What You Need To Know About Putting A Double Wide On A Basement

What if you’ve dreamed of a double wide as your family’s next home, but you’d like a little more space than it provides. Is the next step a triple wide? Not necessarily. There’s actually another option to consider: putting a double wide on a basement.

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While a basement may strike you as a normal part of many stick built homes, it may not naturally come to mind for mobile homes. Yet, it is possible to put a mobile home on a basement, providing extra living space or perhaps a garage. Could this be the solution to your search for more room?

Taking shape

The end result of putting a doublewide on a basement will look different depending on the situation. For example, let’s say you have a hilly plot of land and you’d like to set the home in the middle of an incline. That will look different than a home where the basement is above ground. So, exactly what you go for could depend on the spot where you’re planning to place your future home.

Putting your basement above the level of the ground sounds like a contradiction in terms, right? Does that even count as a “basement?” Word definitions aside, putting a double wide on a basement that’s not below ground (or is only partly below ground) could be appealing to some.

Also, those of you who are looking for a safe and secure place to park your car can consider putting a double wide on a basement as a possible answer. Obviously, one difference will be the presence of garage doors. And you can opt for a less-finished space since you won’t be living in it—just parking the cars.

Check & comply

Those of you who are regular readers know we sometimes provide reminders about doing things according to the codes that apply to your locality. Unsurprisingly, this situation is no different. Of course, you’ll want to comply with local codes.

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And this could include knowing what kind of egress is required in your basement if you plan to have a bedroom down there. Plus, be sure you know how far below the frost line you’re required to go. This measurement can vary by location. In areas of warm states, it could be a foot or less. In other places, it could be up to five feet.

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Count the cost of putting a double wide on a basement

Another thing to keep in mind as you consider putting a double wide on a basement is, of course, cost. Clearly, there’s the cost of materials for building the basement — cinderblocks, concrete, etc. However, don’t overlook the possible cost of removing the dirt to make room for your basement. If you decide to go ahead you might consider researching if anyone in the area is looking for fill dirt and would be interested in removing it. This could take a load off your hands.

How it’s done

It goes without saying that a house is a pretty big item — not something easily picked up and put back down with human hands. And even though mobile homes can be small, one is still given to wonder about the logistics of setting one on a basement. How exactly do you move something that heavy? It makes sense that one way to do it is with a crane. Or it can also be rolled on using special equipment.

Now you may have chosen to hire someone to do this basement job for you, and if so, hopefully, they’re in the know about how to do it properly. One thing that may help you achieve your end goal safely and successfully is checking with your mobile home manufacturer.

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Obviously, a wall that’s bearing the weight of something like the roof needs to be supported correctly by the foundation underneath. And the manufacturer could be a good resource because they know how their home was constructed. Also, note that when putting a double wide on a basement, you may need support poles under the marriage line.

After the basement

Then, of course, there’s the question of what to do with that basement once the whole setup is complete. Those who opted for putting a double wide on a basement in a desperate search for more space may already have definite plans. There are plenty of ways to use that space, so find what works best for your family.

Once you’ve completed the job of putting a double wide on a basement, you may want to get started painting the floors. Then it’s on to the walls. Finally, design and decorate then move on in and enjoy. And with the extra space a basement provides, maybe it’s time to pick up some fun hobbies.

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