10 FSBO Tips For Success That Will Make The Process Much Easier

Nov 13, 2019Blog, Home Sales

We’re coming to that time of the year again. Cold weather, cozy holidays, gatherings with friends and family, and more. And generally, this means we want to be as stress-free as possible, so we can really focus on the people (and food!) around us. For this reason, we’re going to give you ten, helpful FSBO tips that will make your selling process much easier. By the time we’re done, hopefully, you’re ready to dive in and get started on your home selling!

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1 – Your mindset

The first of our FSBO tips is something we can all relate to. We all know how easy it is to fall into negative attitudes. Interestingly, negative and positive mindsets and attitudes have big impacts on overall success. In an article on LinkedIn, Doctor Prem discusses the different ways that a positive mindset affects us.

He explains that a positive mindset manifests itself in constructive thinking, optimism, and motivation and energy to accomplish our goals, to name a few. He goes on to say that a positive frame of mind also helps us “look for solutions, instead of dwelling on problems.” And that it also “gives you the strength to not give up, if you encounter obstacles on your way.” So in summary, if it’s possible for you to have a good attitude, then this will drastically help the success of your FSBO.

2 – Do your homework

Our next FSBO tip will make you feel as if you’re in high-school again. That’s right, it’s time for a homework assignment! Something that is extremely important in selling a house is doing your own research. Not only should you research things like how other people have successfully sold their homes– but you also have to find out things such as how much your home is worth. 

Getting your house appraised can be one of the best ways to find out the worth. However, you can often find out the general worth by comparing it with other houses and listings online. 

3 – Keep a budget

For the most part, everyone at one time or another has had to budget. A time when this is extremely vital is during your house-selling process. Before you get started on a listing, you need to make a list of the things that need to be done. This way, you can stay on track more easily. 

A few things to factor in would be a home inspection, advertisement, and staging. Start researching how much these generally cost, and you’ll get a better idea of what kind of budget to set and keep.

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4 – Get your paperwork ready

When it comes to paperwork, your process will be much simpler if you have what you’ll need ready on demand. While every state is a little different, here are a few things you may need: the Property Survey, Certificates of Occupancy, and Proof of Homeowner’s Insurance.

Only you can research what’s needed in your specific state. So don’t forget that the more you know from your own research, the easier the process will be.

5 – Look at your home objectively 

If you’ve read any of our previous articles, you probably remember us talking about being objective. This is especially important when selling a home FSBO. A realtor will come into your home and see things more objectively than you. So if you’re your own realtor, it’s necessary for you to put on your objective glasses.

Being objective means you need to stick to hard facts instead of feelings. For example, not everyone will feel the same way about certain aspects of the house. Be honest and objective, especially in your listing description, and you might find it helps you sell faster.

6 – Prepare your home

This is one of the most important FSBO tips. The best way to prepare your home is to declutter, get rid of unnecessary things, and clean like the queen is coming. One other important thing is to make sure all little honey-do type projects around the house are taken care of. By doing these four things, your house will be ready for the market in no time flat. 

7 – Take photos and advertise

There are two options for photos: take them yourself, or hire someone to take them. Many times, hiring out will make the process easier. It will also ensure you get high-quality photos. And when it comes to advertising, researching and budgeting are the most important aspects. Research to find out what most common, successful ways to advertise are.

8 – Be available

Everyone knows how annoying it is to make an important call where no one answers, especially if no one ever calls you back. This is important to remember when selling FSBO. You have to keep track of all communication that happens and stay on top of it. This is especially true when you’re calling or texting with someone.

Be sure to get back to people as soon as possible, and always be courteous. Even if they’re not.

9 – Follow up

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As we just mentioned, all communication is up to you. This means that when someone calls to set up a showing, and once you’ve set a date and time, you should contact them a few days before the showing to make sure they’re still planning on it. This way, you can stay on top of things and maximize your productivity.

10 – Bring in an expert

Even though you’re selling FSBO, it’s still important to keep the experts on hand. This is especially important when doing something like signing paperwork. Having someone present who can walk you through these more confusing topics will ensure your and the buyer’s safety and well-being.

The last of our FSBO tips

Our last FSBO tip is this: don’t get stressed out. Especially if you’re listing your house around the holiday season, it’s important to keep business and family matters separate. This will help you have a more enjoyable time for making memories. For more FSBO tips on paperwork, check out this article on the blog! 

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