Advertising Do’s And Don’ts For Your Short-Term Mobile Home Rental

Have you decided to turn your mobile home into a short-term rental mobile home? There are many steps in the process of turning your house into a rental. Among them is advertising/marketing. Obviously, you want your house to be at the top of lists, and the first one people look at. But how do you go about that? Let’s consider a few ways to, and not to advertise your rental.

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Advertise online

There are numerous different websites that help you list your short-term rental. HomeAway and AirBnB are two of the most popular rental websites. Most rental websites will guide you through the set-up process, tell you how much to charge, and help you organize your renter’s stays.

Social media advertising

Another great way to advertise your rental is through social media. Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are a few good platforms to use.

If you already use one of those, you can simply post with your personal account. Or, you can consider creating a business account to post with. If you make a business account, you can also create ads on Instagram and Facebook.

Sharing attractive photos of your house, or telling folks about a great aspect of your rental will increase your chances of renting. The more often you post, the better. Everyone wants to stay updated, and be in the know, so posting every other day is not a bad idea.

Advertise “around town”

Understandably, not everyone will have time to traipse around town hanging posters. But if you can spare a few minutes, it would definitely be worth your time. If you can, hang flyers up at your public library, farmers market, and anywhere that people frequently go.

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Tell your friends

Word of mouth advertisement is a wonderful way to spread the news about your rental. If you’re sharing on social media, ask your friends to reshare your post. Tell your friends to let anyone who’s looking for a short-term rental know about yours.

Let renters know that it’s short-term rentals only

Generally, a landlord doesn’t want to give someone the boot for staying too long. Therefore, be sure you’re open about the fact that your home is a short-term rental. Subsequently, consider setting a max time that you would allow someone to rent. Whatever limit you chose, be sure that it’s openly stated in your advertisement, so there’s no confusion.


Use bad grammar

Ordinarily, if there’s one thing that throws people off, it’s misspelled words or bad grammar. Also, it makes things look much less professional and trustworthy. However, this doesn’t mean you need to write in a way that makes you sounds like a professor. Instead, use simple, understandable words and sentences that make your reader eagerly reach for the next line.

Subsequently, if you’re concerned that you may not catch mistakes, or you simply aren’t a master of the English language, there’s an easy fix. Find a friend who can proofread, or hire someone who can write for you.

Be negative

When someone is on the lookout for a short-term rental house, they most likely want to know all the positive, most exciting aspects of their new home away from home.

For instance, in your description, include things like how beautiful the view is. Whether or not your house has a porch. Any special game or family rooms. The fact that electricity is included in rent, etc.

Room with lots of plants

Now is not the time to inform your prospective renters of the nosey neighbors, the bumpy road, or that your house doesn’t always smell great. If there are any negative facts that must be included, simply say them in a positive, concise way.

Advertise with bad quality pictures

As a rule, a picture is worth a thousand words. Therefore, using high-quality pictures will attract far more people than if you use blurry pictures. Subsequently, hiring a photographer may be well worth your time when it comes to advertising.

Sometimes, a photographer won’t just take the pictures, but they can also tell you how to set furniture or stage things to make your rental more attractive.

Best wishes and decor tips

Don’t underestimate the amount of work it takes to turn your home into a rental. It might be hard, but with good advertising, you’ll be able to turn your frown upside down, and get a renter into your home as soon as possible! If you need ideas for how to decorate your mobile home rental, be sure to check out our articles on decor tips for your soon to be short-term rental!

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