Tips For Remodeling Your Mobile Home Kitchen & Cabinets

Jul 11, 2018Blog, Kitchen, Remodeling

It’s time to finally tackle one of the vital spots in your home – the kitchen. Maybe you love to spend hours preparing four-course meals. Or perhaps your preference is to stick something in the slow cooker and leave it for a few hours. Either way, you need your kitchen to keep you and your family well-fed. Since you spend a lot of time in there, you’re dying to spruce up the place so you enjoy the time you spend even more.

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Perhaps it’s time to remodel your mobile home kitchen and cabinets. With cabinet doors hanging loosely from their hinges and drawer handles falling off, you know the time is now. Time to rip out the old, tired stuff and create a bright new space you’ll love to cook in.

Launch with a great layout

The layout of your kitchen is a great place to start your remodel planning. Here’s where your kitchen cabinets will play a starring role. Put adequate time into this planning. Think of it as starting off on the right foot. There are quite a few options for your kitchen layout. HGTV offers their “Top 6” here.  

However, space isn’t usually something mobile homes have in great abundance. So you may find you need to choose one of the layouts optimized for cramped quarters.

You’ve got options

Use HGTV’s ideas as a starting place. You can research more pros and cons of what they call the “one-wall kitchen layout” or the galley kitchen. And as they mention, if your kitchen is already situated in a space with corner walls, an “L-shaped kitchen” could be a good bet. Calculate which layout appeals to you and would work for the space in your mobile home. Best of all, we’ve collected even more mobile home kitchen layout ideas for you in this post.

white barnyard style kitchen cabinets

Plan to avoid future puddles

While you’re planning the layout, there’s one important thing to remember. Try to be strategic about the locations of the dishwasher and sink. Specifically, place them close enough that you’re not leaving a trail of water every time you try clear the dirty dishes out of your sink and load them into the dishwasher. Get them close enough to keep this process frustration-free.

Clean up or clear out the cabinets

The cabinets are a pretty important part of your mobile home kitchen remodel. Both the way they look and the way they function in your new kitchen are important. You want them pleasing to the eye and actually helpful to the storing and organizing processes.

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Clean up

Remodeling doesn’t mean you’re obligated to totally get rid of those cabinets. Maybe they offer perfect storage but they just look awful. Accordingly, feel free to repaint instead of replace. Once they get a fresh coat of paint, you may be surprised by how much you actually love them. So, go ahead and finish them off by grabbing new hardware like handles for the drawers and door knobs or handles for the cabinets.

Clear out

Alternatively, if you’re sure the current cabinets aren’t going to be a good choice going forward, tear ‘em out! Whether your new choice is wood or fiberboard, dark or light, stained or painted, you’ll be thrilled to have a whole new look. Choose something that will jive with your plan for wall color and floor color. Plus, don’t forget that you’ll want the cabinets to match well with your new countertops. Speaking of your countertops, “The Spruce has some budget-friendly thoughts to help you choose new countertops.

Loving your lights and decor

Brighten things up

Next, let’s think about your kitchen lights. A ceiling fixture is a great option if you’ve already got the wiring for it. Check out online auction sites or even local second-hand home furnishing stores to find a lovely fixture that won’t hurt your wallet.

kitchen ceiling lighting

Swap the decor in and out

One fun idea as you mastermind your mobile home kitchen remodel is to plan for non-permanent decor. Some things, like your cabinets and floor, can’t be swapped out, of course. But other stuff, like the dish towels, crocks, candles, dishes, and wall-hangings certainly can be. Thus, you don’t have to plan for your accent color to be the same forever.

For instance, choose colors for your floor and walls that will match with plenty of accent colors. So, you can start out with red, for example, for your accent color. But next year, if you’re tired of red, you’ve saved yourself the freedom to switch to royal blue or yellow accents. And it won’t clash with your walls or floor.

Put these suggestions to good use!

Now that we’ve gotten you started thinking about your mobile home kitchen remodel, hop over and check out our ideas for how to do it without breaking the bank.

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