Cheap Mobile Home Remodeling Ideas

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Cheap Mobile Home Remodeling Ideas

You have picked up a sterling bargain on a mobile home. It looks a bit old, and you suspect there might be a leaky roof.
But there is nothing in the house that cannot be fixed with a few remodeling tasks to make it look and feel like new. You will of course, not want to carry out remodeling jobs that end up costing you more than what you paid for the house. And do not worry! You won’t need to. Mobile home remodeling and renovation can be carried out even on a tight budget, provided you know where to cut the costs without compromising on the quality of the work.

Cheap Mobile Home Remodeling Ideas

In this post, we are going to focus on four specific areas where you can maintain, or remodel, your mobile home on a budget. Get ready to makeover your roof, walls, bathroom, and floors with these cheap mobile home remodeling ideas!

Low-Cost Roofing Solutions

Mobile homes are usually priced less than traditional stick-built houses with similar dimensions. Some mobile homes are made with low-grade materials to cut costs further, and one area that bears the brunt is the roof. Roofs made from cheap metal tend to disintegrate after being exposed to the elements for many years.

1. Clean It Off

If you are looking for a cheap way to make your roof look better and last longer … clean it! Not only for looks but for a roof that lasts, you need to clean debris from it regularly. Not only big branches but also small things like leaves and twigs. Any obstruction to the flow of water off of your roof can create a dam. A dam holds water in one spot, and once it fills up the water flows underneath the shingles and causes a leak in your roof.

If you see leaves, twigs, branches, plastic bags, or any other debris that could cause a potential leak. Keep your roof pretty and healthy!

2. Sealant

Now if there is such an issue with the roof of the mobile home you have bought, you won’t need to replace the whole thing. Instead, buy a liquid sealant that will bind with the metal and provide a waterproof coating. Additionally, you can choose the sealant in a color like silver or white that will keep away the heat and keep the indoors cool.

3. Clean Your Gutters

Depending on the state of your gutters, they can be an eyesore and lead headaches from needing more repairs. Gutters can get blocked up with twigs, leaves, etc. A water dam can form in your gutters, not only can this result in your roof leaks like the water dams on your shingles, but also can lead to your gutters becoming cracked or warped. Regular cleanings allow the water to go where it needs to, and also keeps your roof looking uncluttered.

If you’re interested, we wrote a previous article that deals extensively with the maintenance your mobile home roof. Click here to read more.

Budget-Friendly, DIY Alternatives to Painting the Walls

While it is true that a fresh coat of paint goes a long way in giving your mobile home a new look, a painting job can be expensive and effort-intensive. Good news! There are alternatives to painting. Most of these options won’t even require brushes or drop clothes because they don’t splatter, spray, and spill onto anything into your home.

1. Plywood Panels

Instead of painting, you can buy plywood panels. Some of you might be wondering, “Plywood panels? That’s not attractive!” Fear not, because you can purchase panels with vinyl patterns printed on them. Find the pattern that matches your taste and put them up on the interior walls.

Many older mobile homes come with paneled walls. These paneled walls can become damaged, whether it is a child or guest accidentally putting a hand through the wall, or moldy panels often found in older mobile homes. Removing the old walls and installing patterned panels spare you the expenses of buying paint and sheetrock. If you have an older mobile home, then replacing plywood panels with new ones can be an easy repair, aesthetic update, or both!

2. Washi Tape

Washi tape is an excellent option if you want something DIY with less mess, while also being budget-friendly. This trendy tape is made from Japanese rice paper.

“What about the tape ruining my walls?” No problem whatsoever! Washi tape is easy to remove and doesn’t leave marks on your wall or other painted surfaces.

“Is it expensive?” Compared to paint, primer, brushes, tarps, and other painting accessories, Washi tape is a deal. The price may vary depending on how big your project is, whether it is minor accents on the wall or a major design/pattern.

“Can Washi tape replace paint completely?” No. If you want to change the color of your walls, completely painting the surface of your wall from one color to another, then Washi tape is not the right tool for you. Washi tape excels when you are customizing your wall with a design.

This website has an example of a wall project, including steps, pictures, and extra tips for livening up your walls at a low renovation cost.

The supply list for the project is:
– Washi Tape
– Magic Tape
– Masking Tape
– Pencil
– Scissors
– Measuring Tape
– Utility Knife

3. Folding Screens

Another alternative to updating the look and feel of your mobile home walls does not even require you to touch them! All you need is a folding screen door.

