Seller Sit-Down Series Wrap-Up | 13 Reasons Selling May Be The Best Decision You Ever Make

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Selling your mobile home could be the best decision you ever make. Have you thought about it that way? Often, selling is such an intimidating and time-consuming project that we don’t have time to think positive thoughts. Or so we tell ourselves. 

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The truth is, selling a home can be a very positive experience. It can be a good thing. So today let’s put the doubts and negativity and stress aside. We have 13 reasons selling may be a great decision, and we’re excited to share them with you! 

Selling your mobile home: Yea or nay?

There are a host of good reasons for selling your mobile home​. At the same time, selling isn’t always the best option. In fact, in some scenarios, it could be a terrible decision.

Whether to sell or not is a decision you’ll have to make for yourself. However, it doesn’t have to be a hard choice. In fact, if you know what your capabilities and priorities are, it can be fairly easy.

Let’s assume that you’ve taken everything into consideration and decided to sell your mobile home. But you’re worried. 

Don’t be! That’s what our seller sit-down series has been all about. Its goal is to take the fear out of selling your mobile home. If you need some encouragement, head to the previous articles in this series. Learning about selling your mobile home will allow you to move forward confidently. Instead of agonizing over whether you’re making the right decision, think about how it could change your life for the better. When you think about selling your mobile home, what benefits come to mind? Take note of those things and remind yourself of them when you’re just not “feeling it.”

And if you can identify with any of the pro-selling reasons we’re going to list below, write them down. That way, you can return to them in a moment of uncertainty. When you’re doubting your decision to sell, remember that it may be the best decision you’ve ever made. 

#1 You can get a fresh start

Getting a fresh start in life can be helpful at any time, but especially so when you’ve recently gone through a loss, an unexpected situation, or a hard time. Moving during a challenging season can be difficult, but surprisingly healing. 

Of course, maybe getting a fresh start will help you in other ways too. Running low on inspiration? Moving can help you get re-inspired. Burnt out on your job and ready to move up in your field? Not sure what to pursue after finishing college? Selling your mobile home and moving on can give you the boost of energy you need to keep going.

#2 Job and school opportunities to explore

Selling your mobile home can open up a wealth of possibilities to explore. You may find that selling your home and moving to a new city gives you a chance to land your dream job. That grad school you’ve been eyeing? Maybe selling your mobile home will give you the freedom to move nearer to the university to expand your education.

Or maybe you’re not even thinking about yourself, but rather about your kids. If you move to a new area, will they have better schooling opportunities? There are a lot of good reasons it might be time to sell that have to do with two of the most important aspects of your life and your kid’s lives: jobs and schools.

#3 You’re not tied down 

Owning a mobile home is a huge responsibility. It kind of ties you down! You may have a mortgage to pay or a lot to rent. And there’s upkeep to do. 

If you’re on the road a lot and find it difficult to be tied down to one spot, maybe it’s time to put that behind you. Selling gives you options. Would you rather rent a house and be able to move pretty much whenever you want? Do you dream of buying a camper and doing some globe-trotting? Is there a foreign job or mission trip you’ve always wanted to take on? If there is, selling your mobile home may be the best decision you’ll ever make.

#4 Your status is changing 

Another reason selling your mobile home can change your life for the better is if you’re moving into a new season of life. For instance, if you’re getting married, becoming an empty nester, or transitioning from two children to three. 

Whatever your particular situation is, your status is changing. Your new lifestyle doesn’t fit a mobile home any longer. In this case, you may even be weighing the possibility of selling your mobile home and buying a stick-built home instead. These are exciting times for you! Each fresha chapter of life brings something new and wonderful with it. And selling your mobile home can give you even more options than you would have otherwise.

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#5 It’s time to move on 

Then again, maybe your job, family status, and life are pretty normal. No big changes, and no reason for selling your mobile home other than simply moving on. Maybe you just need a little more space. Perhaps you’ve been saving money for a stick-built and want to move on from your mobile home. Maybe you’re getting a raise and can now afford a larger house.

It doesn’t matter how you’re planning to upgrade. You could just be moving onto a newer single-wide, upgrading to a double-wide, or taking it a step further by purchasing a stick-built home. The point is, sometimes you need to move on just because you can. If you can afford it, and your life will be more comfortable, then go for it!

#6 You have a chance to find a bigger home

This is such a big incentive for homeowners that it deserves its own section, even though we’ve already mentioned it. Bigger is better sometimes. It’s no secret that mobile homes are sometimes small. And that’s okay. In some situations. But buying a bigger house can improve your quality of life, give your kids room to grow, and provide more space for storing your belongings.

