas that you’ll enjoy. 

Pick out a fall tablecloth

Every seasonal dining table needs a colorful fall tablecloth. This will be the base of your fall theme. Obviously, there are plenty of options out there, like some of these tablecloths: 

As you can see, your choices are endless. You can pick out a brightly-colored tablecloth or a more neutral one, or even one that features fall fruits and veggies – and no matter which you choose, it’ll serve as a foundation for the rest of your design. 

Add a table runner

Like tablecloths, table runners are widely available for online purchase. However, if you’re up for a little fall DIY, a homemade table runner can be just as beautiful: 

These table runners aren’t hard to make, and if you’re up against a deadline, they’re a quick way to dress your table up a little more.

Create a centerpiece

Once you’ve got your table runner in place, it’s time to create a fall centerpiece! Honestly, you’ve got plenty of freedom here. You can take just about anything associated with fall and make it a centerpiece. For example, many people use mini pumpkins, faux leaves, candles, and baskets to create their own classy fall centerpieces.

Once again, you can create a centerpiece however you like. If you’re tired of seeing the same designs over and over, create something you’ve never seen before! 

Light some candles

Whether they’re part of your centerpiece or not, candles are always a welcome addition to a fall design. Traditional scents like apple cinnamon, pumpkin pie, and vanilla are some good ways to start bringing fall scents into your home before the wonderful smell of home-cooked food fills the air. 

Fall dishes

You can always use your regular dishes to set your table, but if you want to get a little more adventurous, go ahead and set your table with fall-themed dishes. There are plenty of choices available online or from various stores. Plates, bowls, and glasses are all a part of choosing special dishes. 

Napkins & silverware

After you’ve arranged dishes like plates, bowls, and glasses, it’s time to think about napkins and silverware. There are a few different ways to make your napkin-and-silverware arrangement look festive and creative: 

  • First of all, either invest in some nice cloth napkins that match the color scheme of your table or pick up some seasonal paper napkins, depending on which one you prefer.
  • If you choose cloth napkins, purchase some napkin rings as well. Learn how to fold silverware into napkins and use napkin rings to complete the look. Alternatively, you can fold a napkin but place the silverware next to it instead of folding it inside.
  • Paper napkins don’t have to be boring – you can fold them as well. 

Family, friends, and fun

The best way to give your mobile home the feel of fall is to create the right atmosphere. Enjoy your time with family and friends, and most of all, make sure everybody’s having fun. No matter what the occasion is, a fall atmosphere will always be more enjoyable if you have family, friends, and fun! 

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