Simply pick a specific point in your room. Maybe you want to draw your visitors’ eyes to that spot (moving them away from your messy laundry room) or perhaps, you want need to cover up something at that spot. Place a folding screen there and you have added visual depth to your room. There are multiple styles you can go with when it comes to folding screen doors:
– Metal Frame
– Bamboo
– Farmhouse
– Oriental
– etc.

If you want to make an even bolder piece out of the folding screen, you can hang pictures, art, or any other accessories that match the style you are trying to portray in your mobile home.

Cheap Bathroom Makeover Ideas

You can give your mobile home bathroom a complete makeover by installing brand new plumbing fixtures. Gleaming faucets and shower-heads instantly give the area a tremendously fresh look without you needing to choose anything expensive or put yourself in the red. You do not need to go into debt over this issue. You do not have to explain to too many people either that because of the high unemployment rate and the fusillade of food stamp payments, America is still in a recession.

1. Fiberglass Panels

Replace the stained or chipped ceramic surroundings in the shower area with pre-fabricated fiberglass panels that will not only be easy to install but will also save you many dollars. It will also increase the quality of your life because who wants to take a shower in a shower that is falling apart and has stains everywhere? That is demoralizing. Well, there is a way around that as just explained.

2. Storage With Style

Changing the look of the bathroom doesn’t take a long time, and definitely can fit in a budget. There are three basic ways to change the look and feel of a room; where you place things, how you place them, and how you utilize your storage. You can hit all of these categories in one go!

What is it? Creative storage. You can find bamboo stools that also double towel storage. You can also hang mesh, wicker, wire, or even bamboo baskets that will not only give your bathroom a new look but also make it feel like a spa.

3. Painting Your Bathroom Faucets

Having aged decor is currently quite stylish. Do you have to buy new items to make your bathroom look older? No! You can age your sink without replacing a thing.

Simply remove your bathroom sink hardware (faucet and knobs), paint them with over with Rust-Oleum’s Metallic Oil Rubbed Bronze. After they dry, simply reinstall them to your bathroom sink. Presto, you have an aged and elegant bathroom sink.

An Inexpensive Way to Floor Visitors

Cheap Mobile Home Remodeling Ideas Floors

1. Clean

Before embarking on any new flooring installation project for your mobile home, clean it thoroughly to determine if you at all need a new floor. You can hire wood floor strippers, pressure washers, or steam carpet cleaners to do a thorough job of cleaning. These tools remove even the toughest of stains and make an old floor look like a new installation.

2. Replace

If you still need to replace the floor, consider going in for vinyl or laminate products that will impart the look and appeal of tile or wood without costing as much.
Other ideas…

3. Paint It

A universal characteristic of mobile homes is the almost universal use of linoleum floors in the kitchen and bathroom. All this remodel takes is the design and look you want for the floor and the required supplies. How about you come up with the design you want, and we will give you the supply list. Deal?

Porch and Patio Paint
A High-Traffic Crystal-Clear Finish
Painter’s Tape
Paint Rollers

We mentioned this idea in an earlier blog of ours, found here.


One of the cheapest ways to renovate your home is to empty it! Without noticing, we can end up collecting a lot of stuff we don’t use, or we quit using our old stuff and don’t pitch it.

Cheap Mobile Home Remodeling Ideas Clutter

Don’t panic!

Here’s a way to help you declutter your home as painlessly as possible.

Take a walk around your home and look for things you haven’t used, haven’t looked at, or haven’t even thought about for a long time. Gather all those things together. If you’re not brave enough to get rid of it at once, then separate it into piles:

Pile 1

Put all your trash into this pile. This pile should include things that don’t work, things that are broken, empty containers, etc. You know what to do with this pile.

Pile 2

This pile will contain items you never use or don’t want anymore. Put everything from this pile directly into black plastic bags and move it to your car. Drop it off at a donation center. (Trust us, if you leave the black bags lying around, eventually, everything will end up back in your home!)

Pile 3

In this pile, place items that you might still need or use. Perhaps there are a few items you finally found under piles of junk that you’re reluctant to get rid of. It’s okay to hang on to things you may use again, but here’s one way to make sure you aren’t hanging onto clutter. First, place the items from this pile in a box. Close the box and tape it up. Next, write the date on it, and put it in a closet where you can still access it. If you haven’t opened the box after 6 months, put it in your car and drop off it off at a donation center.


A decluttered house can give you more space and eliminate visual distractions. Consequently, you have the freedom to create focal points that you want to receive attention. A managed space means more visual control of your home.

As you can see, there are a variety of cheap ways to remodel your mobile home. From your roof to your floors, the above-mentioned renovation ideas can help give your cherished mobile home a “million-dollar” look at only a fraction of the cost.

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