Do you find yourself wanting a basement, a laundry room, and more cupboard space? Then maybe selling your mobile home and purchasing a stick-built is your best bet.

#7 A house that suits your every need

That brings us to our next reason selling may be the best decision you’ve ever made. It may be that a mobile home doesn’t suit your needs. And we’re not just talking about size. 

If you live in a mobile home park, you know what it’s like to have a tiny yard. Not only that, but you don’t even own your yard. It’s a rented lot, and usually, it’s small. Maybe you have dogs or kids. How much room do they have to run around? Can you put in a pool or a deck if you want to? A stick-built home would provide for these wants and needs in a way your mobile home may not.

What are your specific needs and wants? If you take stock of them, you may discover that you’ve outgrown your mobile home.

#8 The market is at its peak 

Are mobile homes near you selling fast? Are prices rising in your area? Maybe there are more buyers than there are mobile homes to buy. These are signs of a healthy seller’s market. And selling mobile homes when the market is at its peak like this could be one of the best decisions of your life! 

We understand if selling isn’t quite on your radar yet. Maybe you plan to wait six months, a year, or two years. But we’d like you to consider a couple of questions: Will the market be booming at that future date? Will you get as much money if you wait until fall or winter to sell? Could your local market turn into a buyer’s market (never a good sign for sellers) a few years down the road?

Do your research. Get to know the local real estate and mobile home market. You might decide that selling your mobile home now, when you’ll get a good price for it, is your best option. 

#9 Your finances have never looked so good

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Finding yourself in a good financial situation is quite satisfying. Maybe you’ve worked hard for many years to achieve this. And although living in a mobile home has been an economical choice for you in the past, you can make the change now without worrying about going broke. 

You don’t have to feel guilty about wanting a bigger house and better amenities. If your finances are looking good and you have a healthy savings account, selling your mobile home and moving on may be a fantastic decision.

#10 You don’t want to deal with your mobile home’s existing issues

Fixing problems in a mobile home, especially an old one, is a pain. Maybe there’s a part of you that thinks it’s just not worth your time. You could be right. Mobile homes aren’t built to last forever. Sometimes they come to a point of decay where it just isn’t logical to fix them up. It could be cheaper simply to buy a new one or to upgrade to a stick-built home. Don’t put unnecessary pressure on yourself. Sell the home and start fresh.

#11 Renovations can be fun

This brings us to a contrasting point. Maybe you enjoy fixing up houses and have done all you can to make your mobile home comfortable and efficient. Could you sell that home with equity? If so, why not think about selling it, moving on to a new home, and starting in on another renovation project?

Contrary to popular belief, renovations can be fun for those who have the knack for it. Selling your current mobile home and moving into a fixer upper could be the best decision you ever make.

#12 A better neighborhood 

Neighborhoods and mobile home parks aren’t perfect. They change over time. This reason alone can make you question whether it’s time to sell your mobile home and move out of the area for your own safety and peace of mind. Moving out of an area weighed down by poverty and crime is always a healthy decision.

#13 Spending more time with the people who need you

Finally, we get to one of the most important reasons selling may be the best decision you ever make. Being near your loved ones. This could be “just because.” Maybe you want to be near your grandkids or be nearby for your children as they navigate college. Or it could be a more serious reason. For instance, you may want to move closer to your elderly parents who can’t take care of themselves sufficiently anymore. 

Moving to be with family is always a good reason to sell your mobile home. Maybe you have a loved one who needs your care and moving is the only way you can make that difference in their life. And who knows? Maybe you’ll enjoy it as much as they will.

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Taking the plunge

Making life decisions is sometimes difficult. There are so many unknowns. But once you’ve taken the plunge, doesn’t it feel good? You could discover that the thing you were so nervous about will turn out to be the best decision you ever made. And there’s nothing quite so satisfying as a happy ending. 

Selling your mobile home can be hard, like we’ve seen throughout this series. But now that we’ve come to our last installment of our seller sit-down series, we hope you’ve received a boost of confidence. Selling a mobile home is difficult and sometimes downright sad. But as long as you’re confident in your decision and have a good reason for making that particular decision, then you can rest assured it’s a good one. 

Forge ahead fearlessly

We’ve enjoyed these chats. And we hope you have too! We’ve explored the pros and cons of selling, what to do, what not to do, and several topics exclusive to mobile home owners, such as what you need to know about selling to a mobile home buying company. But don’t forget to check out the rest of our selling articles, like our tips on how to time your move

Don’t be nervous about selling your mobile home. Do it right and it may turn out to be the best decision you’ll ever make.

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