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Being organized comes with several benefits for any person at any stage in life. An organized home can help you with time management. It cuts back on the precious time wasted from looking for some gadget or paper you left lying around haphazardly. Knowing where things are can mitigate stress in your life. And the saying, “clear desk space, clear headspace” applies to not just the desk, but your overall household too.

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Over at the Huffington Post, holistic medical doctor Dr. Isaac Eliaz insists,

“Organization of our external environment leads to clarity, efficiency, and less energy consumption on all levels of our being—physical, mental, and emotional. From an integrative medicine perspective, these three levels are inseparable. With better clarity and organization, all aspects of life are less congested and health flows more smoothly.”

Today, we’re inviting you to join us as we sift through some practical mobile home organization ideas. Whether you’re in a small single-wide or a spacious double-wide, these tips will enhance your productivity and mental clarity as you take control of your living space.

Mobile home organization ideas

With the doctor’s orders in mind, let’s roll up our sleeves and get to organizing.


Here’s a novel idea: purge your home. It may seem scary at first, but once you get going you’ll be one mean lean decluttering machine.

Starting with one room at a time, pull out three cardboard boxes and label them:

  1. “Donate”
  2. “Rarely used”
  3. “Throw away”

If it’s trash, toss it into the throwaway box. If it’s something you haven’t used in the last year, chances are you won’t need it to take up any more space in your mobile home. Be honest and ask yourself, “I haven’t used this in a year. Can I give it away?” Chances are parting with it is a good idea and will liberate your home from space-wasting things. Toss it in that giveaway box and drop it off at your local second-hand store.

If it’s something you’re not sure about, place it in the “rarely used” box. Keep a running list of content on the outside of the box, seal it up when it’s filled, and place it in storage. If you find you need something, you’ve got a handy index right there on the box to help you locate it.

Shoe organizer

After you’ve purged your collection of shoes, why not get your hands on an over the door shoe organizer? Most mobile homes don’t have a mudroom to collect shoes, so this is a great alternative for stowing away your footwear.

Make use of the closet door and hide your shoes by putting up a shoe rack with over the door hooks. It’s a brilliant way to keep them off of your closet floor space.

Over the door mirror and jewelry organizer

This dual-purpose solution can set you up with a mirror and place to store your jewelry in an organized case. A door mounted jewelry organizer with a mirror provides both a practical and lovely addition to any bedroom. And it’s a great way to put your room’s door to extra use.

A kitchen island on wheels

This is a versatile organization option for any kitchen. You can store your cookbooks on the shelves of the island. Or place the kitchen gadgets you don’t use often in its drawers.

Clearing out sink space

Dish soap and sponges are commonly stored around the kitchen sink’s faucet. Why not hang up some small wire baskets on the cabinet sides surrounding your kitchen sink window? This will free up valuable counter and sink space, and leave your kitchen looking less cluttered.

Grocery store bags

For sure, grocery store bags are handy to have around, but oftentimes they’re carelessly bunched up in a cabinet. suggests storing your grocery bags in a clean disinfectant wipe container. This organization hack will keep your grocery bags contained and out of the way!

Living room furniture with hidden storage

Hidden storage is an excellent concept for stowing away things such as DVDs, books, or toys. An ottoman or coffee table can provide ample storage for your family’s playthings. This will keep your living room looking clean and decluttered. If you have kids, training them to put their toys away after play is also a huge asset. Once you’ve got your organization system in place, encourage your kids to pitch in.

Containers for under the bathroom sink

Next up in our mobile home organization ideas is the bathroom. Having a place for your hairbrush and other health and beauty products can cut back on a shambled bathroom look. If you’re looking to tame a huge collection of nail polish or if you’re simply aiming to contain your everyday products and beauty tools, utilize any of these different containers to fit your bathroom organization needs.

Now everything has a place!

See? That wasn’t so bad! Implementing these mobile home organization ideas can free up precious time and provide your family with a healthier and stress-free environment.

Have you considered minimalist living? We think the mobile home lifestyle is perfect for embracing the minimalist mindset.

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