How To Paint Kitchen Cabinets In A Mobile Home + Budget-Friendly Tips

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Many consider the kitchen the heart of the home. If you use it often, you probably like it to be a place you enjoy working. Not simply a place whose worn-out appearance you have to look past to get the work done. And if your current kitchen leaves a lot to be desired in the way of looks, you may be brainstorming ways to bring it up to speed. That’s why we’re going to show you how to paint kitchen cabinets in a mobile home.

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It’s here that great meals are created – meals that do more than fill our empty stomachs. Gathering around for a delicious family dinner can create a warm, cozy feeling and a sense of belonging. Of course, the kitchen has its vital part to play in creating that good food.

They say failing to plan is planning to fail

First off, the planning. Of course, you’re going to have to decide on paint color. With that in mind, spend some time figuring out what look you’d like to achieve in your kitchen.

Also determine what materials you’re going to need (e.g. paint, primer, paint brushes, tools). While you’re at it, come up with an estimate of what these are going to cost you. This way you can project the approximate cost of your cabinet re-do.

Keep things tidy

Clearly, since you’ll be working with paint, you want to make sure you keep the paint in its proper place. You don’t want it all over your floors or counters so make plans to keep it from getting there. This is where drop cloths come into the equation (or even an old sheet). And it’s also where you roll out the tape. However you decide to make it happen, the point is to keep the paint where it belongs.

How to paint kitchen cabinets in a mobile home: the process

Let’s walk through the steps of your repainting project now.

The “takedown”

First step – the “takedown.” This is really not as ominous as it sounds. It consists of removing hardware (think hinges and handles) and doors from the cabinets. Go ahead and paint the doors separately. And be sure to keep all the hardware (and screws) safe in one place – you’re going to need them later, of course.

Hinge, screw fitting

Wash & sand

Now take time to wash in preparation for paint and primer. If you happened to wash before taking off your hardware, come back to the area where the hinges and handles used to be and make sure you get those spaces clean too.

Sanding is next. But be reasonable here. In fact, stay very far away from rough sandpaper.

Prime them

Next step – priming. We’re going to suggest you prime laminate cabinets. If your cabinets are wood, priming may be optional. However, if there are obvious stains on the wood, priming may be a good way to go. Priming may actually be money-saving if it means you spend less on paint.

Paint them

Here’s the step you’ve been waiting for. Once you’ve chosen your paint color and done all your prep work, get painting. Brush on a first coat. After you’ve let that coat dry thoroughly according to the directions on your paint can, you may find you need a second coat too.


Yes, this could be the hard step if you’re in a hurry. Unfortunately, it’ll be necessary to wait. After priming. After your first coat. And after your second coat if there is one.

Be patient. No need to create trouble for yourself by moving to the next coat too soon.


Once you’re sure everything is dry, work on the getting the kitchen back together. You’re going to need handles on those cabinets. So, grab them and put them back on.

A few more tips

Here are a few more thoughts as you learn about how to paint kitchen cabinets in a mobile home.

Tip #1

Distress kitchen cabinet

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If you’d love to have a vintage-themed kitchen, but buying antique-looking cabinets is out of your price range, there’s still hope. Give your current cupboards an antique makeover.

Tip #2

Don’t break the bank with paint. In fact, buy paint that others don’t want. Does this mean you have to get ugly colors that nobody else would choose? Of course not.

We’re not saying to make saving money an excuse for painting your kitchen a horrible color. Actually, we’re suggesting you capitalize on the fact that we all have different preferences when it comes to paint colors. See if you can get a discount on paint that someone else returned to the store. Just because someone else had paints mixed, then decided it just wasn’t going to work doesn’t mean the paint is a bad color. If you like the color and you can get a deal on it, go for it.  

What will you remodel next?

Once you know how to paint kitchen cabinets in a mobile home, get yours looking fresh and spiffy. Then, consider other elements of your workspace that could use changing.

Perhaps the counters need some help? Or maybe the curtains leave a lot to be desired. Even a thorough cleaning of the outside of the dishwasher and refrigerator could help bring the kitchen appearance up a notch. If your budget and your kitchen are ready for it, consider a remodel. Then dive into hours of cooking enjoyment in your new space.

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