How to Install Skirting on a Mobile Home [Step by Step]

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Owning a mobile home is fun. You get to travel around, see new places and settle down in different places for years or months. But if you’re staying in one place for a prolonged period, you would want your house to be completely set up with utilities, be warm in winter and protect it at all times.

What can you do to protect your mobile home from winter and avoid overheating in the summer? Well, one solution to this is to install skirting.

Skirting looks fabulous on mobile homes, making them look like a permanently placed home, which is firm and pretty decorative.

However, skirting is more than just decoration; it helps you in winter, keeping the mobile home warm at the bottom and therefore keeps you cozy inside. Also, it offers airflow in the summers keeping your home cool. 

This article will look at how to install skirting on your mobile home. We will discuss many factors you need to know before you get to skirting on your mobile home; what are the benefits you get from skirting on your mobile home? How much would it cost you? Many other questions like such will be answered in this article.

How to Install Skirting on a Mobile Home

This article will show you how to install skirting on your mobile home. But first, it would be better if we started with some background information, such as how skirting on your mobile home can benefit you.

Benefits of Skirting

Installing skirting on your mobile home can help you in many ways.

As we mentioned earlier, it will keep your house cozy in winter as it keeps the bottom of your mobile home warm. And in the summers, it will allow the flow of air, which will keep your house ventilated and cool.

Something that most people hate to encounter is rodents. And guess what? Well, structure skirting on your mobile home can help you stay away from rodent intrusions. Also, with proper skirting on your mobile home, you can avoid things such as mildews. 

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Requirements of Skirting

Before you start skirting on your mobile home, ensure you have taken all the required measurements, as it will help you buy the optimum amount of equipment for skirting.

Cutting and resizing skirting panels are also steps that need to be followed. Make sure you have the appropriate tools that are required for skirting.

Also, when you buy skirting for your mobile home, make sure you buy more than what is required because we are humans and make mistakes. So keep some scope for errors and purchase extra material so you still have some left to work with, even if something happens.

How Much Does a Skirting Kit Cost?

Skirting provides plenty of benefits, but everything in the world has a price tag, and skirting could have a pretty big price tag.

A reliable vinyl skirting kit can cost around $600, but if you want a better quality, the prices may go over a thousand dollars. 

Let’s Get Started on Installing the Skirting

Before you start doing anything, make sure that the floor is flattened and has no bumps; at least make it as plain as possible, as it will help you with measurements and installation.

  1. First, you need to buy a skirting kit that will generally include items such as the 12 feet panels, U-channel ground tracks, the top J-channel, and the trim. As you might have already understood, the U-channel ground track helps keep the panels on the ground as the J channels hold it at the top.
  2. Start by measuring your mobile home and trimming the panels per the requirements. Make sure you make small cuts at first and not go on the exact measurements as there is a chance that you make a mistake and cut a little extra material to make it up, which will end up with some open spaces under your mobile home, which makes the skirting of no use. 
  3. It’s time to set up the U-channels. As mentioned earlier, U-channels are set on the ground and keep the skirting firm. You may set up the U-channels with the help of huge rods into the ground so that it stays firm. 
  4. You may install the J channels on the bottom of your mobile home to keep the panels stuck to your house. The J-channel and the U-channel will work as a frame for your panels to stay in place. Also, it is essential to keep an inch gap between J channels as the metal can expand on hot days, and we do not want the metal pieces to overlap in the heat. 
  5. You may now start placing your panels on your mobile home. You will have to connect the several pieces on the edges. Also, wires around the mobile houses will need holes in the panels to come out. In such a situation, pick a drilling machine, and drill holes to fit the wires. 
  6. Once you are done placing all the panels, you may now place the trim over the top of the panels. The presence of trims makes the skirting look a little more clean and stylish. 

Get Set Skirting!

Now that you have gone through this article which tells you how to install skirting on your mobile home, you might be quite aware of the steps needed to carry out the process accurately. 

Make sure you buy a reliable skirting kit as it is an essential part of your mobile home that helps stay warm in the winters, cool in the summers, and keep the mildews away. Also, if you are not very good with the equipment, you may seek an expert’s help. 

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