10 Non-Flower Arrangements You Can Make Yourself

Ever wanted to create a tasteful arrangement without using flowers? Just like everything else, there are plenty of ways out there that you can do this. Whether it’s a centerpiece for your dining room table, an arrangement for your living room, or something to brighten up your bedroom, you’ll definitely be able to find inspiration for your project. 

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#1 Fruit arrangement

Fruit arrangements are just about as popular as flower arrangements. As you can see here, different types of fruit create simple but beautiful arrangements.

Table centerpiece with fruits

Gorgeous table centerpiece with fruit by Wendy Laurel Photography via The Knot

Not only do these fruit centerpieces really steal the show, they’re also quite simple (and fairly inexpensive). Best of all, you can eat them once they’re done serving as decor pieces! 

#2 Vases, candles, and twigs

This one is good for a wedding, but it’ll also look good on your kitchen table for just about any occasion. A few tall vases, tealight candles, and twigs from your backyard will help you create this arrangement. 

While it captures a natural, rustic look, this arrangement also brings something upscale and classy to its surroundings. It’s a good fit for plenty of styles and occasions. 

#3 Coastal arrangement

Coastal designs are trendy right now, so a coastal arrangement is the perfect way to update your home. Find some driftwood and decorate it with greenery, candles, sea shells, or whatever suits your decor scheme! This dainty coastal arrangement will give you an idea of the look you’re going for.

Driftwood centerpiece

Driftwood Centerpiece by Lexia Frank Photography via Wilkieblog

#4 A miniature forest

If you’re interested in really bringing nature into your home, try an arrangement that’s basically a miniature forest. Obviously, you’ll have plenty of wiggle room in how you choose to create this arrangement – you might use leaves, twigs, chunks of firewood, or other parts of nature you can find in your yard. 

#5 Pearls & candles

This unique arrangement is perfect for a room that needs a little touch of class. A few vases, some elegant pearl beads, and a couple of tealight candles are all you’ll need. 

While this one would make a great centerpiece, it’s also a nice way to dress up your window sills or living room side tables. 

#6 Cupcakes

When in doubt, just use cupcakes! Decorative and edible, they’re a fun addition to any table. You can use skewers to hold the cupcakes in place or arrange them on a cute bowl or plate.

#7 Vegetable arrangements

This one is perfect for the times when fruit arrangements feel a little too ordinary. It’s also a great way to make eating your veggies a little more exciting (maybe you’ll even get your kids on board!). Colorful vegetables are a good choice for an interesting centerpiece like this one.

#8 Succulent centerpiece

Who doesn’t love succulents? Even if you’ve never had them in your home before, you can easily make plenty of arrangements with a few succulent plants. They’re especially perfect for a kitchen table centerpiece.

#9 Oriental style

Oriental arrangements are popular for certain occasions such as weddings. While these often include orchids, you can take a more unique approach to your design – as seen below. 

Dainty and beautiful, the centerpiece captures the oriental look while remaining simple and relatively inexpensive. This makes it a perfect option for plenty of occasions. 

#10 Greenery

Flowers aren’t the only plants that can create a masterful centerpiece. Greenery (small trees, plants, or bushes) create an equally beautiful look if they’re arranged correctly. So, if you or someone you know lives in the woods, you’ll most likely be able to create arrangements like these completely for free. 

Think outside the box a little

If you’re thinking of creating a centerpiece or arrangement for your home, there’s no harm in thinking outside the box a little! Yes, flowers are gorgeous, but there are so many other options you haven’t explored yet. So, choose a few ideas you’d like to try and bring them together for you and your family to enjoy. After all, you’ll never know what looks good in your home until you try it!  

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