Can A Mobile Home Have A Basement? And Why You Might Want One

Can a mobile home have a basement? Why yes, you better believe it can have a basement! That’s the beauty of choosing to buy a mobile home. The options for customizing your home are endless and the possibilities are astounding.

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Can a mobile home have a basement too? Yes!

A mobile home can have a basement and thankfully the HUD code provides carefully written guidelines for that. Thus ensuring a safe and structurally sound mobile home foundation.

Ozark Homes in Missouri showcases a few mobile homes they’ve set up with basement and garage space underneath. With careful planning and professional contractors who know what they’re doing, your mobile home can sit on a basement foundation too.

Why you might want a basement

“A basement for my mobile home? Why bother?” you may wonder. Well, there are several reasons to consider this foundation option. Let’s take a peek at the possible benefits!

Storage space

Let’s just accept the fact that most of us could use some extra space for storage. Storage unit rental adds up and you need somewhere other than your closet to keep the Christmas decorations and hobby materials!

Whether your basement is finished or unfinished, it’s the perfect place to keep your belongings dry and out of the way. With a basement, you can say goodbye to tripping over those family heirlooms that clash with your style (but you hate to part with.)

Recreational space

Need time to unwind? A basement could also serve as a recreational or entertainment room to kick back and relax. If you have kids, it’s a great way to entertain them away from the adult conversation if you need some time with guests.

Add a pool table or hockey table and a big TV. Some big comfy couches are definitely in order and you’re all set.

Pool table

Personal gym

With space tight in your home or every room taken for other purposes, a basement could be the perfect place to host your own personal gym. You can keep your weights and workout gear out of sight and stowed away in your basement. No need to drag it all out and put it all away when every day you do your exercise routine. It’ll all be laying out for you in the basement whenever you’re ready to work those muscles!

Two story house, basically

If the basement area is finished out and designed with more rooms and maybe even a bathroom, it can basically serve as a second floor. And who couldn’t use extra house?

It’s perfect if you have a large family or just need extra rooms for office space, guests, or some other purpose.

Extra living space

You could also kit out your basement to be set up like an apartment area. Add a bathroom, a small kitchenette, bedroom and living room area and you’re all set. Perfect for visiting family members if you like to have your space while exercising hospitality. It’s always nice if you can give your guests a little independence. Or, you can bring a little income on the side by renting it out too.

Hobby space

When it comes to hobby space, a basement can provide just the right area to keep your projects going. There’s no need to interrupt projects and clean up if you’re expecting company. You can keep it all hidden away in your basement. You can leave your project out, leave, and come back to where you last left off.

Whatever your hobby is – woodworking, sewing, technology, painting – your basement will provide the perfect haven where your interests are cultivated.


Your basement doesn’t need to be completely submerged. If it’s not, you can add a garage door or two on the side and turn your basement area into parking space. This will give your mobile home a feature that most do not have. It’ll be great to keep your vehicles tucked away in a safe place.

Storm shelter

Another benefit to having a basement is the added shelter in a storm.

Unfortunately, bad things do happen and people do lose their homes. Wouldn’t it be nice to have an added boost of security in knowing you have shelter in a basement?


Increase your mobile home’s value

Having extra floor space can be an appealing factor to home buyers if the time ever comes for you to sell your home. For the above reasons, this may be a dangling carrot for a prospective buyer to take the plunge and buy your home.

What would you do with some extra space?

While a mobile home can have a basement, you’ll want to further investigate if your local building regulations will allow for it. Some locales prohibit the building of basements due to terrain or soil issues. The answer to, “can a mobile home have a basement,” might depend on your local legislation.

The type of basement you can have will also depend on the type of foundation beneath your home.

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