How To Move A Mobile Home Safely, Quickly & Legally

Somehow you’re stuck with an enormous time crunch. You landed here today because you really want to know how to move a mobile home.

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However, you don’t only want to know how to move it. You also want to know how to keep your wallet intact (i.e. not break the bank). Plus, you don’t want anybody hurt in the process. Additionally, you don’t want to wind up in jail for doing something you weren’t supposed to do.

“Why ever are you moving…?”

Perhaps it’s because you got a new job in another state. Or maybe you need to hurry to be with a relative who’s very sick. Alternatively, you may need to move fast to keep expenses down if you’ve been renting the plot the home is on. You don’t want to pay rent there another month so you’ve got to get out by month’s end.

How to move a mobile home

Today we want to give you some tips on how to move your mobile home with an eye to safety, legality, and speed.

Staying on the right side of the law – legality


Since you may need a permit to move your mobile home, don’t forget this part. Though it may be procured by the mobile home moving company, be sure to check. Assume nothing. Make sure you know who’s responsible for what as you plan how to move a mobile home. Don’t simply assume the movers will get the permit; ask them.

Zoning laws

Before you move, call your local zoning officer. Ask them if they can tell you about requirements you should be aware of as you move into their territory.

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Mobile home park

Additionally, check to make sure you’ll be in compliance with the rules of the mobile home park you’re moving into. While we’re not telling you this is necessarily a legal issue, breaking the rules could have unpleasant consequences.

If you’re moving your mobile home into a mobile home community, make sure you get the scoop from them about any specific requirements. Because if you hate landscaping, you’re going to want to know before you move in about any requirements for lawn upkeep. Check out our 5 Things You Need To Do Before You Move Into a Mobile Home Park.

Wind zone

Also, be sure you know your home’s wind zone and move only into an appropriate location. We touched on that in this article.

Staying on the right side of the road – safety

It’s always a concern on moving day that in the flurry of activity, safety might be overlooked. That being the case, consider appointing a family member or friend to be the safety monitor.

This person’s job could simply be to keep tabs on all the activities going around and make sure that nobody’s doing anything obviously dangerous. However, be sure to choose the right person for this job. Nobody wants to be hounded by an irritating person constantly suggesting they do things differently.

Other thoughts:

  • Skip the DIY here. Find a good mobile home mover. The blog at Clayton Homes advises: “You should never move a mobile home yourself because it is a complex project that requires professionals… ALWAYS be sure that the company is licensed and insured.”

You want someone who is going to keep your mobile home safe and secure in transit. Likely, not all mobile home movers are created equal. Consequently, do a little research. Can any friend recommend a good mover?

  • Stay out of the way on moving day. Let the movers do their work. Particularly, keep kids out of the way.
  • Be sure your home is properly secured when placed in its new location.

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Staying on the right side of the clock – speed

You want to get this show on the road as quickly as possible. Hence, you’d like to get the process started fast. Also, you’d like to get settled in the new location soon. Here are some thoughts:

  • Don’t try to do it all yourself. Accordingly, be brave and politely ask friends and family for assistance.
  • Don’t choose a high travel week or weekend for your moving date. First, consider that traffic may slow you down. Next, remember that if it’s a period with a holiday, friends may be unavailable to assist.
  • Check with several movers. If the first movers you ask tell you that you’ll have a waiting period, don’t stop there. After you get off the phone, call another company (or several) and see if they can do it sooner.

Staying in your right mind – sanity

Lastly, here are just a few quick thoughts to make the moving process more pleasant.

  • Take breaks so you don’t get overworked.
  • Also, remember to eat and drink. Understandably, you don’t want to be dealing with dehydration or extreme hunger at a time like this.

Time to plan the move!

If you need help getting your mobile home on the road, don’t forget that US Mobile Home Pros is here for you. In fact, as you determine how to move a mobile home, we can give you more than just tips. Want to know how much moving your place could cost? Fill out our form here to get a free quote today.

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