Mobile Home Makeover Tips That Will Transform Your Living Space

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Renovating your mobile home is an excellent way to add a personal touch and increase its value. However, the process of changing both the interior and exterior can be overwhelming even for a small house. Don’t despair! A mobile home makeover can be easy. All it takes is a bit of research, imagination, and inspiration from other homeowners. With the help of these mobile home makeover tips, you’ll be able to update your new home into the space you’ve always wanted.

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Interior mobile home makeover tips

An interior makeover doesn’t have to be drastic. Often it’s the small changes and unique details that make a big difference in any mobile home.

Living Room

Depending on the dimensions of your living room there are many clever variations you can try. For example, you can bring in natural sunlight by installing rectangular windows. A long, rectangular shape will add light and improve the ambiance without losing privacy.

If you have a small space, like in a single-wide, avoid putting the furniture against the wall. Instead, create an arrangement that promotes conversation around the room. You can also add a chandelier for a luxurious look, or a fan to give your living room a more traditional look. Likewise, contrast your ceiling paint with the wall color to make things more interesting. Bring balance to your living room and dining room by pairing light and dark elements, such as bright furniture with dark wood flooring.


In most homes, the kitchen can look small if it’s filled with too many appliances and utensils. Make use of kitchen storage space by installing open shelves and storage under cabinets. Open shelves are perfect for displaying spices and other cooking items and make it easier for other family members to find any items with ease.

Another easy makeover tip is to add a fresh coat of bright paint to the cabinet doors. Alternatively, you might replace traditional wood cabinet doors with transparent glass doors.

Using stainless steel appliances such as sinks, faucets, oven, and microwave is the best way for mobile home owners to add a classy style. Match the countertop color with the floor to create uniformity and to add a textural element. Also, consider replacing old countertops with granite to give a touch of elegance.


beige bedroom

The bedroom is the ideal space to create a glamorous feel. Reflective bedside cabinets and a beautiful beige wallpaper bring in a chic atmosphere. Complete the look with a padded headboard and modern beddings. Keep your furnishings symmetrical, but add interest with textures and patterns. Mixing geometric or floral throw pillows with small and large prints can also add more dimension to the room.

For a monochromatic look, opt for white cabinetry that can complement any other color. You can later change things up by adding a themed rug or a lamp with a bold print. A modern accent chair in a geometric pattern or bold color can become the focal point of the space.

A canopy creates the illusion of a high ceiling. To get this look, secure a hook to the middle of your ceiling. Fold lace or chiffon fabric across the hook and drape it outwards, letting it hang over your curtain rods. This will help draw the eye upwards.


A bathroom of a mobile home can lack the space to do a lot of significant changes. Instead, concentrate on making a statement while saving space. In such cases, smart and stylish mobile home makeover tips should maximize space without deviating from personal style and privacy.

You can boost storage by installing pull-out drawers, open shelves and a built-in shower niche for keeping all your bath products off the floor. One of the cheapest and simple remodeling tips is to place hooks next to the shower for putting towels. Make use of closet space and install a few extra L-shaped shelves to hold cleaning supplies and grooming products. Replace free-standing lights with wall-mounted sconces to free up space.

bath accessories

No-fail exterior home makeover tips

Your mobile home’s exterior should also complement the interior’s inviting atmosphere. If you paint the interior, then also paint the exterior of your mobile home with neutral colors like white and gray. If you have enough land, a screened-in porch can create a great space for hosting outdoor parties or throwing a quick barbeque for your family. Landscaping can also have a significant impact on your mobile home. For instance, put two trees beside the door to make the entrance more inviting.

Mobile houses tend to have a rectangular shape, so consider balancing your home with a more 3-dimensional look. Consider covering the outdoor space with a carport, creating an entryway or adding framed-out windows. Create a walkway by planting grass or putting stepping stones that lead from your door to parking space. Adding flower beds is another inexpensive way of adding beauty to the outdoors. Besides, when the plants reach maturity, they can act as a source of privacy and shade.

Ready for your mobile home makeover?

Now it’s time for you to figure out how you want to makeover your home! Do a little research, pick your style, and make a plan. Most of the mobile home makeover tips mentioned above are budget-friendly. So get started and turn your dwelling into a dream home!

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