5 Famous People Who Have Lived Or Are Living In A Mobile Home

Mobile homes can reach for the stars too, you know. Whether it’s a temporary living arrangement or a dream home come to life, the rich and famous are no strangers to living in a mobile home. And why not? There are so many good reasons to embrace the mobile home life!

5 Famous People Who Have Lived Or Are Living In A Mobile Home - Featured Image

Meet the celebrities

Matthew McConaughey, Actor

Did you know that writer, director, and Oscar-winning actor Matthew McConaughey resided in a mobile home park? This mobile home park is one of the most popular neighborhoods in Malibu. Initially a vacation rental spot, Paradise Cove grew into a trendy place to live!

Nia Peeples, Actress

Nia Peeples of Pretty Little Liars lives in a double-wide trailer by the beach. At first, she balked at her husband’s suggestion to live in a mobile home. It did not take long for her to realize that a mobile home offered an opportunity for a unique living space. The closeness to nature it afforded also made it a winner in her mind. Interestingly, she and her husband chose to remove the heating and air conditioning. Their custom fireplace could keep them warm through the cold days. And a cooling swim in the ocean for summery heat lay only a walk away from their front door. Though a tour of her home only takes but a few minutes, it has a special character and peace about it.

Kid Rock, Musician

Multi-platinum musician Kid Rock loves living in a mobile home. Situated on 102 acres on the outskirts of Nashville, TN, it’s his pride and joy. He has no regrets making the decision to downsize from mansion to double wide. The low maintenance that comes with his small home brought him peace that a mansion couldn’t give him. Plus, he loves that it’s easily replaced if disaster strikes.

Tom Shadyac, Director

His success as a Hollywood director did not damper his decision to buy a mobile home. Living in a mobile home is giving him something that millions of dollars couldn’t buy. It gave him the time and opportunity to find purpose during a dark period of his life. His downsized home left him the freedom from distraction to think and search for answers. Tom is now enjoying the happiness this change of lifestyle brought.

Movie reel

David Arquette, Actor

At one point, David Arquette lived in a Malibu manufactured home. This mobile home is in the Point Dume Club and features two bedrooms and two bathrooms. The wraparound deck provided him a place to enjoy the breathtaking ocean views.

The mobile home itself isn’t the only highlight here. The park itself features saunas, a swimming pool, and tennis court.

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The idea of living in a mobile home is gaining popularity

And that is no understatement as seen in these celebrity highlights.

Did you know, about 20 million Americans live in mobile homes? And over half of these homeowners are employed full-time? It’s clear, the mobile home concept is growing in appeal. People are realizing that “mobile home” doesn’t have to scream rags and drab.

There are many good reasons anyone would want to live in a mobile home. They’re affordable, customize-able, and they can cater to the minimalist life.


The factory built housing industry has come a long way in both energy efficiency and quality. A mobile home can be low maintenance and built to save money long term!

In 1976, the HUD code came into effect. HUD government regulations for mobile home construction raised the bar in manufacturing quality.

What’s more, many manufacturers choose to meet Energy Star’s approval which go beyond the minimal HUD requirements. Energy Star seeks to help homeowners decrease needless energy spending. They achieve this by encouraging manufacturers to make the process and product energy-efficient. Energy Star certification is earned by the manufacturer meeting their strict requirements. A careful inspection is involved in the certification process.


Mobile home owners come in all lifestyles and with budgets of different shapes and sizes. The good thing about mobile homes is that they are custom built to all sorts of different tastes and needs. Want a modern look? Classic? A wrap around deck? You got it. Need something a little more simplistic? Well, that’s available too. And the best part of all? You can continue to make renovations and additions later on, and watch your home evolve over time.


It’s worth noting, a simpler, low-maintenance lifestyle is a highlight for many homeowners. This proves true for even millionaires, as we shared earlier. The level of upkeep can be significantly less in a mobile home. A minimalist life gives you more freedom to chase after the things you’ve dreamed of doing. All while giving you peace and more time to cultivate better health. Mobile homes can increase your quality of life at the fraction of the cost of a mansion.

Live like a celebrity in your mobile home!

Hollywood sign

Well, as you can see the benefits of living in a mobile home are rewarding. Famous people know this too. So if you’re a bit skeptical about the mobile home idea, it’s time to shake off the shady trailer mental image. Nia Peeples did it. You can too.

To read more about the great reasons to live in a mobile home, check out this article!

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